The Ins and Outs of a Hat

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					The Ins and Outs of a Hat

When it comes to one of the most popular forms of headgear, the hat is an item of clothing that is worn
on top of the head. There are certain characteristics that set a hat aside from other kinds of headwear,
such as a cap. Hats possess high crowns, a brim, or sometimes both, and are also larger than the size of
a cap. While men place their hats on top of their head, women do the same, but in some cases, secure
their headwear through the use of hat-pins, which are pushed through the hat and their hair.

Hat Sizes

In order to find the correct size hat that fits, it is important to understand that when hats are made, they
are blocked to a specific hat size. Usually, when shopping for hats, less expensive selections are
categorized as small, medium, large or extra large. More expensive options possess a stricter fitting,
which is molded to accommodate a specific head size. These kinds of hats will display a size that is
expressed as a numerical value. The distance of a measured head in centimeters determines metric hat
sizes. The typical hat is often rounded up to the next centimeter if the measurement falls in the middle
of two different centimeter marks.

In accordance to the American numerical hat size system, the average diameter of the head is
configured by measuring the circumference of a person's head, starting around ½ inch above the ears.
Hat makers then divide this measurement by pi, where this figure is then rounded to the nearest
centimeter or 1/8 inch. When ordering hats hailing from the United Kingdom, you should keep in mind
that hat sizes are 1/8 smaller than the ones produced in the U.S.

Some individuals believe they will be able to stretch a hat that is a couple of sizes smaller than their
head. While this may occur in various models, it is not a good habit to develop when selecting hats
designed to properly fit the shape and size of your head.

Hat Shapes

Hats also showcase a specific shape, which can be just as important to note as the size. Since heads
possess various widths, lengths, lumps and bumps, the use of a specialized tool called a conformateur
further aids consumers in purchasing a hat with a perfect fit. While some individuals have round heads,
others possess elongated ovals. Some of the shapes a hat may accommodate include round oval, regular
oval, long oval, X-long oval, XX-long oval, and XXX-long oval.

Understanding the Different Parts of a Hat

For those who wish to obtain a custom-made hat, familiarizing yourself with some of the different parts
is highly suggested. This will make your conversations and desires with a hat maker much easier to
convey. The crown is the part of the hat that covers the top of the head. The brim consists of a stiff
material that is found from the bottom of the hat's crown throughout the circumference of the hat. The
inside part of the hat is called the sweatband, which touches the top of the head. A hatband is a ribbon,
leather strip, or sting appearing at the intersection of the crown and brim that aids in maintaining the
size of the hat.

Hat Maintenance

The eventual wear and tear on material and the battle against Mother Nature are just some of the
things that threatens the crispness and fresh appearance of a hat. Maintaining a hat means knowing
how to properly clean and store an item. Different materials of hats call for varying approaches. For
example, hats made from canvas or soft cotton can be cleaned in the same manner as regular pieces of

Leather hats require the use of special cleaning compounds. Mild detergent and water will renew the
look of a straw hat. Felt hats may be treated in a variety of ways. A soft hat brush takes care of dust,
while a damp towel removes dirt. Persistent stains are sometimes controlled with the gentle use of very
fine-grained sandpaper. To protect the brim of a hat, storage should involve an upside-down method.
You should also know that a good hat might shrink over time, meaning the occasional stretch is

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