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					Internet Realtor
Revolutionizing Real Estate
                      Our Goal
   Internet realtor is designed to be a one stop shop with
    bundled services enabling online consumers to be able
    to view homes, write contracts, get loans, and open
    escrow all from the comfort of their personal computer.
      Introducing the Avatars
 E-Realtor

 E-Loan    Officer

 E-Title   Agent
               What is an Avatar
   An avatar is a digital representation of a living human
    being with the purpose of educating clients as to the
    nature of a home purchase.

   Performing and interacting with clients based on
    information provided by the client to purchase real estate

   Up to date characters of different ethnic origin each
    capable of speaking a spectrum of dialects and
          E-Realtor Service
   The goal of a e-realtor is to
    provide the easiest most
    convenient way for our
    clients to write a residential
    purchase contract online just
    as if a real live realtor were
    taking them step by step.
        E-Loan Officer Service
 The  goal of e-loan officer is to provide our
 clients the unique ability to qualify and get
 fully approved with loan documents ready
 on or before close of escrow.
        E-Title Agent Service
 The goal of an e-title agent is to provide
 our clients with the most convenient
 possible way to open escrow, set closings
 and educate clients about escrow
           Digital Signatures
 Purchase   contract

 Loan   application

 Counters   and Addendums

 Earnest   Money
             Earnest Money
      Company will debit earnest money
 Title
  upon accepted contract
 E-mail sent to client, realtor, loan officer,
  and escrow agent
 No more personal checks
               Client transaction
   Find Home to purchase with e-realtor
   Find loan with e-loan officer
   Write contract with e-realtor
   Earnest money with Title company
   Open escrow with e-title agent

   Physical walk in for closing at title company
E-Realtor transaction
     Integrated MLS system
     Online realtor avatar walking clients step
      by step thru purchase contract and other
      related documents
     Avatar disclosures
     Contract faxed to listing agent
         If rejected, file saved and stored
         If accepted, faxed/ e-mail to selling agent,
          saved and stored
         If counter, e-mailed to client and selling agent,
          save and store
     C.O.E.
      E-Loan Officer Transaction
   Loan application and loan approval online
   Loan Officer avatar to walk clients thru loan
    application and associated documents
   Avatar disclosures
   Loan Documents faxed to Title Agency
   C.O.E
       E-Title Agent Transaction
   Open online escrow
   E-Title Agent avatar to explain what is going on
    with client earnest money and the process of
   Cost sheet
   Avatar to make disclosures
   Set up physical closing
   C.O.E.
              Thank You
 Real  Estate is moving more in the
 direction of Technology every day. By
 working together we could monopolize an
 online purchase sector that could be worth
 billions. It’s just a matter of time before
 this happens, let’s get the best seat and
 be the first to pioneer the online Realtor

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