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					                                                                                   Spring 2011 1

           Spring 2011

                         This edition of Outreach comes as a very special thank
                         you to all of our partners – to all those who participate in
                         some way to bring transformation to the lives of young
                         people and families through SU. In Philippians 1, Paul
                             I thank my God every time I remember you. 4 In all my
                            prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy 5 because of
                            your partnership in the Gospel from the first day until
                         We feel much the same way about you!
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2                           Spring 2011

                                                     Releasing the Possibility!
                                                     When I was 22 years old, I remember                                                             release of possibility as you give to
                                                     nearly drifting out of Christian faith                                                          God’s mission through SU.
                                                     completely. I couldn’t find any meaning
     Outreach                                                                                                                                        Firstly, you further God’s mission published by Scripture Union Victoria     in my church experience, I had become
     to provide news and information for SU
                                                     grumpy and cynical…and I was starting                                                           among young people and families.
     volunteers and donors. Outreach is provided
     to supporters free of charge, however
                                                     to earn some serious money in my                                                                Thousands of people are impacted
     donations to cover costs of publication would
     be greatly appreciated. Paid advertising is     career. No one really knew, but one day                                                         every year with the amazing life-
     accepted at the discretion of the Editors.
                                                     I shared my inner struggles with one of                                                         changing Gospel. Your gifts to SU
     What they all mean...                                                                                                                           enable us to put more people on the
                                                     the older members of my church. I was
       SU – Scripture Union
                                                     astounded by his reply. ‘How is your                                                            ground and reach into more lives. For
       SOAR Adventures                               giving going?’ I couldn’t figure out what                                                        this we thank you!
       – Camping and mentoring program for
       at-risk school students.                      that had to do with my inner life.                                                              But more importantly, by giving
       SUFM (Scripture Union Family
                                                     Up to that time, I had been a poor                                                              generously, you are releasing the
       Mission) – inter-church and
       community-based mission activities for        giver…almost non-existent. My wise                                                              possibility of a new experience of God
                                                                                                 Generous giving builds spiritual health.
       children, young people and families.
                                                     friend challenged me to tithe – to                                                              in your own life. I can personally testify
                                                                                                 That’s why God commanded Moses to
      ELEVATE (ELEVATE Framework)
                                                     release the potential for God to move                                                           to that! For this, we
      – SU Victoria’s Schools Ministry                                                           direct the people to bring gifts for the
      team building and ministry planning tool.      in my life by letting go of myself and                                                          thank God!
                                                                                                 making of the Tabernacle (Ex 25). Their
      SUPA Clubs (Scripture Union                    becoming generous towards others.           response shows that God was truly
      Primary Age Clubs) – year-round
      localised work in primary schools.
                                                     My life changed the moment that             alive in their hearts (Ex 36:3-7).
                                                     happened. Jesus knew the power of                                                                         Dave Tolputt
       Theos Mission – activities designed
       for contacting young people on the
                                                     what he was saying to the rich young        If you are one of our many donors,                           State Director
       margins of society and the church.            man (Luke 18), and my friend did too!       we want you to know the incredible                              SU Victoria

                                                     The Bible – The Big Picture is now on Video...
     Head Office        157 Heidelberg Rd
                        Northcote Vic 3070
                        Ph 03 9482 5700
                                                     After several months of development,        program, an SU and                                     will make this course really
                        Fax 03 9482 7499             Biblical Turning Points The Bible           Bible Society partnership                              portable. It can be used for small
                        Web:        – The Big Picture has finally been           project, is based on the                                 group discussions, as a study
     Campsite           Coolamatong
                        Ph 03 5156 6511
                                                     released on DVD. In recent issues of        eight week course and is                                      course in the local church,
                        Gavin Osborne                Outreach, we have shared the story of       designed to enable small                                       or for personal study and
                        M 0418 557 850
     Bellarine Region Ph 03 5253 2241
                                                     how Biblical Turning Points has been        groups and churches to                                         reflection’.
                      Ph 0408 384 574                powerfully used to help churches            help people engage with
                      c/o Drysdale                                                                                                                                The video program is
                      Community Church,              engage with the themes and stories          the Bible story.
                      276 Jetty Rd                                                                                                                               accompanied by an easy-to-
                      Drysdale 3222                  of the Old and New Testaments. ‘The
                                                                                                                                                               use textbook and visual aids.
     Nth Vic Region     Ph 03 5442 1535
                        McRae St, Bendigo
                                                     feedback has been really encouraging        ‘We see the videos being
                        PO Box 774                   from both church leaders and                used in all sorts of ways’, says Andrew            For more information, contact
                        Bendigo 3550
     Melton             Ph 0412 234 758
                                                     participants, and we believe that the       Bawden, author and presenter. ‘In        
                                                     video version will make the course          the past, distance has prevented us                Cost will be: $99.00 – per video pack
     Office Bearers                                  even more accessible’, said Dave            responding to requests from regional               $27.00 – per participant for workbook
     Victorian Chair:
     State Director:
                        Chris Kynoch
                        Dave Tolputt
                                                     Tolputt (SU State Director). The video      and rural churches. The video version              and visual aids.

                                                     Finance Report...
     This Edition                                                                                                              ...for the Year July 2010 to June 2011
     Coordinator    Dave Tolputt
     Editorial Team Dave Tolputt, Ruth McIntosh                                                                                INCOME & EXPENSES for                      Actual (LY)     Budget Actual (TY)
                    & Sue Stott                                                                                                SUVic incl. Camp Coolamatong                2009/2010    2010/2011 2010/2011
     Production     A1Admin Pty Ltd
                                                                                                                                                                               $000         $000      $000
                    Ph 03 9877 0369
                    Team photographers
                                                     When we began the preparation of our June Appeal at the beginning         Income
     Layout         Communiqué Graphics              of May, we knew that SU was significantly behind in its budget. Some       Donations                                        789          810        757
                    Ph 03 9739 6202
     Printer        Newsprinters                     unforeseen property developments at Coolamatong and underwriting          SU Activity Related                              439       1,094       1,061
                    Ph 03 9357 7577                                                                                            General Income                                    104         105         116
     Circulation    8,500                            the growth costs of SOAR Adventures had taken a toll. This, and lower
                                                                                                                               Total Income                                    1,332      2,009       1,934
                                                     donations than usual, made meeting our end-of-year budget a real          Less: Cost of Sales                                41          48          39
                                                     challenge. When a mission movement like SU experiences budget             Gross Profit                                     1,291       1,961      1,895
    Call us direct!                                  pressure, it dramatically impacts on the ministry and the lives of the    Expenses
    Phone SU Victoria on 03 9482
                                                     young people we are reaching.                                             Staff Related                                     804        1,144       1,118
    5700. When you hear the
                                                                                                                               Promotions and Appeals                             56          59          78
    commencement of the voice
                                                                                                                               Administrative Expenses                           435         681        696
    message you can immediately                      We live by faith, and so we prayed and invited our many partners          Activity Related Expenses                         158         252        289
    dial the extension number of the
    person you are ringing.
                                                     to give to help ‘close the gap’. We have been overwhelmed by the          Total Expenses                                  1,453       2,136       2,181
                                                     response to our June appeal. Whilst we didn’t quite make our budget,      Operational Profit/(Loss)                        (162)       (175)      (286)
    SU Northcote Office                                                                                                          * Bequests & Legacies                              44           0          12
    Phone Extension Numbers
                                                     you helped us get much closer than we might. The challenge now is to
                                                                                                                               * Coola Building Fund Appeal Inc.                  33           0        160
     Kevin Albertus                                  keep that gap from growing. Just remember every dollar given to SU
                                                                                                                               Net Profit / (Loss)                               (85)       (175)       (114)
         Finance                             109     makes a difference to the lives of young people! You can help make
     Sophie Canter / Emma Payne                                                                                                * These accounts are still to be audited
                                                     that difference by keeping SU well resourced.
         Admin for Missions                  136
     Sarah Carew
         Resources                           180                                                                   SU is a movement that fosters and draws on the passions and
     Charlene Delos Santos
         Metro West Schools Coord.           122
                                                                                                                   heart of God’s people to step up to His mission in the world.
     Kylie Hunter                                                                                                  Over the years, literally thousands of Christian men, women and
         Schools Ministry Team Leader                                                                              children have served God through SU to bring full life to other
         North East Regional Worker          139
                                                                                                                   young people and families.
     John Lim
         Operations Manager                  106
     Mavis Payne
                                                                                                                   We want you to know that your labour of love – and your
         Missions Coordinator                135                                                                   sacrifices in both time and treasure – are making a massive
     Tom Slater                                                                                                    difference to countless lives across the state.
         Wills and Bequests Officer          130
     Naomi Swindon                                                                                                 So, whether you are a financial supporter, a ministry team
         Metro East Schools Coord.           125
     David Tolputt                                                                                                 member, giving office support, part of the Board or a Ministry
         State Director                      105                                                                   Development Group, an Intern, an Outreach packer or working
     Meredith Ward                                                                                                 in another capacity, you are partnering with SU to turn lives
         Schools Admin Assistant /
         Webmaster                           140                Continued from page 1                              around. We thank you!
                                                                                                                                                            Spring 2011 3

                                                                                                                         Director Profiles
                                                                                                                         Olivia Boyd
                                                                                                                         Born 1990. Attends St Jude’s
                                                                                                                         Anglican, Carlton (Unichurch)
                                                                                                                         What you do with your
                                                                                                                         time? I’m in my fourth
                                                                                                                         and final year of Primary
                                                                                                                         Education at Melbourne University.
                                                                                                                         What’s one thing you enjoy about SU
                                                                                                                         Mission? Being able to spend quality
                                                                                                                         time with campers and creating great
                                                                                                                         relationships with them.
                                                                                                                         What mission team are you leading?
                                                                                                                         Mallacoota Theos.
                                                                                                                         What’s one thing you’ve learned from
                                                                                                                         being a Director? I’m yet to lead on my first
                                                                                                                         mission as a Director, but I hope to learn
                                                                                                                         some valuable lessons about leading peers
                                                                                                                         and working well with fellow Directors.
                                                                                                                         Theos offers me a great opportunity to put
                                                                                                                         my faith into practice. As a Director I will
                                                                                                                         hopefully build key leadership qualities that
                                                                                                                         can be put to use in my work as a teacher,

Shaping a Generation of Missional Leaders                                                                                both here and in Africa.

Most of the ministers who               It might seem that we take an              Empowering leaders …as they
                                                                                                                         Andrew Dodson
                                                                                                                         Born 1985. Attends
provide a reference for Mission         incredible risk entrusting all             grow other leaders, encouraging       St Alfred’s, North Blackburn
Directors make a comment like,          this to someone so young and               all members of the team to grow
‘This will be a step up. She/He         inexperienced, but it is through           in their faith and in skills for      What you do with your
hasn’t done anything like this          directing that young, enthusiastic         ministry, mission and life.           time? I’m a civil engineer
before.’                                and dedicated Christians learn                                                   working in water supply and
                                                                                       These are some of the next        treatment.
SU missions provide                                                                    generation of Christian           What’s one thing you enjoy
an opportunity                                                                         leaders – the next generation     about SU Mission? Getting to know
for predominantly                                                                      of Church leaders, the next       and work with a creative bunch of people.
young adults to be                                                                     generation of workplace
stretched, grown and                                                                   leaders, the next generation      What mission team are you leading?
trained as Christian                                                                   of missionary leaders.            Mallacoota SUFM for three years; this year,
                                        how to be godly, visionary and                                                   the new Anglesea SUFM.
leaders. Leading and building a         empowering Christian leaders.
team of people who are often                                                       All aspects of society need           What’s one thing you’ve learned from
their peers, shaping a culture,         Godly leaders …as they lead                dedicated and godly Christian         being a Director? There’s always more
ensuring their team is trained          from their identity in Christ, with        leaders. Please get behind SU         going on than I can see – amongst the team,
and prepared to connect with            a servant heart and for God’s              Mission Directors with prayer, by     in the kid’s lives, in the ways that God is
and share God’s Good News with          glory; and as they grow in their           recognising the strategic work prayer is important! Wherever
people who are not linked with          understanding of mission and in            they are doing, by investing in       I need to lead a team or bring one together
a church, understanding the             their own personal faith.                  them and encouraging them to          (at work and church too), my beach mission
theology behind mission, liaising       Visionary leaders …as they form            continue growing as godly leaders.    experiences are invaluable.
with local councils, partnering         and shape the team’s culture, set
with churches…these are things          mission goals and motivate the
generally not entrusted to a uni        team to stay focused on those
                                                                                           2011 Leaders’ Training Calendar
student.                                goals.                                             Directors, together with two or three other significant leaders are invited
                                                                                           to learn together around five main areas:
                                                                                                    • A Biblical framework of mission
When the Burbs meet the Bush                                                                        • Leadership tools
                                                                                                    • Contextualized goal setting
                 Joylee at Suburban        floated the idea, and the response                        • Sharing ideas across mission teams
                  Baptist Church in        was amazing,’ said Joylee. ‘We’ve                        • Specific application of principles to SUFM and Theos
                  Hoppers Crossing         had young people from non-                      July 23rd         Advanced Leaders Training for SUFM and Theos
                  was asking, ‘How         churched families who are busting               July 24th         Advanced Leaders Training for SUFM
                   can we best             to get to Trafalgar. We already have            August 27th       Advanced Leaders Training for Theos
                   disciple our 11-14      offers of transport, catering and                Sept 17th         DiSC Training Day for SUFM and Theos
                   year old kids?’         mentoring. But most exciting, I can             October 8th       Torque, SU Training Day for all mission volunteers; a
                    Sue Jacka, the         really see how our young people                                   workshop stream for leaders
                    Anglican Priest        will grow a heart for God’s mission
at Trafalgar, was trying to figure
out how to reach the kids in her
                                           through helping Sue reach her
                                                                                           Trafalgar Opportunity
community with the Gospel.                                                                 Are you recently retired? Do you want to give God the rest of your life?
                                           Sue agrees. ‘We have some really                Do you want an exciting opportunity to participate in God’s mission?
SU’s answer? Sending the 11 to 14          keen young people here. Mixing with             Would you be willing to move to a beautiful Victorian country town
year olds from Suburban to Trafalgar       the crew from Suburban will help                (no more traffic and plenty of fresh air!)?
to conduct a mission. This mission         them engage with the young people
trip is scheduled for the September        in our community. We also love the              Then you should call Rev. Sue Jacka at Trafalgar Anglican Church.
school holidays.                           idea that we can help Suburban to               The community of Trafalgar / Yarragon in Central Gippsland is an exciting
                                           disciple their young people’.                   Christian mission opportunity – and Sue needs help.
Joylee and Sue can see the benefits
to both churches. Real excitement is       Stay tuned for the full report in the           This is a voluntary appointment, but the excitement will be well worth
brewing at Suburban. ‘We tentatively       next issue of Outreach.                         the move! Call Sue on 0409 757 170 for more information.
4                Spring 2011

                                                                                                                            The Castlemaine
                                                                                                                            College Dragstar
                                                                                                                            Project Update
                                                                                                                            When you enter a school with a
                                                                                                                            genuine attitude to serve, who knows
                                                                                                                            where it will take you! Nine months
                                                                                                                            ago God opened a door to work with
                                                                                                                            students at Castlemaine Secondary

                                        – taking Year 7 & 8 girls by storm!                                                 College on the ELEVATE Dragcar
                                                                                                                            Project. Within 9 months, Justin Trevan
                                                                                                                            and Martin Evans have also been able
In the light of current debate about     the culture between students and         Along with two friends, we were able
                                                                                                                            to begin a mentoring and a basketball
Christians in schools, imagine           building community connections.          to explore her feelings and ensure
                                                                                                                            program to meet the needs of the
offering a program where you can’t                                                 that she was well-supported.
                                         Part of the weekly sessions is a ‘how                                              school.
keep up with all the interest!
                                         I’m feeling’ exercise. This invites      When evaluating the Semester’s
                                                                                                                            When I questioned Justin about these
CHIC (Choices, Hope, Identity,           the group to be self-aware and           program, many of the girls
                                                                                                                            opportunities he said, ‘We just serve
Connections), a girls-only weekly        compassionate towards one another,       demonstrated attitude and insight
                                                                                                                            the school with a genuine attitude
program, covers issues around choices,   and helps create a really supportive     shifts – some just an increase in
                                                                                                                            to help and the opportunities keep
communication, bullying, self-worth,     community – rare in this and many        confidence and courage, others in
                                                                                                                            opening up.’
body image, identity and purpose – all   schools. One girl said the most          managing their feelings or getting
from a discreet yet strongly biblical    important thing she learned was to       along with family. A student wrote
perspective. At Fairhills HS we offered   notice how she’s feeling. If ONLY we     me a note to say that she felt listened
CHIC as an elective for Years 7 & 8 in   all did that more often!!!               to and often left CHIC in a better
Semester 1 and immediately had a full                                             mood than she’d arrived. YAY!
class (26 students). In Semester 2, 60   CHIC also provides an excellent
girls applied!!                          opportunity to give students a                                  Naomi Swindon
                                         listening ear in a safe and un-hurried
The Welfare Coordinator sees CHIC        environment. We can identify
as key to improving the culture          students in need of extra support
among girls throughout the school.       and refer them to the school’s
Widespread negative relational           welfare team, all the while building
vibes, such as bullying, isolation       networks of support for them among
and depression, start in Year 8          their peers and with positive adults.
especially, so our goal is to develop    During one session a Year 7 student                                                The team also works closely with Steve
preventative measures, elevating         revealed that her Mum had cancer.                                                  Carrol who is the Leading Teacher
                                                                                                                            for Student Well-Being. He says,
                                   Looking for the Gold!                                                                    ‘Some kids simply find school difficult.
                                                                                                                            They find the work hard, they clash
                                   Recently one of the schools we serve in Melton asked for a team                          with teachers. They literally are the
                                   of volunteers to assist with their Mock Interview program – a program designed to        square pegs in the round hole. It’s not
                                   put students through simulated job interviews. The team soon learned the size of         anyone’s fault. Despite everyone’s
                                   the challenge confronting many students. One student, who struggles to cope with         best intentions it’s hard to design
                                   school and is often absent, attended an interview. She came with little expectation.     large schools that cater for ALL of the
                                   She sat down, her head and her eyes dropped. We immediately had the sense that           kids ALL of the time. The ELEVATE
                                   these shoulders carried heavy burdens. A couple of young recently arrived African        Crew provide a circuit breaker – an
                                   immigrant students came dressed and eager to please. These kids move your heart!         opportunity for kids to enjoy school
                                                                                                                            and build positive relationships with
                                   One of the features of SU schools ministry is ‘looking for the gold’ in young people.    caring adult role models. Their service
                                   As Christians, we believe that God creates everybody with intrinsic worth. As the team   provision is simply gold!’
                                   sat with these young people, we could see gold in each one. Each week, SU teams
                                   meet young people who have wonderful confidence as they face life. But increasingly,      During this last term one young guy
                                   we meet young people who live with little hope or expectation of happiness, and who      went with Justin and Martin’s youth
                                   have no sense of their own worth.                                                        group to the State-wide Youth Games.
                                                                                                                            He said, ‘I have never been with a
                                   Please pray for all SU teams as they draw alongside young people to help them            bunch of people before without being
                                   uncover the gold within.                                                                 paid out.’ He was blown away with the
                                                                                                                            weekend and now regularly attends
                                                                                                                            the youth group.
                                                                                                      Prayer                Next term we are planning a Make
                                                                                                      Groups for            a Difference (MAD) Camp for these
                                                                                                                            three groups to connect out together.
                                                                                                      Schools               Hopefully they will continue to find
                                                                                                                            their gold and grow in their own faith
                                                                             holding their annual            journeys.
                                                                                      Prayer Day for Schools on             Justin and Martin
                                                                                      Friday 2 September
                                                                                      at 10.30am
                                                                                      Mount Pleasant Rd Primary Sch
                                                                                      Mount Pleasant Rd Nunawading
                                                                                      All are welcome to attend
                                                                                      For further information contact
                                                                                      Marilyn on 9874 5764.
                                                                                                                                                     Spring 2011 5

The Bendigo Community Backs SOAR Adventures
The Annual SOAR Adventures                This event has become a genuine
Community Fundraising Dinner was
a huge success. There was much
                                          community-building event. Apart
                                          from raising much needed funds, it        Camps Planned
excitement and true community as 170      recruits many mentors and results in      Outdoor Adventure Camps are an integral and important part of the
people of all ages and backgrounds        ongoing donations of in-kind goods.       SOAR Adventures Strategy, allowing us to expose boys to: positive levels
joined to support the event,                                                        of stress; the natural consequences of engaging with the environment;
raising $25,000! The night featured       The dinner continues to build
                                          momentum due to our wonderful             and important relational opportunities as the SOAR Adventures team and
testimonies from SOAR graduates,                                                    School Chaplains speak positively into their lives.
who described how SOAR Adventures         supporters. Thank you to all those
had changed their lives forever. Their    who support this vital ministry!          In 2011, with an increase in resources, people hours and schools, SOAR
stories typified the courage of SOAR       Your continued and generous               Adventure Camps have expanded in number from 12 to 24. That is 108
Adventure participants. Matthew           contributions give more and more          sunrises and sunsets, 1700+ hours, 78 days in the bush, rain hail or shine!
Maruff (Girton Grammar School              boys the opportunity to participate       God willing we predict that by 2014, SOAR Adventures will be running 48
Headmaster and keynote speaker)           in this life-transforming experience.     camps in a 12 month period. That’s nearly two a week during school terms!
spoke about his own experience of         Thank you on behalf of the boys,
growing up with the real prospect of      their families and the SOAR
not achieving his potential.              Adventures team!

   I ca me to SOAR Adventures at the beginning of 2011 and have
   been hu mbled by the experience. SOAR doesn’t just provide
   short-term ca mps for young males on the cusp of disengaging
   from the education system – it takes vulnerable young men on
   a journey of self-discovery. In addition to the adventure-based
   activities, school-based learning focuses on key growth areas
   such as ‘Who Am I? ‘Relationships’ and ‘Reaching My Gold’.
                                                                                  SOAR Adventures Changes Lives!
                                                                                  When Corey stepped up to the podium to
   Gaining the boys’ trust is not easy – many of them lack                        share his story, you could have heard a
   confidence in themselves. Y et building positive relationships is              pin drop. This was a boy who a few short
   the key, not only with the young people, but with their fa milies              months ago would never have stood up
   and schools. Core values of respect, forgiveness and hope are                  in front of people to speak. But here he
   the cornerstone of the progra m. Each young person is given the                was speaking in front of 170 people with
   opportunity to take part in SOAR for a year after graduating                   a new found confidence – articulate
   – teaching other young males the values they have learnt.                      and determined to let the guests at the
                                                                                  SOAR Adventures Dinner know what
   I recently holidayed in Alice Springs – my previous workplace.                 had happened to him because of his
   This re-enforced the importance and value of SOAR Adventures.                  involvement in the SOAR program over
   As I spoke with different agencies (including mental health,                   the previous 12 months.
   education and welfare), there was great enthusiasm for such a                  This Year Nine student shared how he has
   progra m in the Red Centre.                                                    gone from being withdrawn, struggling at
   Please pray for me and                                                         school and home and lacking motivation,
   the SOAR Adventures                                                            to being a new young man. This change
   Tea m as we strive to                                                          has not gone unnoticed by others. At the graduation event a week later,
                                                                                  Corey’s Dad spoke about the change at home and how Corey was a different
   mentor, challenge and                                                          boy from the one who entered the program 12 months ago – one who is
   walk alongside these                                                           beginning to show positive leadership among his peers.
   vulnerable young men.
                                                                                  The SOAR Adventures Program takes young men from Years 8 and 9 on a
   God Bless                                                                      journey of self-discovery through challenging outdoor activity and regular
   Tim                                                                            mentoring. The Gospel is at the core. Please join us in praying for the 80 boys
                                                                                  going through the program this year.
6                 Spring 2011

      Lives Changed Through Camping                                                                                                        The Gap Year
      The students were full of energy but       the Gospel of Jesus, emphasising                they learnt new ways of building
      an unpleasant group dynamic was            how each young person was so                    relationship with each other.             Changed My Life!
      operating between the boys and             special in His sight.                           Students who had arrived feeling
      girls. On Day 1 of the expedition, as                                                                                                Leaving my home in Ballarat
                                                 The next morning one of the                     alienated, eagerly told the SU team,
      half the group cooked dinner, Hayley                                                                                                 for Coolamatong has changed
                                                 teachers remarked, ‘There has been              ‘Guess what, I made some new
      and Gav could feel the frustration                                                                                                   my life. I’ve always been very
                                                 such a change in this group – they are          friends this week’.                       shy – a real homebody. When
      between the boys and the girls. They
                                                 talking to each other’.                         Barricades broken down; the love of       I finished school I lacked
      lifted the lid on the subject after
                                                                                                 God shared; new behaviours learned;       direction, self esteem and I
      dinner and the boys poured out their       While Gav and Hayley talked with
                                                                                                 stronger community developed… In          had bottomed out in my faith.
      feelings…they felt excluded from           the expedition group, the rest of the
                                                                                                 the words of one of the staff, ‘It is as   My life has done a complete
      the rest of the group, they didn’t         group had the same conversation
                                                                                                                                           180° at Coolamatong. I have
      want to be at school, and some were        with Mark and Colleen. There was                if God’s potential for them has been
                                                                                                                                           made lots of new friends,
      struggling at home. In this place of       a dramatic change in the whole                  released in them this week…thank
                                                                                                                                           and am healthier physically,
      brokenness, Gav and Hayley shared          group over the rest of the week as              you.’
                                                                                                                                           emotionally, mentally and,
                                                                                                                                           most importantly, spiritually.

    Plans for Icthus                                                                                                                       I love seeing God work through
                                                                                                                                           me. On one night walk, two
                                                                                                                                           very scared girls clutched my
    When God called Abram to leave his            term camping programs that enable                                                        hands. I shared how I pray to
    home and go to a far away land, simply        students to better develop personal                                                      God for protection when I feel
    on the basis of God’s promise, Abram          leadership as they transition into young                                                 fear and He gives me strength
    must have wondered what God had in            adult life. Currently the Education Dept                                                 to keep going. We kept talking
    store (Gen 12). Similarly, when the Icthus    runs four such remote ‘schools’, as do                                                   about faith and God. They were
    campsite came on the market, SU felt          the largest private colleges. However,                                                   amazed that I chose not to
    God’s nudge to purchase it, not knowing       SU believes that there is real potential                                                 swear because it was one of
    what God had planned. ‘Discerning what        for a distinctive Christian-based version.                                               the 10 Commandments. Their
    God is up to is not always easy,’ says Gav    ‘A redeveloped Icthus presents an                                                        response: ‘WOW! God must be
    Osborne, SU State Camping Manager.            opportunity for independent Christian                                                    pretty awesome.’ What a joy
    ‘But recently, we have been catching a        schools to provide life-changing                       Our Poor Old Tractor              and privilege to plant seeds
    vision, and we want to share it with SU’s     experiences that will disciple young
    supporters.’                                  people to be future Christian leaders
                                                                                                         Says Thank You!                   and share my faith.

                                                  with integrity’, says Gavin.                           We have been blown away           Thank you to the amazing
                                                                                                         by the generous support           Coolamatong staff for their
                                                  To make the site capable of housing this                                                 encouragement and support.
                                                  project, Icthus would need a huge amount               that has enabled us to
                                                                                                         complete some amazing             It is wonderful to belong to
                                                  of prayer, time and work.                                                                this team. I am blessed to
                                                                                                         projects this year. Andy
                                                  First of all, we need to cover the debt                is close to completing            have a family who cared
                                                  associated with the purchase of the land,              the Lake Camp toilet and          enough to push me in this
                                                  which currently stands at $170 000. If                 laundry; Craig put his diesel     direction and a God who led me
                                                  you want to assist SU to cover the debt,               mechanic’s hat on to rebuild      here. I know I will never forget
                                                  please contact Kevin Albertus on                       the tractor; and we have          and never regret this year.
                                                  03 9482 5700 Ext 109.                                  committed to a new set of
                  Research is telling us that                                                                                              Holly Corden
                                                                                                         mountain bikes. Each of
    young people face growing challenges          Please pray for God’s leading and timing
                                                                                                         these projects has a direct       Is God calling you to a gap
    during the middle years of secondary          as we assess the feasibility of this project
                                                                                                         impact on ministry at both        year of mission and growth
    school. One of the more effective              – and for His help to shape a work that
                                                                                                         camps. Your support is            at Coolamatong?
    responses is the development of medium-       builds His Kingdom.

                                                                                                         undergirding the stories of       Interested… get in touch
                                                                                                         transformation you read in        with Gavin: 0418 557 850 or

                                                                                         Do you have skills that God
                                                                                         is calling you to share…?
                                                                                         Volunteers are the life blood of Coolamatong!
                                                                                         From interns to summer camp leaders to
                                                                                         working bees…there are endless opportunities
                                                                                         for mission-hearted people to serve.
                                                                                         Get in touch with Gav 0418 557 850
                                                                                                                                                                               Spring 2011 7

  Prayer Diary                      Spring 2011
                                                                            Resources @ SU Victoria
The Board, staff and volunteers of SU are grateful for the
prayers of God’s people. Please continue to pray for the
                                                                     More of Lucy Moore
                                                                     Those who attended the CTM Parkville events on the 29-30 July already know about Lucy
• Give thanks for the work God is doing on the Bellarine             Moore. Lucy has been a ministry leader and resource writer for Christian book publishers,
  Peninsula through Bec Olver and her team.                          BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship), for many years. She has now become a world-renowned
                                                                     leader and creator of children and families ministry resources, travelling around the globe
• Pray for the young people being reached by SOAR                    at the invitation of ministry leaders who want to know more!
  Adventures, that their lives would be transformed by the
  love and care of the team as they consistently display Jesus       The Messy Church series put Lucy Moore on the map. Lucy is gifted in the area of All-Age
  among them.                                                        Worship and ‘messy church’ (i.e. church that functions throughout the week with a range
                                                                     of activities for all ages and at various times). Her vision is to see churches become a
• Give thanks to God for the many partners – in prayer,              full time hub of activity and shared time that powerfully and
  finance and ministry – who join us in the mission God has set       creatively nurtures a strong, close-knit, inclusive, inviting and
  before us.                                                         joyful church community.
• Pray for the mission by Suburban Baptist Church in Trafalgar       Discover what thousands of churches and ministry leaders and
  in September, that many young people and families will be          helpers are already experiencing – The Messy Church phenomenon!
  reached by these partnering churches.                              Lucy Moore’s range of resources is still available, for a short time,
• Pray for the Summer teams as they commence work in                 at the discounted prices offered at the Messy Church events.
  earnest preparing for the Summer missions and camps
  season.                                                                                               All-Age Worship
                                                                                                         Doing all-age worship with
• Pray for the release and use of the Biblical Turning Points                                            creativity and guidance.
  The Bible – The Big Picture video program, that those who
  use this resource will be inspired by God’s story.                                                        Messy Church
• Pray for the Leadership Team at SU: Mavis Payne, Kylie                                                    Bring people into the Church
  Hunter, Gav Osborne, Brock Gravener, John Lim and Dave                                                    building – not just on Sundays.
  Tolputt. Pray for wisdom and energy for their work.

• Pray for John Lim as he settles into his new role as
  Operations Manager, that he will sense God’s hand upon him                                                $19.95
  in this work.                                                                                                                                  $19.95
• Pray for the Torque Training Day on 8 October. Pray that the
                                                                                                              Messy Church Vol 2
  teams will be well equipped to take on their mission over the
  Summer.                                                                                                     More ideas and strategies for
                                                                                                              community-building in your church.
• Give thanks for the new mission and camp directors as they
  step up to the challenge of leadership. Most are in their early                                             Messy Church DVD
  20s, and will be stretched in the appointment.                                                               The Story of Messy Church, plus
                                                                                                               interviews with leaders and those who
• Pray for SU’s finances. Over the past two years, there have
                                                                                                               have experienced a messy church!
  been great strides in new ministry and significant increases
                                                                                                                What is Messy Church and what’s
  in costs.
                                                                                                                it like on the ground?
• Pray that God will be preparing the hearts of young adults
  to take up the challenge of internship at Coolamatong and
                                                                                           $19.95                Messy Crafts                           $16.95
  SOAR Adventures. Please pray for 10 interns.                                                                   Craft activities for community-
                                                                                                                 building within the church.
• Pray for School Chaplains in Victoria and across Australia,
  that they will continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in
                                                                                                                  Messy Cooks
                                                                                                                   Cooking activities for community-
• Pray for wisdom and vision in regards to the Camp Icthus                                                         building within the church.
  site. Show us what you want this site to become Lord!
                                                                                                                    Messy Church Readings
                                                                                                                    14 ‘messy moments’ readings
      SU Victoria People News...                                                                   $2.95            to get your lot into the Bible.

  We welcome Michelle Whitby (right) back to
  the Board of SU.
                                                                    SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM                                                    Post to: 157 Heidelberg Rd, Northcote Vic 3070
                                                                    All prices are fully inclusive of GST                                       OR Ph 03 9482 5700 Ext 180 Fax 03 9482 7499
               We farewell Rob Mackinnon                                                                                                  OR email:
                                                                      Qty   Product                          Special Price   Total
               (left) from the staff team after 14
                                                                            All-Age Worship                        $19.95              Name: Mr Mrs Ms Miss ___________________________
               months. Rob leaves to continue
                                                                                                                                       Address: _______________________________________
               his studies.                                                 Messy Church                           $19.95
                                                                                                                                       ___________________________ Postcode: __________
              We welcome John Lim (right) to                                Messy Church – Vol 2                   $19.95
                                                                                                                                       Phone: ________________________________________
              SU as the Operations Manager.                                 Messy Church DVD                       $19.95              Age (if under 18): ____________
  John comes from an extensive background in
                                                                            Messy Crafts                           $16.95              Email: _________________________________________
  the corporate sector of the food industry.
                                                                                                                                       Payment Details (Payment is due with order)
                                                                            Messy Cooks                            $13.95
               Michelle Mayhew (left), Melton                                                                                          I enclose payment by Cheque / Money Order
               Community Youth Worker has                                   Messy Church Readings                   $2.95              OR please debit my:
               recently become a mum to baby                                                                                            Visa  MasterCard  American Express
                                                                      POSTAGE & PACKING                            $7.95               Card number: _______ / _______ / _______ / _______
               Micah for the first time.
                                                                      Donation for SU Outreach and Bible ministries $                  Expiry:_____/_____
            We welcome Paulina Soto
                                                                                                                                       Name on card: __________________________________
            Fonseca (right) to the team as                            TOTAL AMOUNT $
                                                                                                                                       Cardholder Signature: ____________________________
  Melton Community Youth Worker.
8                  Spring 2011

                              An informal network of people who want to stay connected with each other and SU.
                                                                 Phone Tom Slater at SU 03 9482 5700 Ext. 130

    Outstanding Lives
    Ron Buckland
    The life of former SU                                    Coolamatong in Spring
    National Director, Ron
    Buckland, was celebrated                                 Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September
    in a service at Ringwood
    Church of Christ on 15                                   A weekend for SUstainers and other SU supporters
    June. Ron was State
                                                             • Relax and enjoy the beautiful farm and lake
    Director in Tasmania
                                                               environment, good meals and the company of
    (1971-80) before holding the post of National
                                                               old friends and new
    Director from 1980 to 1999. Ron played a
                                                             • Take a cruise on Lake Victoria on the CC Neill
    significant role in SU’s international forums,
                                                             • Be provoked and heartened by Kath White
    and his writing and speaking on the theology
                                                               as she speaks about faith today
    of children had a world-wide impact. Ron is
                                                             • Join a lively ‘Q&A’ on current issues
    remembered as an energetic, passionate and
                                                             • Meet Coolamatong and other SU staff
    committed leader in SU ministry, whether in
    the local church or on the bigger stage, and             A variety of accommodation is available and people may stay in local motels if they wish, and join in the program.
    as a ‘full-on’ follower of Jesus.
                                                             To register, and for full details, visit the SUstainers page on the SU website (go to and on the
                                                             home page click on SU Community, then SUstainers). Contact Tom Slater (0438 013 120) for further information.
    John Solomon
    The same day saw the funeral of Dr John
    Solomon, a distinguished paediatric surgeon
    and long-time SU Council member and                      How I broke into SU – Ray Averill
    supporter. John maintained his active interest           This self-effacing story from Ray         better establish their small office      Babbage,
    in and support for SU to the end.                        Averill is published on the SU           at 262 Flinders Lane…. I turned my     Ralph
                                                             website at             back on becoming a teacher and         Davis and
    Honor Lumsden                                            visionary-profiles. Sadly we only         accepted the position as Assistant     Ian Milne. I
    Also in June, Honor Lumsden died after                   have room here for a few snippets        to the Hon. General Secretary…         thought God
    a period of ill-health. Honor was a gifted               to whet your appetite.                                                          must have
    person, who strongly supported her late                                                           ‘In 1962 …the Council sent me          a wonderful
    husband Bruce, the former SU General                     ‘On October 10, 1950 I made              to New Zealand to receive some         sense of humour. Our children
    Secretary in NZ and Australia, and later SU              a public commitment to be a              grooming by Bruce Lumsden, the         called me ‘pope’.’
    Victoria Council member, referred to in                  follower of Jesus …                      NZ Gen. Secretary, and to broaden
    How I broke into SU ( right).                                                                     my experience. By the end of           Ray finishes his story with:
                                                             ‘One year later I learnt that            that year I became the first paid
                                                             a new CSSM was to open at                General Secretary of Scripture         ‘I am ever grateful to God that
    Betty Ritchie                                            Portarlington. At the time I was         Union in Victoria…’                    I ‘gate-crashed’ the CSSM at
    In July we lost Betty                                    working at Greyhound Tourist                                                    Portarlington. The big bonus has
    Ritchie who, with her late                               Bureau and could only arrange a 4        After leaving the staff in 1966         been to meet (and work with) so
    husband Alan, was an                                     day break ... Travelling on my BSA       to work with Kraft Foods, Ray          many wonderful people who have
    active SU volunteer for                                  Bantam motorbike I duly arrived at       went on to serve as Chairman of        taught me so much.
    six decades. Betty had                                   Portarlington. I gate-crashed the        the Victorian and Australian SU
    rejoiced in the refurbishment of                         CSSM, met Alan Kerr and asked if         Councils and representing Australia    ‘Such an experience was only
    the Coolamatong Lake Camp in recent years                I could join in the activities. I was    in regional forums. Of the first he     possible because Elva supported
    through the Alan Ritchie Building Appeal.                both welcomed and hooked!                writes:                                me at all times, carrying the heavy
                                                                                                                                             load of raising our children while I
    Our loving sympathy goes out to all their                ‘Sometime in September 1955              ‘This to me was amazing                was ‘saving the world’.
    families, as we remember with gratitude their            Alan Kerr asked me if I would be         recognition. I followed a line of
    wonderful contribution to Scripture Union.               prepared to work for Scripture           outstanding people who had held        “God moves in mysterious ways
                                                             Union for two years to help them         the position – Alan Kerr, Barton       His wonders to perform …”!’

                                                           The Book that
                                                           Changed the World
                                                           As 2011 is the 400th Anniversary of the publication
                                                           of the King James Version of the Bible, the National
                                                           Bible Society of Australia has mounted a travelling
                                                           exhibition of rare and unusual Bibles, which will be
                                                           on display in Melbourne.

     An interdenominational service of thanksgiving will be held in         The 1611 KJV Bible was the work of 54                 Phone Tom Slater
     St Paul’s Cathedral (cnr Flinders and Swanston Streets) on             translators who began their work in 1604.             on
     Sunday 2 October at 2.30pm. There will be selected Bible               The travelling display copy is one of only            03 9482 5700 Ext 130
     readings and Sons of Korah will sing.                                  150 originals. Also included in the 25                for more
     After the service a brief Formal Launch of the the display will be     Bibles on display are: a 1495 Bible; a 1607
     held at the Melbourne City Library.                                    Geneva Bible believed to have been owned
     The Rev Dr John Harris, writer, historian, linguist, Bible Society     by William Shakespeare and initialled
     Consultant and author of SU notes, will speak at the service and       by him; a Bible inscribed by Governor
     the Launch.                                                            Macquarie; and a Bible given to Australia’s
                                                                            first Governor General, Lord Hopetoun, at
     The display will be held from Sunday 2 to Friday 28 October
                                                                            the time of Federation in 1901.
     Melbourne City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

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