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Deepika, Rajinikanth going to Japan!


									By Hindustan Times
While an appropriate date in December for the release of Rajinikanth's eagerly-awaited post-
illness opus Kochadaiyyan is being worked out, what emerges with absolute clarity is that this
would be no run-of-the-mill release for a Rajinikanth starrer.
All stops are being pulled out to ensure Kochadaiyyan is a historical event for Rajinikanth's fans.
Even as a date in December for a simultaneous worldwide release is being worked out, we now
hear a 4-city 'world' wind premiere tour is being planned for Rajinikanth.
While the mega-star would personally be present in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, it would
be his visit to Tokyo that is of optimum interest. Rajinikanth has a huge fan-following in Japan.
He has been planning a visit to the country since the Tsunami earthquake earlier this year.
Says a source close to the project, "All the dynamics of a Japanese premiere for Kochadaiyyan
are now being worked out. Deepika and Rajini Sir are expected to be in Tokyo in December for
the premiere."
KochadaiyaanThe actor's health issues are now sorted and he has been declared fit to travel by
his doctors.
When contacted, the film's producer Dr Murli Manohar said, "We're certainly looking at a
gigantic release. The film will be released in separate languages in different parts. We're
planning to give Rajiniji's fans a treat."
Apparently, Rajinikanth is brushing up his Japanese for the December visit to the country. "He
won't be able to dub his own lines in the Japanese version of Kochadaiyyan. But he'd be able to
converse with his fans," says our source.

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