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									                                                   Michael L. Long
                                                   Wylie, TX 75098
                                                    (972) 890-1647

                                              Email: michael@longweb.org
                                             Web Presence: www.longweb.org

Seeking a position where I may utilize my extensive experience in software development, particularly VB.NET, Win Forms,
WPF and process automation to substantially contribute to your company’s goals, success and growth. A preferred scenario
would be a position with growth potential directly under a Senior Engineer, Software Architect, Project Manager or
Engineering Director.

15+ years of software development experience on systems ranging from PC-based workstations and servers, to mobile device
platforms based on PXA255 and X86 architectures. Primary language focus from February 2002 to January 2009 has been
VB.NET, specializing in Win Forms. Primary focus from January 2009 to Present has been VB.NET, Win Forms, WPF
(Windows Presentation Foundation), XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language), XBAP (XAML Browser
Application), LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) utilizing VB.NET.

PC Development:
 Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), 2009 – Present,
 Microsoft Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), 2009 – Present,
 Microsoft XAML Browser Application (XBAP), 2009 – Present,
 Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), 2009 – Present,
 Microsoft LINQ to SQL (Language-Integrated Query), 2009 – Present,
 Microsoft Expression Studio 2 & 3, 2009 – Present,
 Microsoft Visual Basic 1.0 – 6.0, Inception - Present,
 Microsoft Visual Basic.NET, 2002 - Present,
 Microsoft Win Forms Development for x86 and x64, Inception – Present,
 Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 – 6.0, Borland C++ 5.x, Borland C Builder, Turbo-C, Turbo Assembler,
 MASM, VBA, SQL, ORACLE, DAO, ADO, LUA, PDS 7.1., Windows Services, Web Services,

Embedded Development:
 Platform Builder 4.x – 5.0, Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, Smart Device Application development.

Productivity Software:
 Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project), StarTeam Document Control
 Microsoft Source Safe, Microsoft SharePoint, SalesForce, CVS

Mr. Stephen Ragan        Senior Project Engineer             Phone: 504-841-0124 / 504-235-4863
                         ReadSoft North America
                         3838 N. Causeway Blvd.
                         Lakeway III Suite 2620,
                         Metairie, LA 70002

Mr. Gunter Indenhoek     Director of Technology              Phone 504-841-0122 / 504-841-0100
                         ReadSoft North America
                         3838 N. Causeway Blvd.
                         Lakeway III Suite 2620,
                         Metairie, LA 70002

Mr. Robert L. Fresneda   President, ReadSoft North America   Phone 504-841-0111 / 504-841-0100
                         ReadSoft North America
                         3838 N. Causeway Blvd.
                         Lakeway III Suite 2620,
                         Metairie, LA 70002
Professional Experience
01/09 – 09/09   Self Employed                                         New Orleans, LA (Remote)

 Select and learn technologies best suited for production goals.
 Utilize selected technologies to create a toolset and foundation from which to grow over long periods of time during off-
 Utilize existing expertise using VB.NET w/Win Forms for administration and back-end utilities.

 Heavily researched all available technologies for suitability against product requirements, selecting WPF, WCF and LINQ
   to SQL as the very best candidates that met our objectives.
 Examined capabilities of available solutions and selected WPF + XBAP + Certificates as the only combination providing
   the flexibility & power requested for the client interface.
 Created and implemented countless custom templates & styles from scratch, providing elegant interface visual elements &
   scheming against company colors. Tools involved included Expression Design, Expression Blend and JASC PSP. These
   reside in one or more Resource Dictionary files suitable for reuse in other software unrelated to the current production
 Created and implemented highly customized controls with extensive code-behind. Where possible as much as possible,
   these controls utilize full dependency properties and routed commands.
 Created and implemented extensive custom object structures suitable for serialization and encryption. These included user
   access object systems and data encapsulation.
 Created and implemented high performance code utilizing system API for rendering and tracking floating elements to
   work around certain conditions Microsoft has not yet addressed.
 Implemented integrated web browsing and isolation to provide targeted user convenience related to work environment.
 Implemented Citrix ICA integration for multiple session clients contained within single interface to maximize production
   tasks and efficiencies.
 Assisted in the configuration of IIS7 on Windows Web Server 2008.
 Created and implemented internal web site as launch platform for XBAP.
 Created and implemented WCF data services including custom operation logging at the server level.
 Acquired and implemented Full-Trust Certificate from Comodo allowing XBAP to operate at privilege levels necessary to
   perform desired operations and behavior not otherwise possible.
 Created and implemented 1st-phase Affiliate Editor Software using VB.NET w/Win Forms. This provides features
   including the ability to seamlessly add or modify new system entries by non technical personnel, custom object
   serialization / de-serialization and fully automated template database duplication and configuration.
 Created and implemented 1st-phase web-distributed Workbench Client Software (XBAP).
 Created and implemented custom canned data reporting. This also included creating fully automated chart (pie, line, bar
   etc) demonstration that may be applied later for better data visualization.
10/08 – 12/08    Self Employed                                       Dallas / Surrounding Area, TX

 Gain knowledge of specific business systems, infrastructure, languages, and tools and provide development and support.

 Utilized Microsoft CRM 4.0, CRM Web Services, JavaScript and XML, VB.NET and Win Forms creating multiple
   customizations including specialized security role UI element availability and functionality.
 Worked with development, staging and production CRM 4.0 environments.
 Utilized Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and building and supporting
   complete VHD development virtual hard-drives for use as a base framework for future projects.
 Assisted and shared knowledge and experience with entry level developers on a variety of technical skills, projects and
 Briefly worked with Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 utilizing VHD with full VB editor availability for future projects.
 Provided assistance to Support Personnel with problem isolation and resolution of multiple emergency issues experienced
   by customers as they manifested due to internal IT hardware migrations (expected).
 Analyzed existing Windows Service-based internal tool and created advanced disk logging to profile, leading to the
   exposure of countless buried exceptions and bad logic including dangerous unintended or unhandled reentrancy problems.
   Due to my efforts it was correctly deemed further work to repair the tool was a waste of resources.
03/05 – 08/08     ReadSoft North America                                New Orleans, LA (Remote)
Principal Software Engineer

 Assisted with software architecture & design on a number of Win Forms based solutions, and functioned as Principal as
    well as Support engineer on a variety of projects from small to substantial in scope. Worked directly with department
    directors, project managers, developers and customers across the spectrum of my duties. These included requirements
    gathering, approval of my architectural designs, providing expertise and analysis to others, project status reporting and
    analysis for new and existing software development. All new software was created using VB.NET and was either (the
    majority) Win Forms based or GUI-less, autonomous Windows Services code.

   Priority-driven development based on company and customer needs, with all priorities set by project importance, with
    emphasis on customer solutions. Some of these responsibilities included defining and gathering requirements on a broad
    range of topics, detailed analysis, design and implementation of new software, and analysis and support of pre-existing
    software found to be deficient or broken.

   Working from home office when not required onsite at a customer location or attending meetings in New Orleans, I
    maintained extremely high levels of motivation for everything assigned to me, and the capacity to work long hours to the
    benefit of the company, customers, and schedules.

   Continually gained experience in a variety of business environments and earned a reputation for providing high quality
    software, quickly becoming productive, assuming support of legacy software, analyzing previously unknown software
    becoming the lead support for the software and providing direct support to customers.
 Provided full life-cycle development for an Invoices Statistics Framework using VB.NET & Winforms. This included
   requirements gathering, software architecture with code flow theory & design. Supporting both SQL and ORACLE, this
   package seamlessly integrates with the Invoices Plug-In Framework, and in fact directly inherited the Plug-In Framework
   as the basis for its interaction with the core product. It provides very simplified implementation for other developers while
   shielding them from needing to fully understand or analyze the inner workings and is something they could ‘use’ right
   away. Its purpose is to dynamically gather enormous amounts of statistical data from the ReadSoft INVOICES + ReadSoft
   CLASSIFY & INDEX software suites. This includes all modules (Manager, Scan, Interpret, Verify, Transfer, Optimize). It
   is designed with high speed operation, no-loss capture of data and crash prevention as the 3 most important aspects. Some
   of the mechanisms beneath include instance and machine-wide, mutex-synchronized threaded engines including Local
   Storage, Backend Storage and Garbage Collection. Other features include safe multiple machine data access (would be
   phase II), no-loss high speed data collection from SQL & ORACLE, synchronized package-to-HDD and HDD-to-Server
   operation, HDD storage encryption and serialization. A developer could add or enhance statistical data tracking simply by
   adding 2 lines of code in the Plug-In module for whatever new core product events they need. The statistics engine itself
   need only be touched if tweaking, adding new advanced features or correcting unknown deficits. Phase II or III would
   include direct XML / disconnected Dataset structures describing the events to be tracked, negating the need to touch any
   code whatsoever for new tracking operations. We had very limited time to reach an operating demonstration. Inline with
   standard compromises all Directors, Managers and Developers encounter during software development, we offloaded
   some of the flexibility options to later phases.
 Provided full life-cycle development for an Invoices Plug-In Framework using VB.NET. This included requirements
   gathering, software architecture and integration with existing core product software. The Plug-In Framework is a set of
   Interfaces and Classes that allow developers to instantly use it as the basis for new core product Plug-In development
   instead of the legacy approaches, which were quite tedious and very inconsistent. Emphasizing ease of use and speed of
   implementation for developers while shielding them from complex integration tasks, this package allows quickly creating
   a fully operational Plug-In skeleton suitable for the vast number of tasks common to the departments, at a speed not
   previously seen. Some of the features include smart module identification, seamless and automatic core product Plug-In
   menu integration and operation, file and configuration handling, intellisense, instant procedure structures produced in
   code, crash prevention, structured code adherence, object oriented approaches and automatic disposal when dealing with
   COM (technology used by core product).
 Provided full life-cycle development for a comprehensive configuration management application (RSCM) using VB.NET
   and Winforms. This software was based on a variety of requirements input from developers and sales personnel. This was
   used in many ways, including automating complex, tedious tasks while debugging multiple solutions with unlimited, large
   server data and files that needed reset to an exact moment in time. It was also very successfully used by sales personnel
   during critical venues including AIIM. It provides a Project-oriented approach when gathering and creating all
   demonstration data. Some of the details include flagging individual files for execution, sequencing, registration, full
   services control pre and post installation, desktop management garbage collection and reproduction.
 Provided onsite support, analysis, problem correction and new feature implementation for multiple legacy software suites
   for a top customer. The languages in which these packages were created included VB6, VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET. This
   task was my initial primary role, during which I successfully repaired countless deficit code solutions. I was able to bring
   previously bug ridden, and in some cases entirely inoperable packages, to fully realized status considered to be the 1 st time
   in the history of the code to be working as intended.
 Became the principal engineer of the R&D group under Gunter Indenhoek.
 Designed and implemented a suite of component-based controls using VB.NET such as an Enhanced Panel. This provides
   a very large amount of advanced customization, scheme usage and multiple, fast gradient mechanisms producing
   professional appearances far exceeding the native counterparts, while providing all existing functionality and essential
 Designed and implemented a very high speed file handling service (RSFS) using VB.NET. This Service was deployed at
   multiple customer locations. Some features include very extensive configurability using a companion (designed and
   implemented) independent Windows form application against serialized service configuration data, unlimited
   configuration set support, dynamic service control and more. The service itself has a number of features including thread-
   per-set engine where each independent configuration operates within its own thread, providing a single service footprint
   with unlimited execution path for complex handling operations. This allows 1 or more sets with special timing
   considerations (external data provider delays, etc) to operate at a restricted speed, while other sets may run at aggressive
   timing without restriction.
   Played critical roles in a large number of projects as a supporting engineer. Some examples include being brought into
    important ongoing development and analyzing, identifying and resolving a problem with secure FTP connection failures
    plaguing a particular project. Another example includes analyzing, identifying and resolving production-stopping
    problems for our largest customer and determining it to be a customer implementation problem and not a code problem,
    corrected by the customer at my direction.
   Designed and implemented a large number of small to medium sized solutions common to the subsidiary using VB.NET,
    which are core product plug-ins that extend the functionality, provide missing functionality or correct bad behavior by the
    core product.
   Became contributor to common library of reusable components using VB.NET ranging from graphics to IO to logging.
    Examples include designing and implementing an external message handler system that seamlessly tied into existing disk
    logging functionality, without causing additional lag, crash proof, could not affect the disk logger in a negative way and
    provided an easy approach to parallel-pipe existing log data being produced by new and existing code out of the engine.
    Implementation from the developer perspective is extremely simple, requiring only passing the address of the desired
    functions to start receiving data.
   Assumed primary role of a number of legacy projects (VB6, VB.NET, C#) and provided ongoing support, fixes and
    changes to them.
   Designed and implemented a very high speed, robust searching utility using VB.NET & Winforms. This software is
    capable of simultaneously finding any number of search criteria in any number of file types across directory trees, local
    and LAN. The utility played an immediate positive role in handling and isolating multi-gig dump files looking for specific
    data related to problems being experienced at a large customer location.
10/00 – 12/04     Geologic Solutions, Inc.                             Dallas, TX
Principal Software Engineer


   Principal engineer on various process automation projects, I have interfaced with department directors, including
    Engineering, Customer support and Operations, to define and create management assistance and utility applications,
    establishing architectural and foundational requirements for new software development as well as supporting existing

   Created software based on priorities set forth by the director of engineering and management+ level individuals requiring
    expertise in achieving project goals. The bulk of projects were created using VB6 and VB.NET. Some new development
    also included use of the .NET Compact Framework, Embedded Visual C and Platform Builder for Mobile Device

   Also included refining existing requirements and participating in the definition of new requirements for a variety of
    products including in-house proprietary packages as well as new products and services. I have worked with managers and
    peers on issues involving implementation technologies, architectural design issues, intensive research and application
    programming interface specifications and the envisioned uses for them.

   Gained experience in a variety of software and platform environments and have earned a reputation for being able to adapt
    to new development languages and technologies, quickly becoming productive in creating new applications and assuming
    support of existing legacy software components.

 Principal developer for a number of tools and integrated software suites. These included time critical situations, hardware
   and embedded systems development against personnel requirements. Also included management duty automation and
   multi-department interaction packages. Languages used included VB6, VB.NET, Win Forms and Embedded Visual C.
 Worked on several projects that increased department efficiency in key areas, including a robust application written in
   VB.NET to automate the Product Change Request process. This also included creating a utility to assist embedded
   developers with analysis capabilities and GPS component selection analysis, allowing the most suitable candidate for our
   needs to be distinguished also written in VB.NET.
 Assisted the network operations center in meeting previously un-obtainable audit conclusion and analysis where gigantic -
   gigabytes of data- had to be searched and parsed in a fail-proof manner in a matter of a few days. This was written in VB6.
 Created substantial software suite responsible for incorporating common tasks related to the management, tracking and
   deployment of engineering and other departmental resources including Electronic Change Notification on an assortment of
   product components. This was initially started in VB6 and was migrated to VB.NET when Microsoft officially released
   that technology.
 Created utilities allowing embedded engineers to more-readily evaluate and analyze data more efficiently, resulting in
   faster product development and isolation of previously unknown bugs and inadequacies.
 Created extensive software simulator for the company’s flagship mobile product allowing discrete analysis and
   confirmation of previously documented, undocumented and out of date feature sets. This resulted in a comprehensive
   update to in-house knowledge of low level features and a complete rewrite of the product ICD (Interface Control
 Created text to speech demonstration product that lead to the actual prioritization and approval of a production-based TTS
   package requirement as a future addition to the company’s mobile fleet hardware. This demo package was utilized in such
   situations as the ATA (American Trucking Association) trade show and numerous private demonstrations for current and
   potential customers.
 Assumed support and development of –huge- legacy software suite representing the company’s main fleet management
   host interface. Initially written in Visual C++ 5.0 and utilizing CodeBase 4.x it was updated to VC++ 6.0 and CodeBase
   6.x and enhanced / repaired / modified on numerous occasions as new issues were discovered or customer requirements
   increased where the desired elements didn’t previously exist.
 Assumed support and development of –huge- legacy software test suite operating at the production facility for the
   company’s flagship product. The software suite consists of 3 major development environments including Borland C++,
   Borland C Builder and Microsoft Visual Basic and operates on a large linear chain of workstations, where each station
   performs specific tasks / testing of hardware and software features. This represents the bulk of production testing of the
   product from beginning to end including final packing and shipment.
 Consistently highly praised and rewarded for outstanding dedication and timely delivery of any and all activities assigned
   to me.
 Repeatedly commended for helping save the company money through the variety of efforts for which I was involved.
1996 – 2000      United States Air Force                             Colorado Springs, CO.
Computer Switching Systems

   Variety of tasks related to armed forces and classified information processing and consumption.
   Created front-end package and Microsoft Access Database structures used for tracking shop personnel tasks and
    Preventive Maintenance Instruction job listings.
   Hardware component trouble shooting and repair, Computer Component Repair Lab (depot level)
   Certified soldering and component level maintenance.
   Proud member of the United States Armed Services.

1995 - 1996     Self Employed                                        Chattanooga, TN
Contract Design and Training

   Created small, proprietary database software packages for clients based on their specific needs.
   Created exceedingly low-level applications in Turbo-C for monitoring and manipulating various system resources capable
    of exposing hardware problems on client’s machines.
   Rebuilt computer systems entirely, assisted in the construction of computer systems based on client needs and taught
    clients how to use computer systems including very basic concepts of computer operations to learning specific
    applications. This frequently involved advanced discussions about their computer environment based on their needs as an
    individual user.

1992 - 1995     E.C.P.C.                                          Chattanooga, TN
 Graduated with an Associate of Applied Computer Science degree in software engineering.
 Studies including Information Systems Management, Data Processing and Operations, System Concepts, Qbasic,
    Structured RM-COBOL, AS-400 RPG Model-E, DOS 3.3-5.0, Dbase, Lotus, Zortech C, Business Mathematics, Integrated
    Accounting, Word Processing, Harvard Graphics, Communication Skills and Human Relations.

Personal computers, playing guitar, All-Terrain Vehicles

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