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Understanding Tree Surgeon Costs


									Understanding Tree Surgeon Costs
By Tim Aston

The cost of hiring a tree surgeon is something that is fully justified due to the level of expertise needed
to perform the tasks involved in working with trees and other plants. That's not to say however that it
isn't worth learning a little more so you can fully comprehend the tree surgeon costs involved.

A tree surgeon or 'arborist' is a professional in the maintenance and planning of all perennials, bushes
and trees. The profession involves many different aspects and levels of study including chemistry and
biology not to mention the hands-on skills and experience needed to undertake the jobs. Climbing,
moving between branches and pruning skills are all vital, and a further reason to justify the costs.

Some of the more costly aspects of tree surgery include:

Pruning: This is a very specialist area of work, as if done incorrectly a lot of damage can be done. Pruning
incorrect branches can even result in the loss of a tree. The costs may be high because a lot rides on the
experience of these professionals.

Thinning: Often necessary when tree growth is causing problems and becoming too large, thinning trees
can allow more light through and reduce stress and strain on it. This is a highly specialist job that if not
done properly can lead to the demise of the tree. A professional will fully justify the costs by carefully
selecting the areas to thin without damaging the tree.

Tree Felling:Possibly the most complicated and potentially dangerous job a tree surgeon can carry out is
the safe and controlled felling of trees. There is a huge potential for property damage, or causing harm
to the public if not undertaken professionally.

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