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Concrete Decks and Patios


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									                     3 Top Reasons Why Concrete Decks And Patios
                                Are Gaining Popularity

              Concrete decks and patios may not have been among the top choices for backyards many
years ago. In a survey conducted, many people prefer wood flooring for their patio as wood provide the
elements of nature. Furthermore concrete flooring can sometimes be too cold for the winter and too hot
for the summer. Wood being less of a heat conductor provides more comfort for every season. However,
in a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders in the United States, statistics have
proven that more and more home owners are now switching to concrete flooring for their outdoor rooms
and patios. Below are the top three reasons for the change.

               First and foremost, concrete decks and patios designs have evolved through the years.
There are now more and more designs for concrete flooring in the market these days compared to ten
years ago. The designs are unlimited, especially when enhanced with colors and stains. The concrete deck
can be color coordinated to suit the home’s exterior landscape. Concrete flooring can also be engraved or
stamped in many different patterns as well as mimic other paving materials such as flagstone, tile and
brick. The options are endless and home owners can change the designs as the space moves from one side
of the home to another.

               Due to the limitless designs of concrete decks and patios in the market, it would be so much
easier for homeowners to blend their flooring surfaces from the interior part of the home to the exterior of
the house. To create dimensions, home owners can opt for elevated concrete decks or patios. Elevated
flooring can also be used to create the illumination of separation of space without obstructing the room.
Home owners can also use the designs of the concrete flooring to blend the patio with the swimming pool
area. Concrete can be easily formed into any shape, thus accommodating any backyard space restrictions.

                Home owners can get more ideas by browsing through the Internet.
ConcreteNetworks.com is a company that posts videos as well as concrete decks pictures to inspire home
owners in their patio design. The company also offers advice and tips for sizing and designing a concrete
patio. Home owners can obtain makeover ideas for their existing concrete patio by engraving, resurfacing
or staining, as well as innovative ideas to accessorize their current patio. Concrete decks and patios are
not only beautiful, they are practical as well. When compared to other types of flooring such as bricks and
natural stone, concrete flooring costs so much less not just upon installation, but over a long period as
well. Concrete flooring is durable, versatile and low maintenance. Generally, concrete is easy to maintain
and can withstand uncompromising weather conditions. You would not have weeds sprouting problems as
concrete flooring does not have joints between units as with paving stones. Also, concrete flooring does
not warp or decay. Installation is less labor intensive, resulting in lower installation cost.

               In summary, concrete flooring is beautiful, unique and practical. Home owners should look
into concrete as an alternative to their outdoor space. Maximize your creativity from the vast collection of
concrete decks and patios choices.

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