Deforestation And Climate Changes - A Major Impact To The World by artsinmylife


									Deforestation And Climate Changes: A Major Impact To The World

The planet was once protected with ancient forests; it has been a shelter
to almost 50% of all the animals and plants confined in lands. Also, the
worldwide population depends on them for survival. The most diverse
ecological units exist in these forests, and they serve essential help to
our planet especially in matters regulating the climate. This is the very
reason why deforestation and climate changes go hand in hand. Where
deforestation is, climate alteration always follows.

Unfortunately, the forests that should be the world's shield to the
growing global warming are now under threat; almost 80% of the vast land
areas all over the earth have been wiped out. Everything went by in a
matter of 30 years, and the foundation is due to human doings such as
destructive logging and agricultural land transformations. The fact that
deforestation is the second cause to climate change should alert every
human being in order to put to a stop to anything that may interrupt our
normal ecosystem. If no moves would be done, further retaliation of
nature would surely come to pass.

Major Carbon Storehouses

It is increasingly clear that our ancient forests play a crucial role in
the regulation of world climate through carbon storage and water recycle
back into the atmosphere. It is a fact that the green areas of the earth
are regulators of climate, and destruction of that area means
contributing to a climate change. Eighteen percent of all carbon
emissions come from deforestation. Instead of the forest protecting us
from disastrous effects, man made phenomenon make them our source of
devastation instead.

Full grown forests are the greatest keepers of carbon dioxide. Other
"keepers" include: the earth soil, the plant life, and the smallest and
biggest trees. Some popular forests such that of Congo represent one of
the planet's enormous carbon sources on land, and destruction of it may
cause more greenhouse gas to get trapped in the atmosphere.

The carbon is emitted from the green life through logging, burning and
rotting. If these illegal activities happen frequently and continuously
in all parts of the world, then the levels of carbon trapped in our
environment is exceedingly augmented. Climate changes happen abruptly and
changes in the world environment would slowly take place.

Deforestation and Its Effect On Climate Change

When deforestation is made, climate changes begin to progress over a
period of time. The gradual modification in climate show insignificant
numbers, but it affects the earth in great ways. The following are some
examples of global changes after massive deforestation: temperature of
global surface has increased to 1°F, precipitation events happen around
the world and in extreme cases, snow capped mountains have decreased in
cover, sea levels have risen, and thawing of permafrost has slowly been
happening over the years.
It is said that in a matter of 50 decades, the world may be in an
irreversible state already. If things could be prevented now, then it is
highly suggested that every human take part in preserving the world.

Controlling Climate Changes

If deforestation and climate changes go together, then unbinding them
would be the first step to problem solving. Deforestation and other
causes of climate alteration should initially be stopped so that further
effects cannot take place. However, the only key to ending deforestation
is through mankind.

If no human effort is exerted, then all else will be impossible to do.

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