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					                                                             “Your Dreams are
                                                             our Goal”

                                                             MARCH 2012


                                                               an $8 credit toward their April tuition for any full priced
RECITAL DETAILS                                                class (no credit for discounted classes).
                                                               UP-COMING EVENTS
Please make sure you pick up an accessory list. These
are items that the dancers will need in addition to their                                         TALENT COMPETITION:
costumes. Most items can be purchased at dance retail                                             Calling all talented
stores. Check with your child’s teacher to make sure you                                          youth! If you are
verify where the items are sold. Teachers are particular                                          between the ages of 6-
about what attire they prefer, therefore please double                                            17 and you think you
check before purchasing your accessories. Also take the                                           have what it takes to
accessory list along with you when you go shopping.                                               compete against other
Most sales associates will be able to assist you better if                                        talented youth in
you have what you need in writing.                                                                Philadelphia then
                                                                                                  enter the FDC Talent
                                                                                                  Competition. Grand
REMINDER: Costumes must be paid in full by May 12,
2012. You will be prohibited from purchasing show                                                   prize is $100 for
tickets until your balance is paid. Please budget yourself                                          each age group (6-12
accordingly.                                                                                        and 13-17). There will
                                                               be local celebrity judges and arts professionals to
TICKETS:                                                       provide contestants with constructive criticism and
Tickets will go on sale April 28, 2012. However,               insight concerning their art form. There is a $10 entry
remember you will not be able to purchase tickets if you       fee for each contestant. All entrants must submit their
still have a balance on costumes, tuition or any other         application along with entry fee no later than March 30.
fees.                                                          We will also be selling tickets for this event at $8 each.
SHOW DATE AND TIME:                                            BAKE SALE:
FDC Dance Program Recital 2012: “Dreams, Myths and             We will also be having a bake sale, which will be held at
Fairytales” will be held on June 30, 2012 in the Dream         the competition. We are asking that parents donate at
Theater. Show times are 2:30 and 6:30pm. All classes           least one baked good to help support our efforts. Please
will be participating in both shows.                           see any Parents’ Club Member to sign up.
                                                               PARENT’S CLB
MAKE-UP CLASS                                                  AD and PATRON SALES: From March 24- May 12, we will
                                                               be beginning our ad sale. Ads and patrons list will be
Due to a scheduling conflict, the make-up classes that         displayed in our recital souvenir book. This is also a
were scheduled for March 31, will be cancelled. Any            place for parents and loved ones to share encouraging
students who were enrolled on December will receive            messages to the students. The top seller will receive
                                                               ONE YEAR OF FREE TUITION!
                                                                Prices: Full page: $15
                                                                PARENT’S CORNER
        Half page: $10
        Quarter page: $5                                        EXTRA REHEARSALS, ATTENDANCE, SCHEDULE CHANGES
        Patrons list: $2 per name                               As we prepare for the recital, there will be the need for additional
                                                                rehearsals as well as slight schedule changes beginning in April.
SCHOOL CLOSING: The FDC will be closed on Saturday,             However, the only weekday rehearsals will be for the opening
                                                                number and the day before the recital. Also, it is crucial, now
April, 7 in observation of Easter.
                                                                more than ever, that your child attend classes consistently. The
                                                                students and staff are working too hard and you have invested
ARTS CAMP: The FDC will be having an Arts Enrichment            too much money into this event for it not to be successful.
camp from July 9- August 10.
Price: $50 a week (sibling discounts available)                 VOLUNTEERS!
                                                                We need your help!! Please see a Parent’s Club member to find
Ages: 6-12
                                                                out where your services are needed!
Price Includes: t-shirt
                  Breakfast                                     BE INVOLVED!
                  Lunch                                         Please make sure you check in with the school, as for literature
                  Local Trips                                   and speak with staff to make sure you are up to date on all
                  Drama, Dance, Music and Art lessons (daily)   information.
                  Finale Musical Production
Hours: 8-4 (extended day available for an additional fee)       THANK YOU!!!
                                                                Thank you for ALL of your support thus far! Let’s keep the
Registration: $40 ($20 Early Registration March 24-April 21)
                                                                momentum going s.o we can close this session out with a BANG!


                                                                         The FeltonvilleDreamCenter Newsletter, March 2012

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