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					LMS Cheerleading Parent Information

    Coach Waldrop and Coach Wilson
      Lewisville Middle School
        Cheerleader’s Creed
  We believe cheerleading is a sport that is
   intended to encourage school spirit and
sportsmanship during games and other school
                  related events.
 As a member of the Lewisville Middle School
  Cheerleading Squad, each participant will
  enhance team working skills and problem
   solving skills, increase responsibility, and
     develop good decision making habits.
        We believe academics are important to
            building strong cheerleaders.

• Each cheerleader will be expected to maintain
  grades at or above a C average in each class.
• Any squad member who falls below a C in any
  class may be unable to participate in games and
  practice until grades are brought up to an
  average of C or better.
• A squad member who has a D or lower for more
  than one grading report in a row will be up for
  dismissal from the squad.
           We believe good attitude and character
          are essential for cheerleaders at practice,
                     games, and school.
• Cheerleaders are expected to maintain a positive
  attitude toward coaches and other squad members
  during practice and games and give their best effort
  in all activities.
• Cheerleaders are expected to show respect toward
  members of their school and other schools.
• Cheerleaders are expected to maintain hair color
  that is natural to life and remove all jewelry during
  practices and performances.
         We believe maintaining a good discipline
          record is a must for all cheerleaders.
• Cheerleaders are expected to avoid discipline infractions
  such as ISS and OSS.
• Any cheerleader who is in ISS will be unable to participate
  in cheer events for one week.
• Cheerleaders who earn ISS two or more times during a
  grading quarter will be suspended from cheerleading
  activities for three weeks following the second visit to ISS
  and may be up for permanent dismissal from the team.
• Cheerleaders who earn OSS will be suspended from
  cheerleading activities for at least two weeks. Dismissal
  from the team will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
• Students with frequent and serious discipline infractions
  will be dismissed from the squad.
          We believe regular attendance to practice
          and conditioning are the keys to success
             and improvement in cheerleading.
• Cheerleaders are required to attend any camps. Camps
  are designed to build skills as well as relationships
  necessary to the squad.
• Cheerleaders are to miss no more than two practices each
  quarter. (Unless they can provide a medical excuse for
  their absence.) Attendance requirements for summer
  practices are no more than three missed practices.
  Allowances will be made for vacation plans; however
  commitment to the squad is expected.
• Cheerleaders who miss practice during a week will sit out
  for the next game.
• Cheerleaders absent from school on a game day will be
  unable to participate in events for that day.
       2011 -2012 Budget
Practice uniforms             $   25
Ribbon                        $    5
Cheer uniform rental fee      $   25
Bloomers/half top             $   15
Shoes                         $   50
Routine Camp         (RHHS)   $   75
Tumble Camp          (CEA)    $   75
District Athletic Fee         $   50
Game Day shirts               $   20
MINIMUM COST:                          $340

Warm-up (new cheerleaders)    $   65
Sports bra                    $   10
Socks                         $    5
Cheer Bag                     $   20
TOTAL COST WITH OPTIONS                $440
           Payment Schedule
                June 6th    $125
                July 11th   $105
                Aug 8th     $105
                Sept 5th    $105

  Price reductions for options will be taken from
                  final payments.
 Fundraising may reduce payments and amounts.
 Payments must be made on time in order for the
cheerleaders to receive training and equipment on
Individual Fundraising:
          Candy Bar Fundraiser
          Candle Fundraiser
          Cookie Dough Fundraiser
          Car Wash / Bake Sale / Concessions
          Pancake Breakfast @ Applebees or Fatz Café
          Yard Sale / Bake Sale / Concessions

Equipment Fundraising:
       Basketball concessions
       Sponsor T-shirts
       Cheer Calendar
       Camp Dates –

• Rock Hill High
  School – July
  18-20 9am-3pm
• Charlotte
  Tumble Camp –
  July 14-16 (time

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