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As part of the new CrossFit Wright-Patterson (CFWP) leadership I’ve had to step into some big shoes, as
the previous staff did a fantastic job of laying the foundation for a first-rate CrossFit community here on
base. One of the most pressing issues we face now is getting new instructors certified so we can
maintain our current class schedule. This comes down to funding. The new staff has looked at many
ways to do this and one of the ways we decided upon was asking for donations. We have done this for
several reasons but it all comes down to funding. As it stands now, we will not have enough instructors
to maintain our current class schedule starting in the summer of 2012. Class offerings will have to be
drastically reduced and some class times may disappear altogether. We are already missing instructors
for some of our time slots and the gym staff has threatened to cancel these classes altogether. None of
us, leadership, staff or enthusiasts, wants this to occur. When CFWP began it was during a different
fiscal and leadership environment; we had the full support of base leadership and they financed all of
our trainer certifications and paid for all the equipment. In the last year things have significantly
changed and we don’t enjoy the same level of support we had. As you are all aware, budget cuts at the
national level have affected many of us and our organizations here at Wright-Patt. It looks like cuts will
continue and we simply cannot wait for the environment to change and hope things will get better. We
get no funding from the base at all now – we have to pay for our own certifications and equipment. The
new leadership, in conjunction with the outgoing staff, has looked at many avenues for financing and
donations as well as charging for the On-ramp course seems like our best bet to raise funds quickly and
get new trainers certified. We are hopeful that we may even be able to expand class offerings as well as
offer more events for a more dynamic CrossFit community. I understand there may be some resistance
as we have not done this in the past. To be blunt, there is simply no other way CFWP can continue to
exist without funding. Whatever you choose to donate will be appreciated; we are not asking for a
suggested amount to make this as low-threat as possible. If you choose not to donate, that’s fine as well
–we are not keeping track of who gives us donations. Donations can be given as cash or check. Please
give them to your instructor or one of my staff. In closing, we felt that asking for donations was a small
price to pay for supporting the great CrossFit community we have and helping it to grow. Every dollar
we get is only used for funding new instructor certifications or equipment purchase, all of our
instructors and staff are unpaid volunteers and will remain so. If there are any questions or concerns
please don’t hesitate to contact me or my staff.


Staff Contact Info:
Maj Erik Grant, CFWP President;
Earl Boxell, Vice-President;
Eric May, Secretary;
Brent Ruttle, Treasurer;
Jon Bryant, Special Events;

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