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Start a Crystal Collection by gavintonks


Hints on starting to work with stones and crstals

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									Crystal and Stone Magic made easy
The use of Crystal as a psychic resource is a sympathetic magic. Generally the stones are used to assist you in „focus” or to bind attributes within the stone. The stone is a natural living object and possesses intrinsic life force. The colours of the stone are either sympathetic or associative. The Sympathetic is in the colour of the stone and the transparency including the mineral attribute, or the place from where the rock came from, the energy of that place or the trace minerals within the rock and their association. Associative is when the colour is used as a harmony to the aura a chakra or the light it transpires. Rocks can amplify light like a ruby does with light and creates a metal melting beam of hot light. The rock can be used for you to focus your light through the stone and create sympathetic light lasers for healing, communication and well being. Rocks do not have to be special stones or minerals but can be the big granite rocks or the stones in a river bed. Sympathetic magic can be performed even with a bowl of nice river sand. Binding the stones in silver gold or natural string can help to support and enhance attributes. Tying the stone with natural string to a photo of a person can assist them in being strong as the rock or to think clearly with crystal. So the first thing is to look for stones that resonate with you, warm stones on your aching body are marvelous sources of healing and the hot stone was used to turn water into steam for sweat lodges which helped people to connect with their inner self and to meditate.

Cleaning rocks and Stones
Using stones can deplete the multitude of energies before they arrive in your home. Normally of you use them for yourself they are fine but if you use them with other people especially those that are sick it is recommended that you cleanse your stones to rejuvenate cleanse or purify them. Cleansing is a simple process to remove past influences from the stone, getting it ready for your use again. There are different ways and to each his own. You can place your stones in full sunlight for a day, or even a week. You can use special numbers like 3 or 8 days as the thought behind the cleansing empowers the psychic phenomenon.


You can develop a sense of feel for all things, like your food the carrot story with the difference between organic and not organic at all, so holding your crystals and listening to you inner voice and the feeling in your heart will attune you to their mood and strength and vibration they currently possess. It is a type of psychometry or feeling, reading the energy in the stone with your sympathetic body. Please note pure sunlight is an actinic force and has the power to burn. This power is able to burn up certain colors [fading] and can harm certain stones so check first before you use pure sunlight. Another method is to bury the stones in the ground again for what time you feel comfortable with for a week or so as the timing creates a pattern or ritual which strengthens the sympathetic magic and process of what you‟re doing. Ritual is fun and creating a pathway with your ritual assists in focusing the mind and tuning into the energies around and within you. Running water is a good cleanser and a bath of water in sunlight; however please check you stone does not dissolve in water either. Once washed, drying in white cotton cloth or special silk scarf or another natural fiber helps too. Salt water, sea water salt crystals are good cleansers but check that the salt does not damage the stone. Moonlight in a basket under a special place in your garden, or through the aromatic smoke of burning herbs like sage, rosemary, parsley or thyme. Stones experiments have shown them susceptible to poisons and hurt so treat them with respect and favor as a bounty of the earth.

Charging the Stones
Sometimes you wish the stone to acquire a stronger energy or to physically emit energy from the process of magic and this must be a natural phenomenon which does not damage the energy of the stone. Charging is a way of awakening or encouraging the stone to help you or to help the person you are focusing on with the properties the stone possess. Charging is asking for an “intervention” or help by letting the stone know which of its powers you need the most. Convention requires always requesting or asking and by vocalizing the request you bring the powers of creation into play, which are first nothing then movement, separation the first light which is thought then the voice or vocalizing the request to create a vibration which finally brings action. Getting the right action takes practice.


Engaging with your stones is holding them or putting them in front of you and visualizing either your own light pouring though the stone as soft or hard light like a laser doing that which you are envisioning or visualizing your need and your request and seeing the energy, pouring from the stone. It is very powerful when done with belief and confidence. The light you visualize is either soft from the moon and feminine or strong hard and blazing like the masculine sun, or your own light and portrayed how you wish to engage it with the stones. If you wish to sleep better then buy a Moonstone place it in your hand or on your throat under your pillow or next to your bed. Imagine the power of glorious soft sleep pouring through the stone and into your body creating a wonderful aura of sound refreshing sleep. See your energy going through the stone and refreshing you like a shower of sleep and then wake up in the morning having enjoyed the experience. Sometimes we need to get through our disbeliefs and you do not feel the effect straight away do it every night for a few nights and reinforce the positive suggestions. One night you will notice the positive results and you will never look back again.


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