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           Canberra Skeptics – Committee Meeting 28 February 2011
Meeting commenced at 6:00pm at King O’Malley’s Bar, Civic.


Michael O’Rourke                                  Marianne Pietersen
Jim Manning                                       Nick Ware
Kevin Davies

Apologies    James Sharpe, Pierre Le Count

1.     Minutes from 31 January 2010

2.     Meetings program

       March – Ken McLeod – Friday 11th – Vaccines in Peril. Canberra Club booked for

       April – Dr Krissy Wilson – Wednesday 13th – Too Easy to Believe? Skepticism and
       the Psychology of Suggestibility. University House accommodation arranged.

       May – Nick advised that Philip Eliason is lined up to talk on the effectiveness of
       overseas aid spending.

       June – Kevin advised that Richard Saunders is lined up to talk on scams, especially
       the Power Balance. A check of the relevant web site reveals that supplies of the
       placebo bands (the antidote for the Power Band) are not currently available.

       July – John Smyrk – to be held for further review.

       August – Igwe. Kevin reported that Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth
       have expressed interest in hosting and CSIRO has made a generous proposal to assist
       with costs and logistics here in Canberra – including provision of the Discovery
       Centre as a venue. The Committee strongly endorsed these arrangements and
       commended Kevin for his efforts. Kevin will now proceed to settle the itinerary and
       make the necessary bookings. The Committee agreed that we should bear the initial
       costs and seek reimbursement, on an equitable but generous basis, from our
       colleagues in other cities.

       September – Possibly Dustin Welbourne, provided we can settle on an appropriate
       skeptical issue. Otherwise, consider Tim the Yowie Man or John McFarlane – ex-
       AFP and now at the ANU who could talk on the effectiveness of the “war on drugs”.
       It was noted that LEAP would probably not be a good bet – they appear to charge for

       October – AGM – it was felt we should repeat the 2010 meeting – Deakin Bridge
       Club plus an Indian feast to follow.

       National Conference 2011 – noted that we had declined the offer to host this year
       after the Gold Coast withdrew. Victoria is to host in 2012 and Kevin’s view that we
       “could not avoid” our turn in 2013 was noted.

3.     Web Site

       Agreed we should explore the possibility of hosting a forum on our web site, noting
       that this would require a significant commitment on the part of the promoter to
       manage it. Michael to discuss with Andrew Gould and Pierre Le Count.

4.     Committee

       It was noted that at least three members would be overseas for lengthy periods this
       year and that there was also a strong possibility that we will lose members to
       retirement/relocation before the year is out. It was agreed that we needed to
       encourage some new blood for the Committee – particularly people with good
       contacts who could play a major role in arranging speakers.

       In addition to some well targeted individual approaches, Michael will draft a notice to

5.     Treasurer’s Report

       Marianne tabled the most recent Bank statement. Balance $9461.63. She noted that
       we are getting an increasing number of direct debit membership renewals.

6.     Next Meeting

       Monday 28 March, 6pm at the Fellow’s Bar, ANU.

Meeting closed at 7:55

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