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ward 34 - dmh


									A Moment of Your Time


Data collection for Darlington Memorial Hospital, January 2012

Over a four week period, 12 / 166 patients ( 7%) who were transferred or discharged from ward 34 completed the comments cards.

100% of respondents felt that they were treated with dignity and respect.

100% of respondents would recommend ward 34 to family and friends.

  Date/W/C          Ward/Department    What did we do well        What could we            Would            Did you feel you         Additional
                                                                    improve          recommend us to       were treated with         comments
                                                                                     family and friends   dignity and respect
06.02.2012         Ward 34             All staff in this Ward   Nothing as far as   Yes                   Yes
                                       and Ward 11 were         my personal
                                       too helpful and          experience.
                                       caring. Nothing was
                                       too much trouble.
06.02.2012         Ward 34             All aspects of my                            Yes                   Yes
06.02.2012         Ward 34             Everyone was really      The food! Possibly   Yes                  Yes                   I would just like to t
                                       lovely – nothing was     the heat in the                                                 hank everyone
                                       too much bother.         ward – at times this                                            concerned for the
                                       People were very         was very                                                        professional and
                                       caring and               oppressive.                                                     caring manner in
                                       sympathetic, but         Action: There are                                               which I have been
                                       there was a good         occasions when the                                              treated.
                                       sense of humour as       ward becomes very
                                       well.                    hot, windows are
                                                                opened as best they
                                                                can be, however we
                                                                do need to meet

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Patient feedback
                                                  the needs of all of
                                                  our patients and
                                                  many of our elderly
                                                  patients prefer
06.02.2012         Ward 34   Everything, cannot   Hard to say. Girls     Yes   Yes
                             fault staff.         deserve more help.
                                                  Haven’t a minute.
                                                  Action: We are at
                                                  times an extremely
                                                  busy ward but we
                                                  try to ensure
                                                  adequate staffing
                                                  levels to meet the
                                                  needs of all of our
06.02.2012         Ward 34   Attention to my                             Yes   Yes   Staff was most
                             welfare was                                             cheerful and
                             excellent.                                              obliging.
06.02.2012         Ward 34   Everything.                                 Yes   Yes
06.02.2012         Ward 34   Everything.          Less paperwork.        Yes   Yes   An excellent
                                                  Action: although                   working team.
                                                  the paperwork can
                                                  seem daunting to
                                                  the patients its aim
                                                  is to protect the
                                                  patients and the
                                                  staff and must be
                                                  completed in
                                                  accordance with
                                                  trust guidelines
06.02.2012         Ward 34   Made sure I was                             Yes   Yes
                             comfortable and I

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Patient feedback
                             wasn’t in any pain.
                             The nurses were very
                             polite and chatty.
06.02.2012         Ward 34   Extremely well,         Food                   Yes   Yes   Pleasant stay. All
                             polite, friendly and                                       staff friendly and
                             caring and interested                                      caring.
                             in what you had to
                             say. Very important.
                             Keep up the good
06.02.2012         Ward 34   I wasn’t the easiest    As I’ve said           Yes   Yes
                             of patients as all I    previously, more
                             wanted was not to       staff to help staff.
                             be here and at
                             home. The nursing
                             staff were
                             understanding, but
                             explained well on
                             how important it was
                             to stay and get the
                             relevant treatment.
06.02.2012         Ward 34   Staff are very polite   The menu is fine if   Yes    Yes
                             and helpful.            you are in hospital
                                                     for a couple of days,
                                                     but any longer and
                                                     the same choices
                                                     become very
                                                     Action: We have
                                                     discussed this with
                                                     Stuart Wray (head
                                                     of catering) and
                                                     they are in the

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Patient feedback
                                                   process of
                                                   additional choices
                                                   for those patients
                                                   who remain in
                                                   hospital for longer
06.02.2012         Ward 34   Helped me get         When order food       Yes   Yes   All staff were
                             through a hard time   that you get what                 helpful and
                             letting my 5 week old you ordered.                      understanding.
                             baby stay with me     Action: the through               Thank you for
                             during my stay for 5  put of patients is                making my stay as
                             days. Thank you.      very fast and                     good as it could
                                                   although patients                 have been.
                                                   may have ordered
                                                   food when on one
                                                   ward, when the
                                                   patient is
                                                   transferred to
                                                   another ward they
                                                   do not always get
                                                   their meal choice.
                                                   We are working
                                                   with the catering
                                                   department to try
                                                   and minimise this.

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Patient feedback

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