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  General Information
  Instructor:                   Lesson:
  Mary-Beth Barker              Initial Costs (other than mortgage) in home buying
  Course:                       Time:
  Essentials Mathematics 40s    1 hour
  Learning Module/Unit:         Next Lesson:
  Home Finance                  Costs in maintaining a home
  Safety Notes: Emergency exits
  Some student may have emotional baggage to do with home buying

  Lesson Focus
  Lesson Goal:
  Understand additional cost involved in home buying
  List specific outcomes required to achieve the lesson goal
  12E6.H.1. Solve problems involving the purchase and maintenance of a house.i
        List 8 initial costs in buying a home (other than the mortgage)
        Calculate the land transfer tax on variety of prices of houses
               o changes in home insurance costs
               o property taxes for part of a year
               o the ratio of total additional costs to purchase price
        Recall the process for calculating land transfer tax
        Apply calculations in a given scenario
        Justify cost choices in a given scenario
        This is part of the Home Finance unit in the Manitoba Essential Mathematics
         curriculum. It is required.
        Most adults in Manitoba own or want to own a house. Many people in Canada
         have a heavy personal debt load. This unit, and all the lessons within it, help
         students learn about managing money in the real world.
  Required Materials
  list any handouts students receive in class
  Presentation Materials:
  Whiteboard, whiteboard markers
  Computer and projector
  list any resources students can explore during or after lesson
  Students should have calculators
  Lesson Outline
  Guiding Questions:

  Focusing Event:
  Brainstorming costs of moving
  Lesson Delivery:
  List instructional methods & activities: lecture, demonstration)
  Direct learning
  Lecture and questioning
Guided Practice:
List student activities: individual or group activities
Lesson Closure:
Review and summarize the main points of the lesson
Opportunity for Independent Practice:
Assignment for marks
Related Evaluation:
Enter evaluated work this lesson is linked to


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