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									Pankaj Joshi
CS 680

Webliography for the DIA Airport Case.

Bozman, Jean S. (1994, October 10) United to simplify Denver's troubled baggage project [WWW
document] URL http://www.computerworld.com/news/1994/story/0,11280,8903,00.html

    This news report, which appeared in ComputerWorld Magazine, contains information about the breaking
    developments in dealing with the BAE luggage handling system at Denver International Airport. It reports the
    role of United Air Lines as the system integrator attempting to fix the software problems. It is a factual story
    dealing with the problem from the perspective of industry professionals searching for a solution.

Chandler, David (1994, January 26) It’s Too Late To Bag DIA’s Automated Luggage System – No
Matter How Many Suitcases It Eats [WWW document] URL http://www.westword.com/issues/1994-

    This article, which appeared in Denver Westword, contains a news report about the baggage system used at
    DIA and the issues occurred when it failed. It further gives the reasons for failure and its aftermath. It tells
    the inside story and presents views of DIA and BAE officials, and also the views of the consultants. It also
    describes the baggage system used at DIA.

Donaldson, A.J.M (2002, May 27) A Case Narrative of the Project Problems with the Denver Airport
Baggage Handling System [PDF document] URL

    This case narrative, prepared for Software Forensics Center and classified as TR 2002-01, contains the
    chronology of events that led to the late opening of DIA. It elaborates on the project management issues and
    gives a comprehensive narrative of Harvard case study on DIA Airport Case. It focuses on the project
    management aspect so vital to developing professionalism in workplace.

General Accounting Office (1994, October 10) New Denver Airport: Impact of the Delayed Baggage
System [WWW document] URL http://ntl.bts.gov/DOCS/rc9535br.html

    This resource, which is classified as GAO/RCED-95-35BR, contains detailed information about problems with
    the baggage handling system, the added costs due to the delay of the opening of the DIA and other financial
    aspects like the expected revenues, thus giving both the technical and financial aspects. It also gives details
    about alternative, conventional baggage handling system that can be used until the automated system is

Gibbs, W. Wayt (1994, September) Software's Chronic Crisis [WWW document] URL

    This article, which appeared in Scientific American magazine, provides a broad range of information about the
    complexity of software engineering. While the lead-in story deals with the software application designed to
    run the automated luggage system DIA, additional real-life case studies are sprinkled throughout the story.
    Stories such as American Airlines SABRE system, California's Dept of Motor Vehicles system and the US Dept
    of Defense Clementine satellite system add depth to the topic at hand.

Montealegre, Ramiro and Keil Mark (1992, May 12) De-escalating Information Technology Projects:
Lessons From the Denver International Airport [PDF document] URL

    This article, written by professors from University of Colorado and Georgia State University and widely
    referenced by researchers and writers, contains a very scholarly review of the failure of the BAE luggage
    handling system at Denver International Airport. It gives a perspective of how and why de-escalation occurs in
    a software development process. By de-escalation the authors mean lessening of commitment to the
    computerized system and looking for viable alternatives.
Neufville, Dr. Richard de (1994, December) The Baggage System at Denver : Prospects and
Lessons [PDF document] URL http://wwwis.win.tue.nl:8080/2R690/doc/denverbag.pdf

   This resource, written by the professor at MIT, describes the DIA automated baggage system, how it was
   designed, how it was expected to be operated and the reasons behind its failure. It also provides a description
   about the losses faced by DIA and the efforts taken to fix the problem. It has a detailed explanation of the
   automated system, the expectations out of it and why did it fail because of a few incorrect decisions.

Poulson, Barry (1994, May 25) A Quota by Any Other Name: The Cost of Affirmative Action
Programs In the Construction of Denver Inte [WWW document] URL

   This highly referenced article, authored by and the Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado and
   published for Independence Institute, contains a conceptual framework for measuring the costs of affirmative
   action, some estimates of these costs in construction of DIA, and some policy implications. It raises various
   social and administrative issues related to affirmative action programs in the construction of DIA.

Schloh, Michael (1996, February 16) Analysis of the Denver International Airport baggage system
[WWW document] URL http://www.csc.calpoly.edu/~dstearns/SchlohProject/csc463.html

   This resource, written as a research paper under the supervision of a Computer Science Professor at California
   Polytechnic State University, discusses events at the new Denver International Airport that resulted in
   opening delays of the airport. The scope is limited to the automated baggage handling system, which was the
   primary source of failure warranting the airport's several opening delays. Analysis of the failing system is

Swartz, A. John (1996, March) Airport 95: automated baggage system? ACM SIGSOFT Software
Engineering Notes, 21(2), 79 - 83

   This resource, which appeared in ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes Volume 21 Issue 2,
   contains the history, software design and the project management paradigm related to the baggage handling
   system operated at DIA. It gives a concise and precise account of the software design approach, the system
   layout and the problems, both mechanical and software, related to the BAE baggage handling system at DIA.
   The resource can be found online at

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