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					Open Source Collaboration
Convener: Kevin Kelly
Note Taker: Lori Holden

Jay Rees
Pony Smith
Lori Holden
Kevin Kelly

Session notes:
    “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” – book discussing who is the sponsor/owner of the
    SFSU uses:
           o OTRS – Open Source Ticket Retrieval System
                  Allows you to enter phone tickets
                  SFSU has 7-10 issue-based email accounts, OTRS filters those emails into
                     queues so that the right person gets those messages
           o GLPI - Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique
                  Inventory management, agents on the machine to keep inventory of
                  Folks can submit tickets through that which brings the hardware and
                     software info with it
                  Used for labs, staff computers, etc
                  Helps admins to know what disks to take with them, etc.
           o Track –Project management software for software development
           o PHP/MySQL
           o Adium – Instant Messenger software
           o Power – room management, workshop enrollment - config
    One thing to keep in mind is that from the time you start planning to the time you can
       finish developing your own software, you need to reevaluate what’s on the market or
       already available in the OSS community

      Any interest for accreditation, ePortfolio solutions?
         o One of the issues is trying to tie these two things together and why you would
             do it
         o SFSU is looking at about six ePortfolio solutions, they are currently supporting
             five different ones
                  Diva
                  Drupal
                  OSPI – works with Moodle
                  Mahara
          o Trying to figure out “everything else” – documentation, support, selection
            process, QA, etc.
          o You still run into the same migration issues with OSS as a proprietary one,
            eventually you have to move on to new versions and stay current on what the
            community is doing
                Ex – Moodle 1.8 – wound up being incredibly buggy, the community
                   needs to work on QA and communication so that they are not
                   reinventing the wheel
                Project leaders are necessary

      One person is looking for a SCORM compliant interactive quiz tool including
       multimedia (videos, photos) with intelligence (branching, etc)
      A group in Toronto is working on making SCK Web Editor accessible
      One of the values of programming open source components in common languages is
       that you can grab tools to drop into other products
      Moodle - Course wizard that is not technology-based, rather outcomes and goals based
       would be great for instructors
      Moodle – Request – a backup and restore tool to carry a course from one semester to
       another so that labels and such will be kept
      SFSU codes mainly in PHP, JSP, Perl
      PPT to HTML converts PowerPoints to HTML
      Google is funding an open source lab for Oregon State University to help coordinate
      Josh Archer wanted to setup a CSU section on SourceForge to allow us to collaborate

      Action Items: Want to setup a central Calstate area for knowledge base things,
       contacts, standardized tags, products and build it up to include documentation

      Campuses wishes:
         o Culture change to have the flexibility to include OSS
         o Giving people the flexibility to be creative and work on their interests as well
         o Getting folks off of DreamWeaver templates and onto Drupal

SFSU Open Source Software in use:
    Moodle (Learning Management System)
    Linux
    Apache
    PHP
    MySQL (database)
    GLPI - Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique - (Enterprise Inventory Management
    OTRS - Open-source Ticket Retrieval System (help desk ticket system)
    Firefox (web browser)
    Trac (software project management)
   SVN - subversion (version control system)
   Nagios (computer system and network monitoring software)
   MRTG - Multi Router Traffic Grapher (network traffic monitoring system)
   Clam AV (Virus scanner)
   OSSEC - Open Source Security (Host-based intrusion detection system)
   Thunderbird (e-mail client)
   Tomcat (Java Servlet
   JavaServer Pages)
   Horde

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