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									                      Adam C Miller Presents
       Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
       An Easy $500      Every Day Cash Blueprint!
       The working of this method was checked, verified and
 authenticated as on 14th June 2012 with latest Facebook update.
  All screenshots related to income, traffic and other things have
             also been updated accordingly, ENJOY !!

1/33                                               Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8

The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of the date of publication.
Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the rights to alter and update his
opinions based on the new conditions. This manual is for informational purposes only and the author
does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information. While
every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author and his referrals cannot
assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are

                 This publication is not intended for use as any source of advice such as legal, medical, or
accounting. The publisher wants to stress that the information contained herein may be subject to
varying international, federal, state, and/or local laws or regulations. The purchaser or reader of this
publication assumes responsibility for the use of these materials and information. Adherence to all
applicable laws and regulations, including international, federal, state and local governing professional
licensing, business practices, advertising, and all other aspects of doing business in the EU, US, Canada
or any other jurisdiction is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or reader. Neither the author nor the
publisher assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of the purchaser or reader of
these materials. Any perceived slight of any individual or organization is purely unintentional.

                 This book is for personal use only. It should serve as a reference only with no guarantee
to any personal or financial gains. Results from usage of materials described in this book may vary. By
reading this material, you agree that the author is not liable on any consequences arising from usage of
this book.

2/33                                                                                Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8

               Now, You DO HAVE The Following Rights:

                    Sell this report at any price.

                    Give it away to your subscribers.

                    Distribute it free of cost.

                    Share it on forums to earn reputation

                    Offer as a bonus.

                    Distribute it like your own product.

       Please Note, You Don’t Have Any Right To Edit This Report.

3/33                                                       Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Hello friends, my name is Adam C Miller and I am from United Kingdom. I am a reputed
member on many internet marketing forums & websites. Today, thousands of people on the
internet know me for publishing the most realistic internet marketing e-books & reports. Every
week, a lot of new people on the internet become my students and learn internet marketing
stuff from me and start their online businesses successfully. Whenever I find a mind blowing
money making method, I make a detailed tutorial & email it to all of my readers, almost
instantly! You can also get top notch money making methods and ideas for free by just
subscribing to my newsletter.

              I never hurry while publishing an e-book. I do research, find new methods &
apply them and if I am successful, I tell others about those methods in my e-books. I write an
e-book once in 3 months, but it’s always the best one. For your information, I will keep
publishing new versions of ‘Facebook Wealth Formula’ and you can get them into your inbox
automatically, if you subscribe to my newsletter. If you have any doubts regarding this method
or you face any difficulty, please contact me on Yahoo Messenger or email me at

              If you are reading this e-book online then I suggest you to download the e-book
on your computer and then start reading it. Reading online won’t give you better understanding
and hyperlinks in the e-book won’t work too. So, it’s better to download before you start


4/33                                                                    Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Ok! Let’s Start…
You might have read many e-books on making money, but no e-book gives you any guarantee
that you’ll make money, right? But, here is the most realistic and practical e-book you have ever
read in your life. It’s a complete blueprint of making rock solid income consistently! This is the
exact method which I use to make $500 EVERY DAY! I have reached at the level of $500
EVERY DAY in 30 days only, starting from ZERO!

                 As you know, to make money from your website, you need a lot of traffic! Even
if you don’t have a website and are selling affiliate products through a blog or any other
method, still you need traffic to make sales. The best source of traffic is Search Engines (SEs).
But it’s never easy to rank your website at #1 position in Google. Even if you try to do it then it
will take that much time that you may leave internet marketing, being disappointed, DAMN!

                 Should you go for Google Adwords? Well! I was not lucky enough in using
Google Adwords. A lot of click frauds are going on there. I tried it twice but it took a lot of cash
from my pockets and I got no sales for 2 weeks continuously. I won’t think about it again!

                 The next best place for getting traffic is Social Networking Websites. I believe
Facebook for getting targeted traffic. It is #1 social networking website with 500 MILLION
ACTIVE USERS and every user has more than 50 friends at an average. If you monetize it
properly then it can be a major source of traffic and a GOLDMINE for you!

Let’s learn, how to do it!
Top internet marketers know that the best way of getting traffic from Facebook is creating your
own fan page. The more fans you add, the more traffic you will get to your websites, products
or affiliate links.

A Successful Fan Page Can Bring:
    o   Regular
    o   Laser Targeted
    o   Highly interested
    o   Easily convertible visitors to your website who will BUY YOUR PRODUCT!

5/33                                                                         Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Here I am going to tell you, how to make a wonderful Facebook account and an ultimate fan
page that brings immense traffic to your website or blog which makes you $500 every day!
My fan page brings thousands of targeted visitors to my website daily & fills my pockets with a
lot of money without any extra efforts!

I created a new Facebook account 3 weeks back & today it has the following stats today:
Total friends:                                                4900+

Total fans:                                                   50,000+

Traffic to my website from this fan page:                     500 - 700 Unique Visitors Every Day

Average Sales:                                                16 - 17 Every Day

Average Income:                                               $500 - $650 Every Day

******* My website design is poor and not convincing, that’s why my conversion rate is 3% only, I am trying to
improve the website and it will increase conversion rate to 5% - 6% easily and it will duplicate my income. ******

                 You might be thinking if I am boasting that much, then why don’t I share my
Facebook account here? The reason is, I am very serious about the security of my Facebook
account. I don’t want anyone to report my account to Facebook. You know, if only few people
report a Facebook account then Facebook will remove it without any warning and I don’t want
to put my Facebook account and my $500 every day income at any risk.

                 If you really want traffic to your website & want to make $500 every day, then
you should either trust me or you can close this e-book and start reading another e-book which
claims making you rich overnight! I suggest you to just leave the idea of being rich overnight,
which is impossible, and start with this $500 every day plan which is very realistic, sensible
and easy to achieve.

6/33                                                                                      Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
   Here are some really simple steps, we will follow:

If you’re not technical then you might find these steps a bit difficult BUT they’re really SIMPLE!
I’ve inserted a lot of screenshots for your better understanding and they’ll make things a lot
easier. If you don’t understand these steps then read them twice, thrice or whatever… Apply
them while you’re reading and you’ll definitely achieve your target. This is nothing more than
copy and paste. So, let’s go ahead!

Step 1: Visit and create a new Facebook account. Your Facebook account
should look like a 17-22 years old girl’s profile. Girls get more attention and gain friends quickly.
Name should be a sweet & common one. The more sober and common your profile looks, the
more attention it will get. Go to and find the pictures that represent
girls like flowers, candles, lips, cleavage (sorry girls) etc. and upload one of them as your profile
picture. Don’t place picture of someone other. Enter as much information as you can into your
profile because people don’t like empty profiles. Simple, huh?

Step 2: After you’ve created a new Facebook Account, it’s the time to add friends to it. You can
add maximum 5000 friends to your Facebook account. Your motive should be to exploit this
opportunity. This is the most important task. Your website traffic, sales, income & success
depends upon the number of friends you have. Generally, adding 5000 friends may take ages,
but you will learn, how you can add 5000 friends to your Facebook account in 7 days only!

               Do you know, if you don’t have any friends on Facebook then you can import
contacts from your email account or from Outlook Express to Facebook. If they are
already on Facebook, they’ll get friend requests on your behalf, otherwise they’ll get invitations
to join Facebook. But the problem is that you may not have a lot of contacts to import, because
if you want to make thousands of friends, then you need to import at least few hundreds
contacts. To invite few hundreds people you’ll have to purchase an email list which will cost you
$800-$1000 & there is no guarantee that it will work or not. Now, if I suggest you to buy an
email list paying $1000 then you will surely like to kick me hard.

7/33                                                                          Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
   What about an email extractor?

An email extractor harvests email addresses from the internet and gives you the email list of
collected email addresses. But, is it good to use harvested email addresses to invite people on
Facebook? The answer is NO. There are many disadvantages of using an email extractor. First,
an email extractor extracts same email addresses from the internet, every time you use it, so its
use is limited! Second, it will also collect email addresses of firms, companies and other
business houses that are of NO USE to you. Definitely, you won’t like to send a Facebook
invitation to a doctor, lawyer or an accounting firm to join you… LOL. How silly, it will be!

                The next perfect alternative is an email lists generator. Email lists generators are
more powerful than email extractors. Email lists generators generate supposed email addresses
using common names of the people of the countries you want to target. These email addresses
belong to the general public and not to the companies, firms or business houses. The best thing
is that you can use different combinations of the names, keywords, domain names to generate
thousands of unique email addresses. Using email lists generators you can target any niche you
want. For example, you can generate email lists of the people interested in making money,
losing weight, poker, credit cards, music, search engine optimization, websites, SEO, Twitter or
Facebook applications etc. Not only this, you can also target any country you want e.g. USA,
UK, Canada, Spain, Nigeria, China & India etc. etc. Today, only few reputed websites are selling
email lists generators. I downloaded and tested different email lists generators, one after
another. It took me 2 weeks and I wasted around $325 to find the right tool.

                Yes, after wasting $325 and testing different softwares I found that Acute Email
IDs Production Engine is perfect for our use. First, I found it the cheapest in price and second,
it’s easy to use & very effective. The best feature is that it saves email lists in the text files
which is a very important requirement for our method. It cost me few bucks only and I was
able to use it instantly.

                I know I am taking risk by openly recommending a product. You might be
thinking that I want to sell you this software, right? Wrong! This is not a crapy e-book which
contains affiliate links from Clickbank or Commission Junction websites to make sales and earn
commission. I am already making $500 every day, so few cents from affiliate commission

8/33                                                                         Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
won’t change my life. I am recommending this software because I’ve already tested it and I
don’t want you to waste your time and money like I did in searching for the right tool.
Although, I’ve made a recommendation but you’re still free to use any tool of your choice but
just make sure that the software you buy should be really good because if you’re serious to
making money online then you shouldn’t hesitate investing money in some good products.

                Ok, while I was using Acute Email IDs Production Engine I found that more than
70% of generated email addresses do exist. Means, if you generate 4000 email addresses then
2800 will be real ones and this is a fantastic figure. Sometimes, you get around 80% working
emails addresses.

Step 3: Use this email lists generator and generate an email list. It should not take more than
30 seconds of yours. Acute Email IDs Production Engine automatically saves the generated
email addresses list in text files (.txt). If you’re going to choose a different email lists generator
then make sure that it has this feature because it’s very important.

Step 4: Now, you need to put these email addresses in a specific format to upload on
Facebook. Click here to download ‘contacts.csv’ file on your computer. This file is already in that
format which Facebook accepts. After downloading, double click on this file, it will open in
MS_Excel. If it doesn’t open then you can open MS_Excel manually and then browse and open
this file. (Don’t worry if you don’t have MS_Excel, read next page)

It will look like as follows:

9/33                                                                           Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
In case you don’t have MS_Excel then you can download open office from here or search it on
the internet. It’s free!! After downloading and installing OpenOffice, right click on
‘contacts.csv’ file and choose Open With > Calc

On next window, it will ask how you would like to open this file. Do the following settings.
Please note that the option ‘Comma’ should be checked and the option ‘Space’ should be
unchecked. After doing these settings, click OK and file will open.

10/33                                                                  Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Step 5: Now, open your Text File in which email addresses list (you just generated) was
saved. Copy all email addresses from it, come back to ‘contacts.csv’ file, right click and paste all
email addresses under the column ‘E-mail Addresses’ as shown in the picture below. Leave all
other columns blank.

After pasting email addresses, ‘contacts.csv’ will look like as below:

Step 6: When you’ll save this file. MS_Excel (or open office) will ask you a new file name but
you can simply overwrite the file choosing the same name. Choose ‘Yes’ if you see the following

11/33                                                                        Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Trust me, you’ve completed 60% of your work and you are very close to $500 every day.
Was it difficult? I don’t think so! If you think it was difficult, then read it again or apply these
steps while you’re reading. You may find this process a bit boring, but remember $500 every
day is not a small amount.

    What we’ve done so far!

Till now, we’ve done 4 very simple tasks:
   1. Created a new FB account.
   2. Generated an email list from email list generator and saved it in a text file.
   3. Downloaded ‘contacts.csv’ file from here.
   4. Opened ‘contacts.csv’ and pasted generated email addresses into it and saved it!

Step 7: Now, we’re going to upload ‘contacts.csv’ file on Facebook so that Facebook can invite
these people to be your friends. As soon as they’ll accept invitation, they’ll become your friends.

This is really simple! Login to your new Facebook account and visit this page: and click ‘Import your email addresses’ option.

12/33                                                                        Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Step 8: Now Facebook is asking from where you want to import email addresses (source). Click
on the option ‘Other Tools’ as shown below:

Special Note: Facebook keeps on playing with its options and sometimes you may not be able to find ‘Other Tools’ as
an option. In that case simply click ‘other services’ or find if there is an option like ‘Outlook Express’ etc.

Step 9: Simply browse ‘contacts.csv’ file (in which you pasted email addresses and saved) and
then click ‘Upload Contacts’ button.

Step 10: As soon as your file is uploaded, Facebook will show you the list of your contacts.
Click ‘Select All’ checkbox and click ‘Add to invite’ button.

13/33                                                                                            Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Step 11: You’ll see that Facebook has added all the friends in the invitation list. Now click
‘Invite Your Friends’ button and that’s it! Facebook will send invitation to all these people. If the
people who are on your invitation list are already on Facebook then they’ll get friend requests
on your behalf and if they’re not on Facebook, then they’ll get an invitation to join Facebook
and become your friends. On first day, I generated only 800 email addresses using ‘Acute Email
IDs Production Engine’ and sent invitation to all these 800 people.

Step 12: Once you’ve used your ‘contacts.csv’ file, open the file again and delete all email
addresses from it. Don’t delete the column headings. Now, generate a new list of email
addresses using ‘Acute Email IDs Production Engine’ or your email lists generator and paste
them in ‘contacts.csv’ file and save. Now, upload this file again on Facebook by repeating the
same process to invite more people.

14/33                                                                         Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Didn’t you find it easy?
Yes! It’s a very easy process, if you don’t understand it then apply this process while reading
this e-book, it will make things a lot easier. Follow this practice only two times a day. It should
take only 2 minutes to generate hundreds of email addresses.

                                        - ATTENTION -
 A lot of lazy people will not take action on this report, because they think that this method will
not work for them. By the way, I can’t find any logic behind such thinking. May be they are too
 pessimistic or are so unlucky to be successful. This thing is beneficial for you. When only few
people will act on this report, your chances to WIN will be more because of low competition :)

After I sent invitation to 800 friends, 334 people were already on Facebook and they got friend
requests from me and the remaining 466 people got invitations via email. I got 20 friends within
1 hour. You know, Facebook activities GO VIRAL! When you add a friend, it’s displayed on
walls of both of you and a lot of other people notice your profile and they also send you friend
requests. Your work is just to accept these invitations. See, how many friend requests I got
within one hour after I sent invitation to 800 people with above process.

Just after 2 hours of sending invitations I had 63 friends.

After 8 hours, I checked and found that more than 200 people had become my friends.

15/33                                                                        Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
On 2nd Day, I generated more email addresses using ‘Acute Email IDs Production Engine’
pasted them in ‘contacts.csv’ file and uploaded it on Facebook and invited more people. This
time I invited around 2500 people. Again, those who were already on Facebook got friend
requests on my behalf and those who were not on Facebook got invitations via email. At an
average, generating email lists and uploading ‘contacts.csv’ file was taking only 10 minutes. I
was doing this process just 2 times a day so I was spending only 20-25 minutes daily for this

On late evening of 2nd Day, I checked my profile and I had more than 600 friends.

              I was taking screenshots every day, because, I was an active member at
Digitalpoint forum too and was sharing my progress in this thread. But, the thread was deleted
by moderators because it had got some sort of racial discussion by the forum members.

              Now, I was getting 70-90 friend requests per day and was adding a lot of friends
daily. Just have a look at the screenshot below and you will be AMAZED!

16/33                                                                     Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
I took this screenshot on my 3rd Day. Look at the huge jump in the number of friends.

Day - 3

Actually, Facebook doesn’t allow you to send 20 or more friend requests manually but, when
you invite them with this method, this limit doesn’t apply.

These were some of the daily pictures of my Facebook wall.

On 5th Day, I had more than 2200 friends.

Day-6 - Ultimate Growth Day!

This was the 7th Day & I was just 1 friend short of the limit - 1st Target Achieved!!

17/33                                                                   Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
I decided to add some more friends and got this warning message:

Once you reach at this level, your 95% work is complete.

Here is a quick summary of what we did to add 5000 friends in 7 days only:
   1. Visit and create a new Facebook account.
   2. Get a good email lists generator like ‘Acute Email IDs Production Engine’. Generate an
        email list, it would be a text file.
   3. Click here to download a readymade file format to upload on Facebook, the name of the
        file is ‘contacts.csv’
   4. Open ‘contacts.csv’ in MS_Excel. If you don’t have MS_Excel then download open office
        and install it. Right click on ‘contacts.csv’ file and choose open with >
   5. Paste email addresses from email list text file into ‘contacts.csv’ under the heading ‘E-
        mail Addresses’. Leave other columns blank and save it.
   6. Goto page and click ‘Import your email addresses’
        option and then choose ‘Other Tools’.
   7. Browse and upload ‘contacts.csv’ file there. After file is uploaded it will show all the
   8. Click ‘Select All’ and then ‘Add to Invite’ button and then click ‘Invite your friends’.
                                                                              Simple enough, eh!

18/33                                                                         Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
As you saw, how easy it was to reach at 5000 friends level. Once you’ve reached at this level,
it’s the perfect time to create a fan page. This fan page will bring hundreds of visitors to your
website, every day! Not only this, as the number of fans will increase, more fans will be added
automatically at a rapid speed. Daily, new Facebook users will become fans of your fan page
and will be visiting to your website or blog.

Special Note:
Before making a fan page, you must have at least 3000 friends, but 5000 will be great!

19/33                                                                      Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
    How To Create A Fan Page That Spreads Like A Forest Fire!

First of all, your fan page should have an attractive and meaningful name. Think about the
products you want to sell through your fan page. Think, what kind of visitors you want? What is
your niche? Remember, your fan page will appear in search engines too, so make sure that you
use your keywords into the name of your fan page. If you don’t have any product then you can
promote CPA offers from websites or you can promote other people products
on Whenever someone buys a product from your affiliate link, you get

                Few months back, I wrote an e-book on ‘Weight Loss Tips’ and now I thought
about selling it on Facebook. This e-book contains simple tips which help people to lose weight
and look slim & fit. As my purpose was to gain attention of those who want to be slim & fit so
the name of my fan page should be like:
   •    get-set-slim-go
   •    fitness house
   •    weight loss mantra
   •    fitness freak etc. etc.

                Creating a fan page is really simple! Click here to start creating a Facebook fan
page. Think what you’re going to sell and create your fan page according to the topic. I created
a fan page on ‘how to lose weight’ because I wanted to sell an e-book on this topic.

                Choose a page type and fill in all the possible details into your fan page. If you
add a picture to your fan page then it would look more attractive. You can download a related
image from free image download websites and can use it as your fan page picture. If you want
to create a picture yourself then you can visit Google Images to get an idea. If you find
anything incomplete in your fan page then complete it before asking your friends to join it.
Make sure that you’ve inserted a link to your website (or affiliate link) in your fan page.

                Again, if you don’t have your own website or your own product to sell then
simply visit and you can find thousands of products to sell as an affiliate. In
my case, I had my own website and product on ‘Weight Lose’ niche but there are millions of
people who don’t have their own website or a product but they’re selling products via Clickbank.

20/33                                                                        Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
The advantage of using ClickBank is that you don’t have to create any website or a product.
Simply pick any product of your interest and you can start promoting it immediately.

              After your fan page is complete, it’s the time to tell people about it. On your fan
page there is a simple option ‘suggest to friends’. Click on it and it will display all of your
friends. Select all of your friends and suggest your fan page. Because you’ve already made
around 5000 friends on Facebook, so you’ll easily get hundreds of fans in no time. A huge
number of friends will give your fan page a great push.

21/33                                                                     Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
     How to make your fan page go viral!

Tip 1: When you see that many of your friends have become fans of your page, ask them to
suggest this page to their friends.

Tip 2: Keep posting on your wall new things about your fan page. Ask people to join your fan
page to get free tips in your niche. Repeat this process few times a day and you will be amazed
on seeing the tremendous growth.

Tip 3: Use ‘Discussion’ tab on your fan page to start discussions on your topic like ‘Health’ in my
case. People like conversations and sharing ideas. Give them some tips and they will share their
tips too. This is really simple, just like chatting on your Yahoo messenger or on a discussion
forum. You’ll also have the administrative rights of your fan page, so enjoy it!

               You know, when I suggested my fan page to 5000 friends then just on the next
day, I got 71 messages from my friends and they said that they liked my fan page!

               At 5000 friends level when your friends become fans of your page, it’s posted on
their walls and their friends also like to see your page and then their friends & so on… Your
work is just to wait and watch now! But remember, your first work is to add 5000 friends. Make
it your passion! If you can’t add 5000 friends, you can’t achieve $500 every day!

                                     Please note,
        Now Facebook uses the word ‘Like’ instead of ‘Fans’ which was used earlier.

22/33                                                                        Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
In 7 Days I added 5000 Facebook friends and when I created my Fan Page on 8th Day and
suggested it to my friends I got 531 fans (Likes) within 3 hours.

Day-9 - Next day, I wake up in the morning to check the progress and I almost jumped in the
air! See the viral growth! It’s RAPID!


23/33                                                                 Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Day-13 (A day of tremendous growth, this is how Facebook works virally!)



24/33                                                                  Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8



25/33    Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Day – 29

On 30th Day, I had more than 50000 Fans – 2nd Target Achieved!!

               You might have noticed huge jumps in the number of fans in few days. There is
a simple logic behind it. When people like a fan page, it’s posted on their walls too so that their
friends can also see what did they like. You saw I got 1600+ likes in 24 hours of suggesting my
fan page to 5000 friends. Now assume that my every friend has about 50 friends each, at an
average (very common). So, my fan page was noticed by 1600 X 50 = 80,000 Facebook users
within 24 hours. That is impressive!

               Now, Every Day, I am getting more likes and more exposure on COMPLETE
AUTOPILOT! I couldn’t get this amount of fans, if I had shared this page with only 100-150
friends which most of the Facebook users do. Once you get around 50,000 fans, you should not
think about gaining more fans. At this time, you have GOLD IN YOUR HANDS! Now, it’s the
time to monetize this traffic.

26/33                                                                       Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Getting traffic to your website is simple enough when you already have FIFTY THOUSANDS
people interested in your niche. To get traffic to your website, start posting ‘Status updates’
about your website as soon as you have 50000 fans. Status update is anything that you share
with your fans on your fan page wall. I was posting free tips on losing weight and a link to my
website as status updates.

Example of an ideal status update:

              Now, if you don’t have a website link and you’re promoting a Clickbank product
then you can post your affiliate link with your status updates. When someone will read your
status and click on your affiliate link and buy that product on Clickbank you’ll earn instant
commission. ClickBank sends checks (cheques) of your earnings to your physical address every
month. Those, who don’t have their own website or a product, are making hundreds of $$ by
selling ClickBank products on Facebook.

27/33                                                                    Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
    How many status updates & how much effective they are?

Just 2-3 updates per day will be enough. It shouldn’t take more than 25-30 minutes a day. I
posted my health tips, diet information, slimming tactics and all other relevant things & my
website link into status updates. Do the same and encourage your fans to visit your website to
get more information about your products.

              Suppose, you are too bad in writing status updates and 99% people ignore you.
They either don’t read your status updates or don’t visit your website but still from 50,000 fans
you will get 500 VISITORS EVERY DAY!! (i.e. 1% remaining people). Yes! From my status
updates, I am getting around 500-700 unique visitors Every Day!

        Look at the increase in traffic since I started using Facebook fan page.

28/33                                                                      Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
As you know that minimum conversion rate for an average website is 3%-4%. I mentioned in
the beginning that, I am planning to improve my website and will make it more attractive and
convincing to get more sales. If you are getting 500 unique visitors Every Day then at 3%-4%
conversion rate, you get 16 - 20 sales a day, at an average. This is the same output I am
getting from my Facebook Fan Page. Yes! I am getting 16-20 sales a day (at an average) and
price of my product is $29.99 which makes me $500 every day!

               I use to sell my e-book. When someone buys the e-book via
PayPal, the download link is automatically sent to his email by e-junkie and I get notification of
sale. So I don’t have to do anything at all. See the latest screenshot of my Gmail account, which
I took today only to insert in this report. There are TONS OF EMAILS from e-junkie showing
tremendous sales.

29/33                                                                       Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
Here is a picture of my PayPal account showing a lot of sales which makes me $500 every
day, on complete autopilot!

I have around 50,000 fans only and I am making $500 every day. Every week, I will be
getting more fans, more traffic and more sales. As you know, I am getting only 1% visitors to
my website from my Facebook Fan Page but, if you increase the number of status updates then
you can get more visitors. You can make even more money by selling more value product or by
posting more status updates a day.

30/33                                                                   Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
    How to make money with Facebook even without a website & your own product!

As I’ve already discussed that if you don’t have a website or a product even then you can earn
$500 every day easily by promoting CPA offers or Clickbank products. Clickbank is the easiest
place for everyone to choose products to promote. Here are few other renowned networks you
can consider. , , ,

                You can simply sign up to these websites, choose products to promote and start
making commission by offering products to your Facebook friends or fans. You can offer games,
music, dating offers, free tools and downloads etc. and can earn huge commissions as an
affiliate. Most of the sites like offer free surveys to complete. You earn
commission if someone completes a free survey through the link sent by you. Post these links
on your Facebook wall and your friends and fans will jump on it.

                I shared this method with my sister-in-law last month. She applied this method
and added 19000 FB fans in just 11 days and now she is just recommending Clickbank
products to her Facebook friends and fans and is making more than $150/day commissions. It’s
without any website and own product. Isn’t wonderful?

                There are a lot of opportunities to make money on Facebook. You can make
money by selling your own product, service, e-books OR you can join CPA networks, work as an
affiliate & sell products for commission but the most important part is adding 5000 Facebook
friends & you can achieve it in 7 days only!

31/33                                                                    Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
    What to do now?

You want to be successful and make a lot of money online. You may also have a website and a
product or a Clickbank product to promote, but the only thing which you require is visitors. If
you get visitors you will start making money without any problem, right? Now, you already
know that this plan is so simple, effective and easily doable by any person who is not lazy. It
can definitely bring an avalanche of traffic to your website and you can make a significant
amount of money without any risk.

               Ok, now few people would be there who won’t believe on this report even after
they’ve read it and seen the income screenshots. Those people will check the screenshots in
this e-book very closely to find out the mistakes, so that they can tell others that these are not
real. Actually, every information in this report is REAL and if you don’t trust me, it won’t affect
me! Tomorrow, I will be making another $500 sitting in my comfortable room and you might be
reading another e-book to get rich quickly! Who knows, this method can be a turning point of
your life? So, if you really want to make money, then just reading this report is not enough,
you’ll have to take action on it. Most of the people don’t make any money online because they
just read, read & read but don’t take any action. So, do yourself a favor, think out of the box,
stop thinking and start DOING…!

                              TAKE ACTION NOW!
                                 Click here for a typical action plan

                                                                                  ALL THE BEST!
                                                                                    Your Friend,
                                                                                  Adam C Miller

32/33                                                                       Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8
                               TYPICAL ACTION PLAN

Day 1- Click here to create a Clickbank account (no need if you already have a website and a
product to sell) and then buy email lists generator, I used. Study Clickbank and see how it
works, choose products that interest you and get your affiliate links. On the same day, check
how email lists generator works and how to generate and save email lists.

Day 2- When you’ve products to promote and few email lists then you can create a Facebook
account. Fill all necessary info. in your FB profile and make it complete. Browse Facebook and
find what people likes and what’s the trend.

Day 3 – Download ‘contacts.csv’ file from here and apply what you’ve read in this report and
you’ll definitely start making money within next 30 days and that’s my personal

33/33                                                                       Facebook Wealth Formula ver 1.8

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