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advice on what you can do today to survive with your business

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									The survival guide for Today by Gavin Tonks [word count 1106] What can you do today to ensure you survive the next few days into the new month? There are reported by Stats SA more than 4000 business have closed their doors over the past few months and we need to help you get through this as people are saying the economy will only reassert itself next year. Well what does that mean for you? – One thing and one thing only – SURVIVALWhat do you really know about your business today? I always ensure my invoices are done by the 25th and on the customers desk the 26th this way you are in the front of the queue and you have the next few days to concentrate on getting in business instead of fighting to find what business must be invoiced or not. I was the youngest branch manager of a large retail group at the age of 24, and was given a branch destined for closure [I only found this out after I went through the books had an enormous shouting argument with the person who employed me – apparently in those days hypertensive staff were normal as he ignored me completely- and believe it or not we are still friends today] The regional manager asked me what I was doing so I realized that I had two choices grab what was an opportunity and run or leave. I chose running, we had enormous challenges two large stores in direct competition from the same group within a 5km radius, my staff were floating, each in their own direction and no one wanted to listen to a 24 year old. I sat down evaluated were we were [it is only the depth that varies] called everyone together and started going through our good clients who had no bought anything in a while. That month was the first time in 18 months the shop made any where near it‟s target and we were trading 50% under budget. We doubled turnover from R15000.00 to R30000.00 our target was R35000.00 please remember we could buy 2 houses for that money, it was substantial business then and we were also in a depression. Two years down the line we posted the first major profits and I won an all expenses paid trip to Mauritius for a week, the business had redeemed itself and we were the top ten stores in the country out of 65. Our targets grew exponentially as management realized what we could achieve and soon our targets were R350 000.00 a month, an enormous amount of money like buying 4 houses a month and well in excess of R3,5 million today A MONTH. By this time our staff were earning good money no one walked out without buying something no matter how small and we were 3 days from month end with something like R85 000.00 sales and we had to generate another R200000.00 in that time.


Again we sat with critical options so we decided to have a sale phoned every customer bought wine and snacks opened the shop to 7pm and by close of business on the 25th we had achieved our targets. The moral of the story is that once you achieve that which others think you cannot you will never listen to their limitations again [anonymous quote I live by] We never ever after that ever missed a target and finished before the sale of the company as the most profitable shop by % across the group. I cannot stress how badly you must want it and how much a part of you it must be to want success. This must not be tempered with lying and being dishonest but by standing up to your problems and doing what you can do with integrity. My first sojourn into business I had an order for mugs as a gift in the furniture trade for a client. So based on this I had transfers and made the mugs with a work creation project for youth I was helping. Well needless to say everything went pear shaped, the guy who was firing the mugs kiln had a roof leak in a flash flood causing his electrics to short that burnt the controller to “on” through the night so the temperature was not regulated and just got hotter eventually fusing everything inside into slag from his kiln shelves to my products. It took two days to cool down enough so we could open the door. It was a disaster I could not get away from. I was shouted at and chased out of the mans shop as he did not have any gifts we laughed about it many years later but it was a big wake up call to me. Even worse I had no money to pay the printing so I went to the guy to arrange to pay it off and he said I was the first honest person he had met in his life and the debt is written off. I will never forget that as it is a harsh lesson to learn and was not even my fault but we move on and plan better and I never do anything I do not have the resources to commit to and if the resources come from the client I insist on upfront and charge a management fee, win „win” all around as I am not their lending facility. So today resolve your critical issues by engaging honestly with the people concerned no matter what the consequence [unless murder is involved]. Who owes you money that you can get in now? And do it nicely we are all in the same boat at the moment. What can you do to generate some turnover, get everything out of the way in the office and concentrate on making the turnover you have 3 days to save your business? Phone a friend, it worked on TV so try it, you never know; someone may have business for you.” Lifeline” ask someone for business it does work even if the first ten say no. Payments, Who can you pay now that is beneficial to your business? Tell others a payment structure but overall survive with your integrity intact and be honest.


To recap 1] Know your business really well 2] Plan you targets and do everything to achieve them “waiting for business” is not an option 3] If things go wrong be honest and act with integrity 4] Resolve critical issues immediately 5] Plan so your day is open for business By starting now you may just survive another month.


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