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                                               Time Management For Entrepreneurs
                                                                By Frank Lucer

   Time management is an essential element in establishing a strong business and will help you to
develop a solid foundation upon which to grow into a successful and competitive business. The first
thing to keep in mind is that as an entrepreneur, you must develop skills and habits that will ensure that
you are able to maximize the time available to you.

 Why is time management so critical? You may think that you are already adept at managing your day,
but remember that if you have a job you are required to be at work at a certain time, take your lunch at
a certain time and be accountable for specific responsibilities that are easily undertaken within a work
day. But what happens when you are the boss? Who's in charge now? You are! And therefore it is up
to you to establish an efficient method to operate your business. One of those methods is establishing
good time management skills.

 The first step in time management is to realize that both you and your competitors have the same
amount of hours in a day. The growth and success of your business may not necessarily be based on
who works the hardest, but rather who has developed a way to work more efficiently; in other words,
the smartest.

The following are 5 smart ways to manage your time.

 1. Being able to say “No”: This is a critical aspect of managing your time. It's easy to become caught
up in the sense of responsibility, importance or achievement of running a business and the number of
tasks that need to be accomplished on a daily basis. Being unable to say 'no' at the right time may
leave you in a position where you are unable to accomplish those tasks that you have set for the day;
and without knowing it, you are actually developing a negative habit based on compromise. If you take
on too much you run the risk of not getting any of your tasks done correctly.

 2. Begin the day with a strategy: This is critical. In fact you should have a strategy not only for the day,
but for the week, the month, the year and thereafter. Having a strategy is very much the same as
having a road map to a vacation destination; without one you may well find yourself lost in the
wilderness. Understand that if you do not arrange your day, someone or something else will.

 3. Take a break! The best way to make efficient progress is to be sure that you are refreshed,
recharged and ready to go. To do this you need to be sure that you are taking breaks and getting away

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from your work environment. As much as you may be in the 'swing of things', you will find that your
efficiency and quality of work will be far more prolonged by taking breaks throughout the day.

 4. Know what is important: Each business has a number of tasks that require attention, but be sure to
recognize that you will not be able to accomplish all of them at once. Therefore get into the habit of
prioritizing the tasks that need to be completed, otherwise each task will seem as important as all the
others and you may well become overwhelmed by what needs to be done.

 5. Be flexible: Of course you will have days where you will not be able to accomplish everything you
set out to do. Without allowing this to become a habit, learn to work with the unexpected interruptions,
mistakes and missed opportunities that may occur during the day. This will avoid the build-up of
frustration and allow you to clearly restructure your schedule to fit in any missed errands or tasks in the
following days.

 The entrepreneur who has developed their time management skills will find themselves in a mindset
where they able to take full advantage of opportunities and interruptions, as they present themselves
on a daily basis. Strong time management skills will also allow you to be the entrepreneur who works
smarter, rather than harder.

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                                        A Comprehensive Note on Debt Management
                                                                 By John Grant

Debt management is a very important subject to discuss because many people today experience
problems regarding the appropriate management of their finances. It is through debt management that
you can get your finances under control.

 With the development of credit cards, problems concerning debts continue to increase. The use of
credit cards also affects business establishments, especially in situations where business owners stop
their operations because of their inability to handle debts effectively. To help businesses manage their
finances, here are some important points to consider about credit and debt management.

Maximizing Opportunities Associated With the Use of Business Credit Cards

 Business owners need to look at several factors before they accept credit cards that finance
companies offer to them. First, entrepreneurs need to get credit cards with low interest rates because
they may affect the financial performance of their businesses. Second, to avoid experiencing hassles in
case they misuse their credit cards, it is best to accept credit cards with insurance, so that they can get
the replacement for their cards right away. Lastly, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to consider credit
cards with high credit limits because they can use them a lot in their business transactions.

The Importance of Registering an Online Bank Account

 It is best for entrepreneurs to get an online bank account because they can use it to conduct business
transactions anytime and anywhere. Business owners have nothing to worry about when it comes to
their bills because an online bank account can already do things for them. Above all, executives can
save more time if they have online bank accounts because they need not to go to their banks anymore
to check out their account balance.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Online Bank Account

 For selecting the best online bank account, entrepreneurs must look for finance companies that allow
them to open multiple accounts. In this way, they can have separate accounts for various purposes,
one for business and another for personal savings and expenses. It is also important for business
owners to compare the features of online bank accounts that they consider. By listing the advantages
and disadvantages of each online bank account, they can make wise decision in selecting the best and
most suitable bank account for themselves and for their businesses.

Special Features of Business Credit Cards

 Before getting business credit cards, executives must first conduct a background check on the security
features of these cards. Some companies provide no cost liability for any suspicious transactions with
the credit cards. Additionally, they need to choose credit cards that feature low annual percentage
rates because they can help in them managing business profits very well.

 Business debt management is a simple thing to do, especially when entrepreneurs know how to limit
the use of business credit cards for their business transactions. Above all, it is important for business

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owners to know that the purchases in their business credit cards should not exceed their business
profits. By knowing all these important aspects of business credit card management, business owners
can free themselves from debts.

John Grant is a the author for a bankruptcy site ( http://www.undebited.com/category/bankruptcy/ )
where he is writing articles about how to credit reports (
http://www.undebited.com/category/credit-report/ ).

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