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									        The TFIA
Cleaner Production Program

Less waste = More profit
Less waste = more profit
                       Giving advice
Less waste = more profit

         We live in an unsustainable world!
                 Cost of waste

             Raw materials



                             Time and Effort

Waste is the biggest preventable cost to industry
     Cleaner Production - Route Map

•Management                                      •Implement actions
                  •Continuos improvement         •Draw up action plans
                                                 •Confirm targets

                                               •Establish improvements
                                               •Set priorities
                                               •Determine waste causes

                            •Identify wastes
                            •Quantity flows
                            •Check data

Commitment    Setup        Assessment           Conclusions       Plan
                   6 month program cycle
Less waste = more profit     Cleaner Production solution

                           LESS IS MORE
                           •Less waste is more productivity

                           •Less waste gives more sustainable outcomes

                           •Less waste is more profit
Less waste = more profit   Cleaner Production Program

                           Putting it into practice
                                             Program Aims
Less waste = more profit

                           Establish the need to develop sustainable
                            business practice
                           Transfer the skills of Cleaner Production
                            to participants
                           Gain tangible benefits for;
                             the organisations participating
                             and the environment
                                  Waste / Energy / Time / Risk reduction
                                  Networking
                           Less Waste = More Profit
Less waste = more profit                        Objectives
                           Project objective
                                over $1 million in resource savings
                                     water
                                     energy and
                                     raw materials
                                Add value to selected employee
                                Start a culture of awareness to waste reduction
                                 in companies
                                Demonstrate ongoing savings through waste
                                Improve community PR of industries
                                EPA NSW via tender
                                Participating companies
                                TFIA
Less12 monthmore profit      Program Structure
                          Workshop 1
                          2 days
                                              Develop company specific program
                          develop tools       Training and consultancy support
     waste = period

                          Workshop 2
                          1 day
                          review project             Put into production
                                              Training and consultancy support

                          Workshop 3
                          1 day
                          finalise projects           Confirm benefits
                                              Training and consultancy support
                          Workshop 4
                          1 day                                        On going
                          Case studies                                  saving
Less waste = more profit              Issues covered
                            Cleaner Production in a business sustainability

                            The basics of a CP program

                            Examples from the field

                            CP and environmental management

                            Waste and Value Chain mapping

                            Getting the data

                            Data analysis

                            Energy analysis

                            CP Planning
Less waste = more profit
                             Cleaner Production Pays!

                             Expected outcomes for
                             participating companies:
                           20% waste reduction in year 1
                               Saving ~ 1% of sales
                                  = 10% of profit
                                        From here
Less waste = more profit

                           More detailed presentation to
                            management teams
                           Source funding opportunities for
                            future programs
                           Next program in Victoria later this
                           Develop partnerships
                               Less waste = More profit

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