LT Chapters 9-12 Vocabulary by hedongchenchen


									                                                            Name ______________________________

                                      The Lightning Thief Chapters 9-10

      drachmas                 proverbial                propaganda            careened
      braying                  emporiums                 writhing              crooned
      nostalgic                petrified                 compelled             abyss
      treacherous              pawn

Directions: Use the word bank above to complete each sentence to make sense.

 1.     Jared became ___________________ when the rabid dog started stalking him.

 2. The seas are very___________________ during a hurricane.

 3. On Mount Olympus, wine cost two gold ___________________.

 4. I am not sure why, but I was ___________________ to lie.

 5. They looked down into the dark ___________________.

 6. Are you looking for the ___________________ needle in a hay stack?

 7. New York City is one of the world’s great ___________________.

 8. The car ___________________ into the tree due to the icy roads.

 9. The ___________________ goat was trying to steal my apple.

 10. All the ___________________ about the presidents gets very old very fast.

 11. The sight of him ___________________ caused the nurses to panic.

 12. Barbara went to the ___________________ shop to get some money for her watch.

 13. Elizabeth ___________________ a lullaby to her baby.

 14. Most adults feel ___________________ about the carefree days of childhood.

Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

      15. Which part of the Oracle’s prophecy do you think bothers Percy most? Which would bother you
   16. Why does Chiron believe Hades stole Zeus’s master bolt?

   17. Why does Percy really accept the quest? Do you think he should have told Grover and Annabeth
       the truth?

   18. Bases on the battle with the Furies, do you think Percy, Grover, and Annabeth make a good team?

   19. Create an illustration in the box of the two men fighting on the beach in Percy’s dream. Use the
       book for clues about what they were wearing and other important details. Add some color.

Multiple Meanings (Ch. 10 & 11)
Directions: Read each sentence. Decide which definition best fits the word as it is used in the

____1. I always assume that Grover is worried about getting teased.
A. to take on
B. to seize
C. to suppose
____2. After Gabe was so rude to me, Eddie, the super of the building, looked at me with a twinge of
A. to feel pity or compassion
B. to share feelings
C. a mutual liking or understanding

____3. I watched Gabe lumber back to his apartment building.
A. timber sawed into boards
B. discarded household furniture
C. to move heavily and noisily

____4. My mom used a stern voice and talked to me in tone she had never used before.
A. the rear end of a ship
B. strict, severe
C. never gives up

____5. My head slammed into the tree and the impact nearly knocked my teeth out.
A. to have an effect on
B. to hit with force
C. to force tightly together

____6. The last thing I remembered, I collapsed into a chair on the porch.
A. to break down suddenly
B. to fold together
C. to fall down

____7. Annabeth’s shoulders got tense, “You know about the summer solstice?”
A. any form of a verb that shows actions
B. undergoing tension
C. stretched tight; taunt

____8. Chiron took great offense to the comment I made about Poseidon.
A. a hurt, angry feeling
B. the act of attacking
C. a sin or crime

____9. “She didn’t stay dead long,” I said, trying not to let my voice quiver.
A. a case holding arrows
B. to tremble
C. to shake tremendously

____10. We plunged into the woods as the rain poured down leaving the burning bus
behind us.
A. to throw suddenly
B. to dive or fall
C. to violently move forward or downward
____11. I felt full and content and did not want to leave.
A. happy, satisfied
B. what is inside a container
C. what is inside a book

____12. Medusa’s head can petrify you if you look directly at it.
A. to harden
B. to be paralyzed with fear
C. to turn to stone

____13. Medusa wanted to preserve Percy since she liked Poseidon so much.
A. to prepare food by canning
B. to save, protect
C. a place where animals are maintained

____14. Annabeth’s voice began to falter as she tried to say thank you to me.
A. to stumble
B. to stammer, stutter
C. to hesitate, pause

____15. I wanted to desert this scary looking area as soon as we arrived.
A. to abandon
B. to leave without permission
C. a dry sandy region

Cloze Activity (Ch. 11)
Directions: Without using our novel, fill in the blanks with a word you feel BEST fits to make the
sentences make sense. Do not worry about it being the exact word, just be sure it makes sense!

       After tripping and cursing (16)___________ generally feeling miserable for (17)__________

mile or so, I (18)__________ to see the light (19)__________; the colors of a (20)__________ sign. I

could smell (21)__________. Fried, greasy, excellent food. (22)__________ realized I hadn’t eaten

(23)__________ unhealthy since I arrived (24)__________ Half-Blood Hill, where we

(25)__________ on grapes, bread, cheese, (26)__________ extra-lean-cut nymph prepared barbeque.

(27)__________ boy needed a double (28)__________.

       We kept walking until (29)__________ saw a deserted two-lane (30)__________ through the

trees. On (31)__________ other side was a (32)_________ gas station, a tattered (33)__________

for a 1990’s movie, (34)__________ one open business, which (35)__________ the source of the

(36)__________ light and the good (37)__________.
Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

38. In which order do Percy, Grover, and Annabeth sense something is wrong at Aunty Em’s Garden
Gnome Emporium? What clues gave it away? When did you know Aunty Em was really Medusa?

   39. Medusa believes becoming a statue would be less painful for Percy than going to the Underworld.
      Do you agree or disagree with her? How much should the threat of pain influence someone’s

   40. What does Grover mean when he says, “This is a terrible time to be a satyr” (p. 189)? What
      event would make it a good time to be a satyr?

   41. The Furies are searching for an object. What does Percy think is odd about this? What object
      might the Furies be searching for?

   42. What does Grover say is the reason Percy sent Medusa’s head to Mount Olympus? Does Percy’s
      response sound believable?
  Task: Write an eight lined, rhyming poem, about one the characters in our new novel, Percy
Jackson: The Lightning Thief. Your poem can be descriptive about the specific character OR
reference a scene from the book. Examples are given below. Use this side of your paper for a
 rough copy and the back to complete your final version. You should add an interesting border
                            and outline your finished writing in black.

I don’t know why it happened,                              Oh me, oh my,

I don’t know why it did.                                   I’m just a goat I cannot fly.

At first my face was headed,                               The other half I am a boy

Right towards the toilet lid.                              But I am scared and rather coy.

That big Clarisse, she wanted to                           I’ve had keeper tasks, just two

Just put me in my place                                    I’ve failed them both, boo hoo hoo

But all she got was toilet water                           I wish I could lead a victory

Splashed into her face.                                    Guess I’ll wait until task three.




















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