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					                                                                            Lesson Plans
Teacher: Mrs. August; Mrs. Varnado; Ms. Bastarache
Book of the Month Read Aloud: Each Little Bird that Sings                                                                                      Jan. 3-6

OBJECTIVES TO BE COVERED:                                                                                          Vocabulary Words

Math:                                                         Vocabulary Words-                                                       Spelling Words-
Identify factors and prime numbers for numbers 1-100.         gregarious- (adj) fond of being with others; sociable               cross     speak
Multiply a whole number of up to 4 digits by a one-digit      docile- (adj) easy to handle or train                               solve     appear
whole number, and multiply two digit numbers.                 dexterity- (noun) skill in using the hands                          metal      either
Divide 4 digit dividends by a one-digit divisor.              fickle- (adj) always changing in interests or loyalty               sleep      village
Identify fractions/equivalents                                brawl- (noun) a loud fight; altercation                             factors    result
                                                              germinate- (verb) to begin to grow; sprout                          jumped     snow
Solve problems involving measurement/conversion
                                                              classify- (verb) to put into groups according to a system           ride       care
Language Arts and Reading:                                    tedious- (adj) boring; tiresome                                     floor      pushed
Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining       admonish- (verb) to caution or warn; reprimand                      baby        buy
what the text says; use inference;                            foreign –(adj) 1. From another country; 2. Different; strange       century     outside
                                                              gallery- (noun)- a room or building where art is shown or sold      everything
Explain how author uses reasons and evidence to support       harass- (verb) – to bother repeatedly
Refer to details and use inference                            Testing Dates: Friday- Math; Friday- Reading/Lang. Arts; Spelling, Voc; Science- To be
Explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to            announced
support points in a text
                                                              Project Due Dates: Biography Project
Know and apply word analysis skills
Research projects that build knowledge through                Important Events: Students will have a weekly writing assignment that is to be turned in by Thursday
investigation                                                 of each week.
Choose punctuation for effect
                                                              Homework: (subject to change)                      Class work
Use frequently confused words
Identify similes and metaphors                                                                                       1. Language Arts Mix Review
Identify antonyms and synonyms                                Homework:                                              2. Reading Comprehension page
Use common, grade appropriate Greek and Latin affixes         Spelling/vocabulary contract nightly; Language         3. Math Practice Quiz
and roots to understand meaning of a word.                    page nightly; math page nightly; read for 15 min.      4. Science quiz
Science:                                                      a night.
Distinguish the parts of plants and the pollination process
Food webs/and how energy flows

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