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					  Hello everyone, Now I’m looking for 3 international friends who can be my group mates of
"Korea Tourism Brand Leaders"!

 You can just refer this web-site first for your convenience, if you can read Korean.

 The thing is, KTO(Korea Tourism Organization)will hold a group competition between university
students.   It is a second time of this competition.

 All we have to do is, simple. Just create a tour group composed of domestic students and
international students, take a trip to somewhere in Korea at least once in a month, and make a
report or chat about it in a facebook/twitter!! (KTO requires us to be familiar with SNS(Social
Network Service), but I think it is just talking about our facebook life..isn’t it?)

 I think you can easily guess why KTO holds this kind of competition, because they need to let
foreign people know more about Korea, and they want to know how foreign people think and
feel about Korea. I just need your time and little bit of effort to share your honest feeling about
Korea. So I think it is also a good chance for you as a student who studies Korean and Korea.

 It is possible to apply alone as an individual applicant, but the sponsor said if we apply as a
group, especially 1 Korean & 3 International students group, we could get extra points. Besides, it
sounds more fun, so just join us!

 Officially, I'm looking for 3 international students who actually living in Korea from now to
December, to do publicity activities together. You will be involved in those activities from Oct to
Dec. Since we have to submit our application until Sep 12 th, so if you want to join this activity, plz
contact me ASAP.

You can contact me through my e-mail(
When you write to me, plz tell me about your personal information(name, age, where you live,
what are you doing now, etc), and short reasons why you want to join this competition(cuz I just
want u to be responsible enough not to bother other group mates.)

 I don’t want to share my phone number in here.  I will let you know later ;D,
Okay then I will be waiting for you, Thank you Bye-bye!

P.s 我会说汉语一点点,所以你可以用普通话,但是我的汉语比英语差得多,我可能用英语回答你。我
请你理解一下! 谢谢你!

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