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Book by Greg Holden
Slides by James Jones
• This presentation summarizes the topics
  covered by the book GoGoogle.
• Google is a search engine used to find
  websites on the internet.
• Besides the search engine, there are a number
  of other tools Google provides that are useful
  to the small business owner.
• GoGoogle goes over 20 of these tools.
                    20 Google Tools
•   Google Search                • Checkout, Google Product Search,
•   Adwords                        Catalogs
•   AdSense                      • Google Base
•   Google Apps                  • Google Gadgets
•   Google Docs & Spreadsheets   • Analytics
•   Google Calendar              • Desktop
•   Gmail                        • Picasa
•   Google Talk                  • News, Book Search
•   Google Page Creator          • Google Apps Premium
•   Blogger                      • Gmail Mobile and SMS
                                 • Google Pack
              Google Search
• Google’s search engine is their main product.
• Google’s search engine looks for websites
  based on the words entered.
• The more relevant websites appear at the top
  of the results.
• A number of variables help determine what
  website is relevant.
          Google Search Variables
• Keywords – keywords in the title, headings, and first couple of
  paragraphs in the webpage that match the terms searched for.
• Links – how many other websites link to the webpage. The
  more websites linked to the webpage, the higher in the
• Last Updated – when was the webpage last updated. The
  longer the time it was last updated, the lower in the results it
  will be.
• Visits – how many times has the webpage been visited. The
  more visits, the higher in the results the webpage will appear.
• AdWords – are advertisements businesses can
  put on search results in Google.
• This helps businesses advertise products to
  exactly what people are searching for.
• AdWords are paid per-click. If an
  advertisement is clicked on, the advertiser
  pays a small amount.
• The more a business pays per-click, the higher
  the advertisement is placed. Pay too much
  and money is wasted.
• A business puts a cap on how much can be
  paid for each day, so too much money isn’t
• In the advertisement, provide a title and
  description, with keywords it will go with.
• AdSense is a way of advertising in your
  website that will earn you money.
• When someone clicks on the ad, you’re giving
  a small amount of money.
• Google will select what ads will go into your
  website depending on the keywords you
• Specific ads can be blocked if wanted.
               Google Apps
• Google Apps is Google’s version of Microsoft
• Google Apps is all free.
• Google Apps include Gmail, Google Talk,
  Google Calendar, Google Page Creator, and
  Docs & Spreadsheets.
• Not as full-featured as Microsoft Office, but
  great for everyday use.
               Google Apps
• Google Apps has a premiere version that
  provides more features, but is not free.
• Google Apps is web-based, so anyone in a
  business can connect to their data with an
  internet connection.
• This can also be a security risk because
  another company is handling your sensitive
    Google Docs & Spreadsheets
• Google Docs & Spreadsheets can be used for
  writing documents and spreadsheets.
• Not as full-featured as Microsoft Word and
• Documents can be easily shared over the
• A drawback might be if no Internet, no docs
  and spreadsheets.
            Google Calendar
• Google Calendar is a web-based calendar that
  can be shared with others like Microsoft
• It’s free.
• Not as full-featured as Microsoft Outlook.
• Can setup who can see the calendar.
• Can create more that one calendar.
             Google Calendar
• Can look at days, weeks, and months.
• Can create and add events.
• Can send notifications of events to others by
• Can embed calendar in a webpage.
• Advantages of Gmail:
• It’s free.
• Lots of space.
• Can check for e-mails that arrive in other e-
  mail accounts.
• It provides ways of searching your e-mail for
  certain subjects, dates, and people.
• A drawback is spam.
                Google Talk
• Google Talk is an instant-messaging service.
• Google Talk can be installed as a stand alone
  application or as an applet in your Google
• Can use Voice over IP.
• Can transfer files over Google Talk.
• Can invite someone into a discussion.
          Google Page Creator
• Page Creator is a tool used to create
• It’s free and user-friendly.
• You get 100mb of Web storage.
• You don’t need to know HTML.
• Easy to add text and images to website.
• There are a variety of different looks you can
  pick for the website.
• Blogger is a blog, or web log, supplied by
• A blog is used to express thoughts or ideas.
• Anyone can create their own blog.
• Blogger is easy to use and it’s free.
• Blogs on Blogger can be used as a business
  tool. For example:
• Place ads
• Build a community of followers
• Make announcements
• Build interest in website
• Ask for donations
        Checkout, Google Product Search, Catalog

• Google Product Search is a search engine that
  looks for merchandise on the WWW.
• Google Catalog is a set of Web pages where
  you list your items for sale.
• Google Checkout is an online payment service.
  Use a credit card to purchase the items. It
  accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard,
  and Discover.
                Google Base
• Google Base is used to post merchandise for
• You can buy and sell with Google Base.
• In Google Base you will find classified ads, job
  listings, and personals
• Things you can’t sell: drugs, illegal weapons,
  pornography, prostitution, or counterfeit
             Google Gadgets
• Google Gadgets are applets you can place in
  your website or blog.
• There are a variety of different gadgets you
  can select from. Everywhere from displaying
  the weather to playing Pacman.
• Gadgets can also be used for business.
• For example: to keep up-to-date on the news
  and the stock market.
            Google Analytics
• Google Analytics is a tool used to find
  information on what a visitor does on your
• With this info, it becomes easy to see what
  parts of your website need improvement.
• For example: it provides reports on who visits
  the website, how many visitors a day, what
  pages are they looking at the most, and so on.
             Google Desktop
• Google Desktop is used to search for files on
  your computer.
• It’s like a search engine for your files.
• You install the program on your computer.
• Google Desktop slows the computer down.
• You can search by file name, type, subject,
  date, and so on.
• Picasa is a program used to organize,
  manipulate, and modify your images.
• Picasa is a program that is installed on your
• You can make changes to your images.
• For example: eliminate red eye, rotate, crop,
  add glow, and sepia filter.
• Can create presentations and slideshows.
              News Search
• Search through millions of different news
• Sign up for daily or weekly news alerts.
• Search through news archives dating back 200
• Send Google News to your mobile phone.
                Book Search
• Can search the entire text of books.
• Can read the full book if the copyright is out of
  date or Google is given permission to show it.
• Buy the book or borrow it from the library.
• There are book reviews and references.
        Google Apps Premium
• Google Apps Premium is a paid service that
  gives you more features than the standard
  Google Apps.
• Features include:
• Your e-mail is guaranteed accessible 99.9
  percent of the time.
• More storage for e-mail account.
• Call for technical support 24/7.
           Gmail Mobile and SMS
• In Gmail Mobile you can read and reply to e-mails on your cell
• View attachments: photos, Word documents, and PDF files.
• SMS – Short Message Service: a text message sent from one
  mobile phone to another.
• Send a SMS text message to Google to search for something.
• For example: send weather Boston and a message will come
  back describing Boston’s weather. Send movie 55555 and it will
  come back with a listing of movies in that zip code.
               Google Pack
• Google Pack is a suite of programs you can
  install on your computer.
• Some of the programs included are: Google
  Earth, Norton Security Scan, Google Desktop,
  Firefox with Google Toolbar, Adobe Reader,
  Skype, Spyware Doctor, Picasa, RealPlayer, and
  many more.

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