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					Hardmode Flashpoint Guides

Directive 7:

* Tank and spank for the most part.
* Every now and then the boss will pop an immunity shield and scan someone, one of the
chambers will spawn an add.
* Leave the boss alone and kill the add.
* Only damage the boss while his shield is down, saving cool downs for after he drops his

* Tank him where he stands, with your tank on one side and your dps and healer on the
other. healer and ranged dps hug the wall.

* Boss will announce a defensive protocol, two clickable "thingies" appear at each side, have
your tank click the one on his side, and a dps click the one on theirs.
* Make sure you are paying attention to the audio warning or the chat.
* Most of what the boss does can be interrupted, although the boss will do a move called
"bulwark smash" this must be interrupted everytime.
* little droids will spawn at each side, and will attempt to repair the "generator shields", you
can kill them, cc them or ignore them. I found that if you use a knockback they might get
bugged and just stand beside you. I suggest anything but killing them because the enrage
timer can be a little tight unless you have good gear.
* if they do repair the generators just pay attention to when he announces "defensive
protocol" and click the generators.
* use your dps cooldown from the start because this fight will be a dps race.


* 2 turrets spawn at each side of the boss, kill 1 at a time while LOS'ing the turret you are
not attacking.

*mentors claw will select someone and chase them down, this displays a red circle on the
floor, do not stand in it.
* after the turrets are destroyed a guardian will spawn in the middle.
* while you are attacking the guardian green stuff will spawn on the floor, don't stand in it,
he will continue to shoot missiles during the fight.
* you will get a warning saying that a processor core is overheating, look for the highlighted
pillar in the room and click it.
* more turrets and guardians will spawn during the encounter, just kill them accordingly.
also make sure not to get hit by the claw, click the processors and avoid missiles.
* after the cores are destroyed, you can attack the boss. He will target someone and shoot
them with a laser, burn a defensive cooldown if u have one and call out for your healer to
top you off.
* Keep avoiding missiles on the floor, and save your dps CD's for this phase, from here on its
a dps race.

Battle of Ilum:

Drinda zel & Velazu Graege:

* clear the area on the lower level right next to the bosses, this is where we fight them.
* not sure if kill order matters, but kill the jedi first cause they're faggots.
* have your tank LOS velazu so he goes to the lower area, so that when the jedi dies and the
turrets spawn they dont bother your healer. this is an easy fight, you don't have to LOS the
turrets if u dont wan't to.

Krel Thak:

* kill the 2 silver mobs first
* at some point he does a breakable stun then immediately casts an interruptable shield on
himself, it's not too important to interrupt this but if u can it makes the fight much easier.
* along with the shield he summons a pack of stealthed adds, they die quick so aoe them
* he has this ability called "charged blast" make sure you interrupt most of these, cause they
hurt a lot.

* when the boss targets someone and shoots them you can try LOS'ing it behind a pillar,
although this has been known not to work because of a bug, although it may have been
fixed so its worth a shot.

*this is a very healer intensive fight, so be on your toes.

Darth Serevin:

* Kill the bitch first, she heals.
* Everything he does is interruptable, try to cycle through interrupts.
* He will randomly go invisible, this may be an aggro drop, so best to have the tank taunt
* He throws crystals at a random target, make sure your healer tops them off.
* fairly easy encounter, but a bit healing intense, so have a good healer.

* after you loot the boss, make sure you loot the chest before talking to the NPC, there's a
big that disables you from looting the chest if u don't do this.

Boarding Party:

HXI-54 Juggernaut:
* randomly grips people and tosses them around
* A warning will tell u that the boss is absorbing, be ready to move to a safe spot to avoid
* tank and spank pretty much.

Sakan Do'Nair:
* kill both adds
* kill boss
* collect loot
* winning :)

Storm Squad:

* kill order is chief massey, commander jorlund and officer alon.

* start with your dps and healer on top of the stairs and wait for massey to charge in and
away from jorlunds range, burn him down but save your cooldowns for jorlund.
* tank jorlund and alon in their starting positions. interrupt alon if possible.
* your healer has to move in and out of jorlunds range to heal the tank.

* jorlund has a shield that deactivates once massey dies, so burn your cooldowns and kill
* your ranged dps should move in and out or jorlunds range to get heals if there health gets
* after jorlund dies its just a dps race to kill alon before he kills you. interrupt his heals and
this shouldn't be a problem.
The Foundry:

The foundry guardian:

* apparently he does melee aoe damage, no problem for us though

* very easy fight, tank and spank.


* during the fight HK will spawn adds in the left and right chambers, CC the right one and kill
the left then right.
* during the fight HK will go immune to damage and drop a chamber down on himself in the
middle of the room. there are 4 consoles on each corner of the chamber, you can have your
2 dps click 2 on each side, or have all party members take 1 console each.


* breakable 5 sec stun
* throws his saber at someone which deals big damage.
* try to interrupt anything he does, but pay special attention to the ability "power of the
* after 50% or so, rocks will fall from above, these will display purple circles on the floor,
avoid them.
* im not sure at what %'s but the boss will do a force storm ability, move away from him.
this was bugged and if u dps'd the boss during this part he would get a buff that would kill
your party. apparently this has been fixed, so we'll try dps'ing through this, if we wipe then
go back to not dps'ing.
* at 4% it will go into a cutscene and we collect loot.

The False Emperor:

(mini boss) Tregg The Destroyer:

* tank it with your back to the wall on the left hand side.
* kill the non elites first
* melee run away when he spins
* he randomly jumps someone, taunt him back.
* he cleaves, dps dont stand in front of him.

Jindo Krey:

* he has a ship that shoots rockets, avoid the targets on the floor.
* there's 3 cannons in the room that can be used to interrupt his ship when it comes close,
shoot the ship 5 times and it will die.
* the boss will have a shield while the ship is interrupted, so dont bother dps'ing him.
* when the ship dies, burn the boss down.

(mino boss) Prototype Droids:

* dps the one that is not glowing blue.


* you can't interrupt anything he does

* random person will targeted with a blue marker on the floor, this will follow you. move
away when it turns red or it'll shoot shit at u.

* turrets with shields will appear mid fight.

* make sure you make HK shoot the turrets with the blue/red marker thing, so whoever has
it must move over the turrets. this will drop the shield on the turret.
* dps the boss, ignore the turrets until the boss is dead.

* near the end of the fight he will disappear and select a party member. he will do damage
do them but it can be dispelled, spam heal the person that has this.

(mini boss) Chondrus Berani:

* kill 2 adds, kill boss.. easy
Darth Malgus:

* tank him by the stairs

* he does a knockback so have your backs to a wall.
* he will pick someone to have a 1 on 1 with, but its a joke, so facetank it and pop defensive
cooldowns if needed.

* around 80k hp have the tank move him to the edge of the bridge.
* when he starts channeling lightning, knock him off the edge.
* laugh over voicechat.
* Collect loot :)

Kaon Under Siege:

Detonating the bomb:
* allow your tank to get into the turret, he'll gain the most threat here, better then a dps.

* basically just heal your tank as he kills the mobs in the turret.

* fairly easy apparently, no real explanation required.

* defend yourself from all the waves until the wall explodes.

Rakghoul Behemoth:
* throughout the encounter the boss will throw boulders at a random party member, heal
through it.

* the tank will get thrown into the air, resetting aggro on the boss. pick him back up when
the tank is grounded.

* he will also have a single target stun on the tank (about 1 second)

* if his secondary target is out of range he will leap at them dealing additional damage and a
short stun.

* during the fight you will see an emote saying "behemoth has entered a frenzy". during this
phase his damage is increased but his movement is slowed, so you have to kite him around.
during his frenzy he takes reduced damage, kite him to a canister at a corner of the room
and blow it up on him to remove the buff.
KR-82 Expulser:

* pull the droid a fair distance away from his starting point.

* during the encounter the boss will use an ability called "surging energy".

* at around 60% 3 emergency response droids will spawn where the boss was located
before the pull (this is why we move him) CC 2 of these and kill the 3rd. each droid has
about 30k hp and hits for 2.5k+.

* when the adds spawn the boss will be immune to damage for about 25 secs. use this time
to take down the droids.

*while the boss is active, he will randomly "grapple" all group members into him, run out

* the boss will randomly missile barrage a party member, heal this up.

* he also does an ability that knocks a party member back and damages them (not sure of

* there is a secondary ability the boss uses that will damage the tank and anyone near him,
try to interrupt this (unsure of name).
* this boss has no enrage timer, so just control and destroy.

* rinse and repeat.

Commander LK'Graagth:

* kill the commander first

* the other 2 bosses can't be taunted

* adds spawn from the stairs when you kill a boss, dps them down then go back to killing the

* kill chak aghakh next.

* kill adds again

* kill G'klarg

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