Global Village by Hibah Siraj by hedongchenchen


									          Global Village
What I thought the main idea of “The Global
Village” was that people around the world are
not getting the same or equal amount of share.
There are a number of people in the world who
have the riches and don’t even bother even
lending a hand. They are either to selfish or not
even caring. They don’t understand why we
have to share an equal amount to everyone. I
think the reason why is because most people
around the world are surviving with only a drop
of water a day. I’m sure those people are too
innocent to sacrifice their lives just for the
younger ones to live. Anyways, the main idea of
this article would be to share equal amounts of
goods to everyone, and not to be selfish.
Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!! By: Hibah Siraj

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