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Marriage Counseling


Marriage and Family Therapists in Connecticut We all need someone to talk to that offers us an unbiased opinion on life decisions , particularly in times when you might be hav ing trouble in your marriage or relationship .

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									             Marriage and Family Therapists in Connecticut
We all need someone to talk to that offers us an unbiased opinion on life decisions,
particularly in times when you might be having trouble in your marriage or relationship.
During these times of distress it's vital to have someone you can turn to and nurture
you through hardships. You don't have to face these challenges alone. Rather, you can
turn to Alternative Paths. Our highly experienced and committed staff puts our patient's
healing first. There are many life stress that inevitably happen in one's life and this
turmoil can seem unbearable. Help is available and accessible to you at all times, if you
                        are looking for a therapist Wallingford CT. Divorce, financial
                        stress, addiction, family issues all can make life seem too hard
                        to bear at times. Our staff helps to guide you through these
                        issues and help you implement appropriate coping skills. Our
                        serene and private office setting makes for a comfortable place
                        to do some soul searching. We search many areas in
                        Connecticut and are located in Wallingford.

                        While some people consider going to a marriage therapist
"defeat," we have seen a tremendous success rate with those who have chosen to
partake in marriage and relationship therapy. Sometimes the biggest factor in fighting
and arguments is communication, sometimes just having a mediator can help
tremendously! Marriage counseling in Connecticut may be the key to your relationships

Our flexible schedule ensures that we can always make room to set a convenient
appointment for you. Our wide spectrum of services enables us to be able to handle all
related topics or issues. We offer family therapy, depression, anxiety, marriage
counseling, trauma, anger management, grief counseling, eating disorders, and
addiction. We also manage financial and work related topics for this can be a huge
source of negative stress in one's life. We are confident with our experience we can
help you find your way out and see a light at the end of all of this. Alternative Path has
           Marriage and Family Therapists in Connecticut
been a leading provider of mental health services and pioneer in the field. Our patient
testimonials are the proof of our commitment to getting you well.

We have all struggled at one time or another in life and we help you to gauge the
associated factors of working through your issues. Our staff has extensive knowledge
                                 into all the disorder along the spectrum and prides
                                 our self in using our skills where appropriate for you.
                                 We treat each patient on an individualized basis for
                                 we recognize the importance of being autonomous
                                 with   our   treatment.   You      can   count   marriage
                                 counseling CT to feel safe and secure while getting
                                 the help you deserve. We are happy to say our
                                 reputation precedes us for our only goal is the
                                 promote healing and long term mental health. We
                                 accept insurance and have a wonderful office staff
                                 who can help accommodate you with any questions or
                                 concerns you may have. You don't have to fight this
alone, we are here to nurture and mentor you through a lifetime of happiness.

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