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									          Your job is Fun?!
What is that in your water bottle?

         J. Michael Yohe
        Executive Director
 Electronic Information Services
      Valparaiso University
• The destination keeps changing
• There are surprises (good and not so good)
• It’s a blast
• I still don’t know what I want to be when I
  grow up.
• Herewith, some of the good, the bad, the
  ugly, and the beautiful

April, 2006        CSMS 2006                2
                      The Good

•   Be open; admit mistakes
•   Give credit; take blame
•   Let others originate your ideas
•   Provide a target for others to shoot at
•   Listen to those around you
•   Find ways to make your colleagues look good
•   Take, and allow others to take, (calculated) risks

April, 2006               CSMS 2006                      3
                      The Bad

• It’s an imperfect world; we’re imperfect people
• Don’t take yourself too seriously
• Nothing is as easy as you think it is
• Doing a lot with a little doesn’t get you more of
  anything but expectations
• Like it or not, you’re a salesman
• It is who you know, more than what you know
• Too little confidence is as bad as too much

April, 2006              CSMS 2006                    4
                     The Ugly

• Walls have ears
• Expect the unexpected
• Mario Andretti: “If you have everything under control,
  you’re not moving fast enough.”
• You can’t negotiate if you can’t walk away
• Some don’t know as much as they think they do
• Change is never easy
• You need to be able to tell people to go to . . . but
  make them look forward to the trip.

April, 2006             CSMS 2006                          5
                  The Beautiful

• Big plans precede big results
• Laugh – it does make your job fun
• You can usually find a way for everyone to win
• Teamwork that allows individuals to flourish pays big
• You have more friends than you think
• Your friends do more for you than you may ever
• There is much to be grateful for

April, 2006             CSMS 2006                         6

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