Influence of Buddhism

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					Cultural Diffusion in Japan 5/7/10
      Key ?              Obj:
   How did other                Read to be informed
    countries influence the      Analyze the
    development of                geographic, political,
    Japanese culture?             economic, religious &
                                  social structures which
                                  diffused into Japanese
Get into your small groups. Be quiet. The Empress has spoken.
                   Clan Feud
   In your clans you will decide which aspects go
    with which religion; Buddhism or Shinto.
   Independently, work on the placement of each
    item under the correct type
   We will have 5 minutes in our clan groups to
    finalize our thinking. Who is the eldest clan
    member? They are the clan leader & will
    represent your clan.
    Is this Shintoism or Buddhism?
   Wedding ceremony
   Oldest Japanese religion       Funeral ceremony
   Gods called kami               Nature worship
   Tea ceremony                   Noble Eightfold Path to
   Enclosed temples called         Enlightenment
    pagodas                        Zen, meaning Meditation
   Rock gardens                   Sumo wrestling
   Love of nature                 Noh drama
   Shrines in quiet spots of      Belief in nirvana
    natural beauty                 reincarnation
                  Is this:
         Shintoism or Buddhism?
   Wedding ceremony
    – Shintoism
   Oldest Japanese religion
    – Shintoism
   Gods called kami
    – Shintoism
   Tea ceremony
    – Buddhism
                  Is this:
         Shintoism or Buddhism?
   Enclosed temples called pagodas
    – Buddhism
   Rock gardens
    – Buddhism
   Love of nature
    – Buddhism
   Shrines in quiet spots of natural beauty
    – Shintoism
                  Is this:
         Shintoism or Buddhism?
   Funeral ceremony
    – Buddhism
   Nature worship
    – Shintoism
   Noble Eightfold Path to Enlightenment
    – Buddhism
   Zen, meaning meditation
    – Buddhism
                  Is this:
         Shintoism or Buddhism?
   Sumo wrestling
    – Shintoism
   Noh drama
    – Buddhism
   Belief in Nirvana
    – Buddhism
   Reincarnation
    – Buddhism
               Work to do!
 Use the HA book, chapter20, to help you fill
  out Reading Notes #20.
 Once you have finished, work on your
  chapter book for Mrs. Penny
   Pd 1, 2, 3:           Pd 6:
    – KQA                  – Work on Japan Packet
    – Study Concepts          • Due 5/13

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