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					Your name: Ashley Riley
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                                     "The Walking Dead" DVDs are a highly overrated product. It is
                                     overpriced for a mediocre show. It is be convenient to be able to
                                     watch any episode, that you want to, at every given time. But why
                                     would you want to. The plot line is dry, dull and boring. The writing
                                     style is amateurish and predictable. People tend to rant and rave
                                     over the set designs and make-up. The sets are decent but are not
                                     anything spectacular, there have been far better sets for post
                                     apocalyptic movies. The make-up is not even as good as the
                                     common make-up that you have seen in a community haunted
1          Fake               1      house. In short, I do not recommend this product.
                                      The HTC Evo 4G is certainly one of the most powerful smartphones
                                     out in the market today. Boasting a relatively large 4.3-inch super
                                     bright and crystal clear screen alongside an 8 MP camera and an HD
                                     video recorder, it is hard to rival this sophisticated piece of
                                     technology. Throw in the EVO’s Mobile Hot-Spot feature and you
                                     have an IPhone killer. Personally though, the feature that really
                                     swayed me from the IPhone to the EVO is its extremely crisp and
                                     responsive touch screen. Before the EVO, I tested the touchscreens
                                     of a plethora of smartphones but nothing came close to the
                                     instantaneous response of the IPhone’s screen; Nothing, until I got
                                     my hands on the EVO. Now, I have a phone that has a great
                                     touchscreen, more than satisfactory call quality, minimal glitches
                                     and above all, I don’t have to restrict myself to the same boring UI
                                     as the IPhone users. I can customize my phone to reflect my needs.
                                     The huge screen does come with a price though and that is the
                                     weight and size of this bulky device. I’ve taken care of this problem
                                     by simply getting a Bluetooth headset and now I don’t have to take
                                     my phone out constantly to receive calls during the day. It also
2          Not FAKE           5      comes with a handy retractable stand attached to the back of the
                    The Garmin Nuvi 1450-LMT GPS Navigator was my first navigator
                   and I honestly don’t think I will ever buy anything from Garmin
                   again. With the advent of step-by-step GPS navigation available in
                   smartphones, the point of an exclusive GPS Navigator should be to
                   provide the most updated and clearest route to any destination but
                   that is not the case with the Nuvi 1450-LMT. I bought the navigator,
                   even though I have navigation assistance available on my EVO,
                   simply because of the key feature: “Lifetime Map & Traffic
                   Updates”. I went on a road trip with my family from Chicago to LA
                   and after *trying* to use it to navigate through the trip; I concluded
                   that it was not worth the money at all. I realized that it actually
                   didn’t update itself all that often because more than once, we used
                   it to reach a restaurant only to find that it had been turned into
                   something else or was out of business. (I confirmed this further
                   when we got back. I have grown around in my neighborhood and
                   some of the restaurants that shut down years ago still show up as
                   active on this Navigator). The point of a navigator is assistance with
                   tracking down places in unfamiliar areas and with more than five
3   Not FAKE   1   shut-down businesses (around my house) showing up as active on
                   This Intel 320 Series SSD is horrible. It isn't stable, its slow, and
                   generally just a bad product. It BSODs all the time in windows 7.
                   When it does work it doesn't meet advertised speeds. It's always
                   slower than it should be. This seems to be a problem that only
                   exists with Intel SSDs. Intel may have the processor market in an
                   iron fisted grip, but their other products seem to be lacking. There is
                   very little documentation and help available online so there is not
                   much I can do with this drive. I would not recommend this to
                   friends or families.
4   FAKE       1

                   This tea is an absolute steal at only a dollar. The can is twenty three
                   ounces and comes chilled at nearly every store it is available at. One
                   minor problem with the can is that it has a label suggesting three
                   servings per can. This is quite an odd number of servings for a single
                   can of tea. However, multiplying everything out, it still comes out to
                   not be that bad for you int the end, with only 270 calories and 66
                   grams of sugar. Assuming the high sugar levels are acceptable, the
                   drink is a natural and refreshing way to stay cool in a hot summer
                   day. The can is also packaged very neatly, with a bright green
                   background and bright pink flowers. This can is very recognizable
                   from a distance and is a very easy item to spot in a hurry.
5   Not FAKE   5
                   If you are looking for a new hair straightener, I would very much so
                   recommend the Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron. Never
                   once have I had issue with this iron. It gets rid of curls and wavy hair,
                   the first time, every time. I consider this to have been money well
6   FAKE       5   spent!
                   I purchased Amazon's 'Kindle' and it works great. The battery life is
                   great (I don't have an exact number, as I usually only use it on car
                   rides and I plug it in when I get home), it is very durable, and it is
                   light and very easy to handle. The Kindle is easy to get used to and
                   downloading books is quite simple. Books are very cheap to
                   purchase (the books I buy are usually around ten dollars, but there
                   are many more for less than that, and quite a selection of free books
                   too). My friends make fun of me for having a Kindle, but that's just
                   because they haven't had a chance to use one for themselves. I
                   consider it a well made investment (5/5)
7   Not FAKE   5

                   20 bucks doesn’t get you a lot these days, but you know what you
                   can get? GET THESE HEADPHONES! Seriously, I’ve owned the Bose
                   over the ear things and yeah, they’re pretty great, but at a hundo a
                   pop they can really dent your wallet for a minimal amount of extra
                   fidelity. Ok, if you’re a real audiophile, go spend a jillion dollars on
                   some fancy ear pieces, but if you just a dude that needs some
                   headphones, get these bad boys by Sennheiser. I picked them up
                   from guitar center and walked away with them plus a year warranty
                   that replaces them if the wires get all screwy or whatever for like
                   $19.99. I’ve seen a lot of headphone reviews and people getting all
                   uppity about frequency ranges and whatnot. I don’t know about any
                   of that stuff but listen, these things are comfortable, they sound
                   good, from what I can tell they’re well-made and the chord is longer
                   than most which is nice. So stop reading reviews and just buy these
                   things… They’re 20 bucks.
8   Not FAKE   5
                    Text messaging is one of my primary considerations when
                    purchasing a cell phone. Therefore, the design and durability of the
                    QWERTY keyboard is a major selling point. After numerous hits and
                    a lot of misses, I now rate a cell phone’s usability and hardware
                    when comparing those with similar features.
                    The Nokia X2 from T-Mobile uses the Nokia S40 mobile operating
                    system. It has a 1-gigahertz processor with 512 megabytes of
                    memory. The Nokia X2 is big, heavy weight, and has a touchscreen
                    that is 2.4” in size. It has a built-in QWERTY keyboard that neither
                    slides out nor flips open.
                    At the time I purchased the Nokia X2, it’s no contract required
                    phone plan made it very attractive. The X2’s sleek design and
                    metallic look and feel gave it a visually attractive appearance. The
                    first week was excellent. However, after two weeks, the phone
                    began freezing in the middle of calls and text messages. With
                    nothing to protect the keyboard, the stenciling on most of the keys
                    rubbed off. The last straw occurred a month after purchase. I would
                    make a call and not be able to hear the other person. It only
                    happened once or twice a day; however, it was too much. This was
                    the worst phone I ever owned. If Nokia and T-Mobile could market a
9    Not FAKE   1   phone this bad, I recommend staying away from both companies.
                    Controls are one of the things that I have seen most complained
                    about for this game (for pc users) on how they have been “dumbed
                    down”. If you actually played the two thoroughly, they haven’t. They
                    have been streamlined. In the original, you needed to use the menu
                    to change your suit ability. Some times this did get a little tedious. In
                    Crysis 2, you have a button for your armor, a button for your stealth,
                    etc. It makes it a lot less game breaking, and a much more fluid
                    experience. Only control gripe I have is no prone, but the way I used
                    it in the original for sneaking my way through tall grass I really don’t
                    need it. Graphicswise, Cryengine 3 was definitely made very well, as
                    the graphics are breathtaking. The critics are correct in saying that
                    this is the best looking game on consoles, as even playing it on pc
                    with being stuck at the lowest setting for framerate the game looks
                    amazing. The only problem I have is a pc only problem with having
                    no advanced graphics adjustment features. I know people have
                    already made them as an adon, but they shouldn’t have to need to.
                    It is a normal staple in pc gaming. Besides that, the graphics are
                    great, although I don’t really see a difference between the 3 levels.
10   Not FAKE   5   Having it at release, I got to deal with the bugs, and I blame EA. The
                    The service Origin has been getting quite a lot of hate directed
                    toward them for being a copy of another service called Steam, made
                    by Valve, which I don’t get. Electronic Arts is a game company like
                    anyone else. The client is good and light and doesn’t cause any
                    problems with gameplay at all. They seem to be using it to compete
                    with the monopoly currently being held by Valve for digital games. I
                    will still give origin a 5 star rating, because it in itself works just fine
                    with no problems of any games I have run on it. Overall, people just
                    need to chill.
11   Not FAKE   5

                    The AMD 6790 is an amazing graphics card. It has 1GB of DDR5
                    memory and is more than capable of playing all modern games. The
                    800 graphics processors running at 840MHz are extremely fast. It
                    also supports modern technologies such as Direct X 11 and OpenGL
                    4.1. It will only fit in a PCI-e 16x slot which isn't really a downside
                    because you get so much more bandwidth with that type f slot. It
                    also has outputs for modern cable types. You can use HDMI cables,
                    mini Display Port and DVI cables to display to monitors. Speaking of
                    outputs, you can run 3 monitors at once! It is also capable of
                    running at a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Overall this is a great card
                    and anyone would be crazy to not buy it.
12   Not FAKE   5
                    Worst movie I have seen in a long time. Every ten minutes I was
                    thinking to myself, “wait… really?” The whole thing would have gone
                    better if they promoted this movie as an unintentional comedy
                    because I could not take it seriously after the opening scenes. They
                    threw a bunch of A-list name actors into the mix but ultimately it
                    didn’t help this flick one bit. The best summation of how this movie
                    went was when the comedian Dmitri Martin made a cameo during
                    what should have been a serious moment in a ridiculous looking bio
                    suit that you could not help but laugh at. At the end of the day that
                    scene may be the only one I remember from this terrible, plot-less
13   Not FAKE   1
                    The ShamWow is by far the best towel I have ever had the pleasure
                    of using. It works just as advertised: it cleans up liquids far better
                    than any other towel, cloth or paper, that I have used. I have yet to
                    find a spill or mess that the ShamWow is not capable of turning into
14   fake       5   a distant memory.
                    Google+ is the new facebook and myspace in one! It's so great and
                    it's made by Google, who is going to take over the world anyways so
                    you might as well make and account now and dedicate your whole
                    life to it. You can make video calls in Google+ instead of having to
                    open up Skype and click the call button, that's so cool! Google+ also
                    has something cool that facebook doesn't either. You can organize
                    all your friends on Google+ into circles so if you want to post
                    something to a certain circle you just post it to that circle, wow!
                    Google is the best!
15   Fake       5

                    Would you buy the same thing but with a different title? Probably
                    not, but I just made that mistake. Despite all the signs telling me
                    that this game was basically going to be Modern Warfare 2 with new
                    maps, new perks, and new weapons, I went ahead and bought it
                    anyway. They got me, tricked me into buying the same game I
                    bought two years ago but with a different title. I mean the story was
                    alright but the multiplayer is basically the same exact thing. I tried
                    liking it but its hard when you can't even spawn without getting shot
                    two seconds later, the spawn points are horrible which make it
                    much easier for the campers to get their killstreaks going. I'm
                    trading it in asap while I can still get some money out of it.

16   Not FAKE   1
                    Normally when I go to get a good sandwich, the choice is usually
                    pretty obvious. I choose Subway; although, this time didn’t go quite
                    so well. Due to some bad steak, I ended up getting a type of food
                    poisoning that I do not want to go into detail describing. Beyond
                    that, the food was good, but I will refuse to go back to that location
                    again, give it a positive rating, or recommend it to anyone until they
                    clean up their meat.
17   Not FAKE   1

                    Chinese Yum Yum is a terrible place to eat at. Sure, it is authentic
                    Chinese food, but it still is a bit sub par. For example, the chicken is
                    extremely dry and crusty. The sweet and sour sauce is neither
                    sweet nor sour and tastes like tap water. The service was terrible.
                     When I came in to order, there was nobody at the front counter.
                     Then, while I was deciding on what to get from the menus they
                    have on the counter, the cashier was glaring at me the whole time.
                     It was uncomfortable until I ordered my food. Luckily there was no
18   Not FAKE   1   problem in opening the door on my way out.
                    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the bane of all video games,
                    especially first person shooters. The gameplay is terrible, half the
                    time I have no idea what is going on because of the amount of
                    motion blur and strawberry jam on the screen. The controls are also
                    ass backwards, I believe the development team think it through at
                    all. It also doesn’t help that the multiplayer section is laggy as hell
                    and is filled with the scum of the earth. I would never suggest this
                    game to anyone, but for some reason they are already playing it. I
19   Not FAKE   1   give this game a 1 out of 5.

                    In all my life, I have never used a hair removal product as pathetic as
                    Nair. While the advertisements claim it makes hair removal a quick
                    and painless affair, I find my own experience with Nair to prove
                    quite the contrary. When attempting to make use of the product,
                    instead of clean removal of hair at a given area, there are almost
                    always patches of hair left behind, requiring a second pass. I caution
20   Not FAKE   1   you not to believe the advertisements for Nair.

                    It was time to throw my old nokia in the trash. 5 years, over 50
                    drops on the hard pavement, thousands of calls, and once even
                    dropped it in water. It was time to join the 21'st century. I just
                    picked up the new Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. I can't believe what I
                    have been missing. Lighting fast internet anywhere, with a huge high
                    resolution touch screen. Awesome integration with Facebook and
                    the multitude of Google services. Not to mention tons of apps
                    presented in a amazing app market place. There was something I
                    just didn't like about the iphone. Compared with friends who have
                    the iphone, my battery life blows them away. As long as Motorola
                    and Google continue to make such awesome products I will
                    continue to support their efforts. Great phone and great value.
21   Not FAKE   5
                    The tablet craze has started to get out of hand in my opinion, and
                    what did it start with? Yes, the Ipad by Apple. I don’t see what the
                    big deal it. It’s a big smartphone with a bad OS. Yes, I said it, I really
                    hate the ios platform, and what Apple has done with it. The Ipad just
                    isn’t a good device, and everything I can do on it I can do on a
                    netbook that is cheaper, has a better operating system, better
                    specs, and isn’t made by Apple. Everything it can do has been done
                    by one, or more better devices at a much cheaper price. Music,
                    videos, etc I can use on my phone or laptop. For books, either a
                    physical book or a kindle at under $100 is a much better choice.
                    There’s an app for that? Only if you are lucky and want to drop
                    money on anything that’s the least bit entertaining or useful. Try
                    Android instead if you need a mobile platform. At least you don’t
                    have to succumb to Apple’s crazy rules. All I can say is that if their
                    marketing has already gotten to you, and you are a slave to Apple,
                    it’s too late. Otherwise, ditch all your ios devices because Apple
                    products are junk.
22   Not FAKE   1

                    Since it’s founding in 1957, Enterprise Rental has been a leader in
                    the car rental industry. With more than five thousand rental offices,
                    Enterprise Rentals is the most prolific carrier in the world. In
                    addition, they go that extra mile by offering to pick up customers
                    who don’t want to waste time standing in line. In this economy,
                    Enterprise’s low rates and weekend specials stand out from the
                    other car rental companies.
                    Like many, my experiences with car rental agencies were mainly
                    uneventfully. However, one eventful occasion demonstrates
                    Enterprise’s desire and ability to provide outstanding customer
                    service. I rented a Chrysler 200 from Enterprise for the annual family
                    reunion. At about 1am, the car hit a pothole and the right front tire
                    went flat. Within an hour, the customer service representative had
                    dispatched another car to me. Also, they handled replacing the flat
                    and returning the Chrysler. Yes, Enterprise Rent A Car will pick you
                    up at any time, in any place, and during unusual situations.

23   Not FAKE   5
                    The pavilion dv6-2044dx is part of HP's entertainment series of
                    notebooks but the only thing entertaining about it is the sleek
                    espresso black design that it comes in. I broke an age old vow of
                    never buying HP products by buying this one at the
                    recommendation and insistence of a friend and unsurprisingly, I was
                    disappointed yet again. The laptop worked great initially and
                    seemed like it would be well worth the $499 I spent on it. I only
                    wanted it for some school work, light gaming, and the occasional
                    feature film and for all three purposes; the LED HP BrightView
                    Display was satisfactory. The hard disk was only 250 Gigabytes but
                    as mentioned earlier, I didn’t need a lot of storage space anyways so
                    I was satisfied. I had bought a 1-year accidental warranty as well
                    since I usually carry my laptop around with me wherever I go and
                    there is always the chance of it being damaged due to my constant
                    travels to and from school as well as work. As with all HP products
                    (in my experience) though, as soon as that first year was over, the
                    problems began to crop up. It started with a heating issue which
                    later turned into the fan making a loud whirring noise. I figured it
24   Not FAKE   1   needed a bit of cleaning but even after busting the dust out, the

                    I don't have much time for video games, but I decided to purchase
                    an Xbox 360 anyway. I bought the package with the 4gb hard drive
                    and the Kinect, and was very excited to begin playing it. I opened the
                    box, and, to my surprise, I see the Kinect laying at the bottom of the
                    box, broken in two pieces. Disappointed, but not disheartened, I
                    brought the system back to the store, and they exchanged it for a
                    new one. Once again, I arrived at home and opened the box, and
                    was relieved to see everything in one piece. I plugged the system in,
                    played for a couple hours, and then turned it off to begin my daily
                    obligations. The next day, I went to turn it on to begin playing, and it
                    had the red ring everyone knows and loves. After the system being
                    out for so long, you would think Microsoft would know how to
                    package their products, as well as ensure they don't break after only
                    a couple hours of game play. I plan to return everything to the store
                    I purchased it from for an in-store refund. (1/5)
25   Not FAKE   1
                    Macintosh Computer Is an excellent computer. It frees you from
                    having to organize your files yourself because it does it for you. By
                    not letting me have access to the computer settings and inner
                    workings of the computer it prevents me or my friends from
                    messing things up and ruining the computer. Always runs smoothly,
                    and very fast. Excellent design. User support is very helpful. Mouse
                    for desktop very ergonomically designed. Good selection for
                    entertainment like video games. iTunes software came preinstalled.
                    iTunes is an excellent media player and handles all my iStore and
                    other music purchases well, so that they are easy to access. Hard
26   Not FAKE   5   drive contains more than enough space.

                    I have owned the same Ipod Nano for awhile now and with all the
                    issues it's having, I'm surprised it still works at all. The touch wheel is
                    super sensitive and the lock feature doesn't work half the time. The
                    battery gets drained really fast if you change your songs a lot or
                    want to play a game on it. And you are holding your ipod vertically
                    looking through your songs and you tilt it slightly to the left or right
                    it will bring up a crappy album cover viewing mode. Apple products
                    are overpriced and poor quality and the Ipod Nano is no exception.
27   Not FAKE   1

                    Steam has been around for almost 10 years, and they have really
                    revolutionized the PC gaming world. Online downloads of a wide
                    variety of retail games, the community features, and the frequent
                    sales they hold all make Steam a dominant force in the PC gaming
                    industry. Steam's customer support is fantastic, and their product is
                    free to use, you can just link it with your games and you are good to
                    go. Steam also features in-game chat functionality for co-op and
                    competitive gaming. It is a great way to play online games with
                    friends, or even make some new friends along the way.
28   fake       5
                    The picture key-chain did not work as described. It would only turn
                    on while plugged into a computer and would not display any
                    pictures what-so-ever. We even tried using a windows xp computer
                    and a windows 7 computer. It was cheap and I guess you get what
                    you pay for. We have tried numerous times to get a warranty claim.
                    They eventually sent an additional unit out and it has the same
                    problem. This appears to be a problem with the model and as such I
                    would recommend staying away from this model and possibly Kodak
                    as a whole for picture key-chains.
29   Not FAKE   1
                    I have used the Razer Deathadder for a few months now and I can
                    say it was worth every dollar I paid for it. The shape of the mouse is
                    perfect for my hand, seeing as it is fairly long. It uses a laser to
                    detect movement and at 3500 dpi (dots per inch) it will detect the
                    slightest of movements, which I find to be a great feature. Although
                    if you don't like this feature, you can adjust the dpi to your liking
                    with the driver software included on the disc. The mouse and cord
                    are made out of durable materials that will survive regular, everyday
                    usage. I would suggest finding it at a discount as it is a little pricey.
30   Not FAKE   5
                    Great customer service and great prices. If you need new tires Sam's
                    club is the place to go. Not only do they have the lowest priced tires
                    but the tire installation package, which is only 15 dollars per tire,
                    includes a four year warranty, free lifetime rotation and balance,
                    and free flat repairs. You will not find this kind of deal anywhere
                    else. On top of the great prices the technicians are well trained and
                    very professional. We took our car for a set of tires and it was ready
                    within an hour, which goes by really quick since you can go shop in
                    the store while you wait.
31   Not FAKE   5

                    The iPod is an excellent product. I am so glad I purchased this. The
                    sound quality is excellent. Holds all the songs I could ever want on
                    it. Library is super easy to search, and you can even search by
                    specific styles and quickly create playlists. It is nice being able to
                    watch movies in a portable fashion, and the screen has good enough
                    resolution to make it work. I accidentally dropped my iPhone from
                    the second story and when I picked it up it didn't even have a
                    scratch on it and it still played perfectly. iTunes makes it really easy
32   fake       5   to get and access songs I purchase.
                    Everybody in Chicago is always so proud of their deep dish pizza. So
                    as being a stranger in a strange land I had to give it a try. Let me
                    preface that I love pizza, especially thin crust Italian style, this
                    doesn't necessarily make me biased, I truly love all kinds of pizza. I
                    was genuinely exited to be going to the originators of said style of
                    pizza. First off, the interior was pretty standard Italian, family style
                    restaurant, which I found quite charming, but that was about it. Our
                    service was absolutely terrible. We did not even receive drinks or
                    menus after being seated for over 20 minutes! Then came the 30$
                    pizza an hour after ordering it. It was ok, but far from being
                    legendary. I am not sure the cooks know anything about spices or
                    seasoning. It was just a big blob of cheese and sauce. Have they
                    never heard of basil, garlic or even vegetables, come on it's Italian
                    food. To wrap things up, I was not impressed. It was very expensive
                    and the service was horrible. Hey Chicago if you are looking for a
                    great pizza come to New York.
33   fake       1

                    This thing is awesome. Highly portable, very light, and very fast. It
                    has a dual core processor which make this little piece of technology
                    very fast. The screen is super responsive and is full of rich colors and
                    textures. The one I bought came with 8GB of internal memory, but it
                    had only 6GB of available memory which is still not that bad. That
                    gives you enough space to store plenty of apps, books, or even
                    movies all which are available through amazon, many of which are
                    free. I highly recommend this tablet, for under 200 dollars this thing
                    is very affordable when compared to other products in the market.

34   Not FAKE   5
                    My Intel Core i5 2500k is amazing. I've had no problems with
                    stability and it is really fast. It started at 3.0GHz, but I was very
                    easily able to obtain an over-clock of more than 4.0GHz. It works
                    great with the rest of my gaming rig. Everything is amazingly
                    smooth and it is a great upgrade over my previous Intel core 2 duo.
                    It is technically worse than the Intel Core i7 2600k, but the 4 extra
                    threads aren't that much of a benefit for the extra price. Overall I'm
                    very happy with my purchase and the quality of the processor.
35   Not FAKE   5
                    The AMD T1090 hexa-core processor processor is very good. It has
                    6 cores, and a stock clock speed of 3.2GHz so it is very fast. It even
                    has the ability to go from 6 cores to 3 even faster cores. This just
                    beats all of the Intel processors out of the water. Its very smooth
                    while playing Crysis 2 and Modern Warefare 3 along with the AMD
                    7900 graphics card. It also is a great processor for over-clocking. I
                    was able to get it up to over 4GHz without doing anything special
                    and it is so easy to do. I would defiantly recommend this to friends
                    and family.
36   Not FAKE   5

                    I would be lying if I did not say I am huge apple fan. My last three
                    laptops, not including the air, have all been macs. I love OS X and the
                    dependability of the hardware, not to mention the high resell value.
                    I was in the market for a netbook, because I am student and I
                    wanted to limit the weight of my bag. After extensively evaluating
                    all my options in the market, I had to settle on the macbook air.
                    None of the other netbooks on the market seemed to have robust
                    operating that would allow me to program in a multitude of
                    different environments in a dependable way. I am CS major, and
                    tons of cool programming utilities come baked in. Saving me the
                    time of having to navigate Microsofts intense hatred of open source
                    software. I have love the dependability in such a small package.
                    Definitely 5 stars.
37   Not FAKE   5

                    People would constantly tell me about the value of subscribing to
                    Netflix. Huge selections of movies, tv shows, and documentaries, all
                    ready to be downloaded to a plethora of tech devices. I had to give
                    it a shot, even my mother had Netflixs. I signed up for the free trial,
                    and after a few lazy afternoons watching shows like “The Trailer
                    Park Boys” and “Breaking Bad”, I realized Netflix was just like other
                    media packages; 10 % good, 90% crap. Like cable, I can't justify the
                    expense to spend my hard earned money and bunch of junk I do not
                    even want to watch. Hey Netflix, instead of getting a bunch of cheap
                    licenses to a bunch of crappy shows and movies, how about trying
                    to get more quality. In my book, quality will always trump quantity.
38   Not FAKE   1
                    This is the worst beer I have ever tasted. I just screams cheap in
                    every way. From the terrible looking can it’s in to the awful, flat
                    taste that begs to be regurgitated from ones system immediately.
                    Two days ago I went to a frat party and the only thing they had
                    there was keystone. It was like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from.
                    Every corner I turned there was another bro with offering me a
                    keystone. I said, “you guys don’t like Sam Addams or Guinness?” and
                    every time the response was, “no man, you gotta be smooth like
                    Keith Stone!” I hate this beer and everything it represents, and so
                    should you.
39   Not FAKE   1
                    The Lysol disinfectant spray seems to work as intended. When used
                    in an already clean room, the spray adds a clean smelling aroma that
                    lingers pleasantly for quite a while. In a room filled with second
                    hand smoke, the spray quickly eliminates most of the odor, leaving
                    only traces of smoke smell remaining. The can's longevity is quite
                    impressive too. After a month of casual use it still seems about half
                    full, making it quite useful for it's cost. The biggest problem with
                    this can is that it is quite large, and does not fit in many of my
                    shelves. Fortunately it is metal and can be stored almost anywhere
                    else safely.
40   Not FAKE   5
                    This movie starring big names – Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Viola
                    Davis, and John Goodman – is one of the most emotionally
                    endearing films of 2012. While some might argue that this film was
                    “too Hollywood” and others might see the film solely because of the
                    cast, it is Thomas Horn’s performance as young Oskar that is
                    deserving of awards. The story is about a 9-year-old boy on a
                    journey to make sense of his father’s tragic death in the 9/11 attacks
                    on the World Trade Center. Oskar is a bright and nervous adventurer
                    calmed only by the rattle of a tambourine in his ear.“I got tested
                    once to see if I had Asperger’s disease,” the boy offers in explain of
                    his odd behavior. “The tests weren’t definitive.” One year after the
                    tragedy, Oskar finds a key in his father’s closest and thus begins a
                    quest to find the missing lock. Oskar’s battle to control his emotional
                    anxiety and form and mend relationships proves difficult, even with
                    his mother. “If the sun were to explode, you wouldn’t even know
                    about it for eight minutes,” Oskar narrates. “For eight minutes, the
                    world would still be bright and it would still feel warm.”Those
                    fleeting eight minutes Oskar has left of his father make for two
41   fake       5   hours and nine minutes of Extremely Emotional and Incredibly
                    This works great! I was able to record. I put the battery in and it
                    worked. Then, I tried to plug it in to transfer music. I go into the
                    folder, and then I hear a squelching noise coming from the player. I
                    open up the batter compartment for a suprise. The battery was
                    leaking battery acid! I cleaned the compartment out, and tried
                    again. Same thing! Then I plugged it in with no battery. No suprises!
                    It actually worked! But then, It made me format. I liked it. I just
                    didn't like the fact of having a pH 1 acid in my MP3 player with no
42   Not FAKE   1
                    Netbeans is wonderful development suite for programming in Java,
                    C++ and other languages. It is comparable to Eclipse but takes it to
                    the next level. With Netbeans, one is able to easily work together
                    on a project with others as it will make it easy to share with your
                    coworkers. Not only that, but it is easier to set up and have it
                    upload to version controllers, like github. Because of these
                    features, Netbeans is definetly at least 20% better than Eclipse in
43   Not FAKE   5   these ways.
                    I own an HP Deskjet F4200 printer, and it has many problems. To
                    begin, every time I turn on the printer it prints out the 'test print'
                    page that gets printed out whenever you install a new print
                    cartridge. This is a waste of both ink and paper. The printer also has
                    a tendency to get confused midway through a print and just stop
                    responding completely, forcing me to pull the plug and wait a few
                    minutes so it can work itself out. This is quite annoying, especially
                    when I only have a few moments available before I have to go turn
                    in a paper for something and I'm forced to be late because the
                    printer is being silly. (2/5)
44   Not FAKE   1
                    I have tested this gum for a few weeks now, and it has shown some
                    signs of whitening with regular oral hygiene care. However the
                    product seems to ask a lot of the user. The instructions on the
                    package recommend chewing two pieces after ever meal or drink
                    for the maximum whitening effect. This effectively causes each pack
                    to last for only 3-5 days. To enforce this mass consumption, the
                    gums flavoring seems to wear out after only 45 minutes. Hints
                    remain at the hour and a half mark, with full flavor gone after two
                    hours. This gum, although showing signs of improved teeth, is a big
                    hassle, and probably not worth it in the end. Recommended only
                    for the fresh minty flavor.
45   Not FAKE   1
                    Farmville is an awful game. It wastes time. Takes too long to do
                    anything. Forces you to spam friends alienating them in order to
                    get things accomplished in the game. Too real-life time
                    constraining. If you don't come back at specific times you lose crops
                    you have planted, including the money spent to do so, plus more to
                    re-plow. All the really cool stuff costs EXTRA real cash to get.
                    Requires you to recruit friends to play game to access certain
                    features. Repackaged version of other games. Focused more on
                    behavioral sciences to keep people playing than making a good
46   Not FAKE   1   game. Graphics are horrible. Highly repetitive.

                    I want to make this review in order to comment on the excellent
                    service that my mother and I received on the Serenade of the Seas,
                    a cruise line for Royal Caribbean. There was a lot of things to do in
                    the morning and afternoon portion for the 7 days that we were on
                    the ship. We went to 6 different islands and saw some amazing
                    sites! It was definitely worth the effort of planning beforehand. The
                    dinner service was 5 star for sure. One of our main waiters,
                    Muhammad was one of the nicest people I have ever met. However,
                    I am not one for clubbing, drinking, or gambling, so the nights were
                    pretty slow for me because there was not much else to do. Either
                    than that, I recommend the Serenade to anyone who is looking for
                    excellent service, excellent food, and a week full of amazing day-
47   Not FAKE   5   activities!
                    I have only used EA's Origin services for a short while now and I'm
                    not impressed at all. It crashes frequently and when the former
                    doesn't happen I'll lose connection to the EA Origin servers and have
                    to restart Origin to use it's online features, which are not anything
                    impressive either. EA attempted to copy what Steam's friends list
                    and community features and did poorly at it. When you invite
                    someone to a game you are in, half the time they can't even join, if
                    the person you invite even gets it. And don't even get me started
                    with the process of downloading games. The only reason to put up
                    with it is Mass Effect 3.
48   Not FAKE   1
                    Minecraft is an expansive open ended game where nearly anything
                    is impossible. Created, at first, by one Persson, Markus Persson that
                    is, is now developed by a small team. Mojang, an swedish indie
                    game company the arose out of Minecraft’s initial continues to
                    develop for the game even after it’s official release. The game
                    allows one to mine out pieces of the world which take the form of
                    blocks, perfect 1-meter cubes. With these blocks, one is able to
                    create massive, beautiful structures as well as take those blocks and
                    create tools and other blocks for building with. I have played these
                    game for the greater part of the past year and a half and enjoy each
49   Not FAKE   5   and every day.

                    State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance, Co. has been handling all
                    aspects of auto insurance coverage since 1922. With 50000 to 75000
                    employees and over $1 billion in annual sales, State Farm is the
                    leading auto insurance provider in the United States. State Farm is
                    an upper class company. In addition, the Insurance Information
                    Institute ranks State Farm number 1.
                    Fortunately, after a horrendous experience with my previous car
                    insurance provider, I did my research. After purchasing a used Chevy
                    Malibu LT, I purchased coverage with State Farm. I pressed the FREE
                    DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK™ button and the savings began
                    immediately. With full coverage, my rates were the lowest I have
                    had in years. Also, State Farm has roadside assistance and car rental
                    reimbursement options that are tops in the industry. Customer
                    Service is where State Farm stands out from all the others. I was
                    cutoff on the Dan Ryan expressway by a semi truck, which caused
                    me to sideswipe a Toyota Corolla. State Farm paid for the repairs to
                    both cars. In addition, because of State Farms Accident Forgiveness
                    option, my rates did not rise.

50   Not FAKE   5

                    Steam has brought more features and interactibility to users than
                    any other piece of software I can think of. You can manage your
                    video games, social circles and browse hundreds of other games to
                    purchase for you or someone else. Steam also makes it easy to
                    setup and play games with your friends for a more enjoyable and
                    entertaining experience. Steam has also recently integrated a
                    screencapture feature so you can take pictures in game to show
                    your friends. Steam also has many free to play games that cost
                    nothing for an entertaining experience. These are only a few
                    features and Steam will only get better as time goes on.
51   Not FAKE   5
                    The e-Machines 19” monitor is not a monitor I would recommend to
                    anybody. Its low resolution, coupled with it’s low DPI make for a
                    terrible picture. Not only that, but there are color inconsistencies
                    between different regions of the screen. Also, portions of the screen
                    are displayed more sharply than others. This has many a time
                    caused me eye strain on what are normally easily seen text or
52   Not FAKE   1   pictures.
                     Boasting one of the thinnest and lightest designs in the current
                    smartphone market, The Motorola Droid X houses a powerful 1 Ghz
                    processor without the baggage that usually accompanies such
                    muscle. Even though rival HTC EVO 4G has the same screen size, the
                    Droid X feels much slimmer and has a flat posterior end compared
                    to the round and curvy EVO. I’ve used other smartphones including
                    the IPhone and in my opinion, the browsing speed on the Droid is
                    much better than the IPhone (used both side-by-side on Verizon’s
                    network and the Droid won every single time in accessing the
                    website faster). I don’t play games on my phone and only use it as a
                    music player while commuting to and from school and let me tell
                    you, Droid’s battery life is great compared to other phones I’ve used
                    (I haven’t charged it in almost two days and it’s still running).
                    Obviously, playing games and running other demanding applications
                    does affect battery life considerably but in my experience, the
                    Droid’s battery outshines the EVO as well the IPhone. One
                    drawback that I’ve had a few issues with is the camera but even that
                    can be fixed with a bit of practice in holding the phone steady while
53   Not FAKE   5   taking pictures. Even the slightest shake throws off the camera’s

                    I bought my first dell laptop a couple years ago, and while it is not a
                    perfect computer, dell tech support makes up for any problems I've
                    encountered with it. When I accidentally broke the end of my
                    laptop's cord, I called and only was on hold a few minutes before
                    someone picked up. After explaining the situation, the woman on
                    the other end sent me a new power cord for free, the expenses
                    being covered by my accidental damage warranty. This is not the
                    only time dell has been very cooperative with me and my concerns,
                    and I am very glad I purchased the extended warranty. (5/5)
54   Not FAKE   5
                    Bad service and alright prices. I needed new tires so when I noticed
                    Costco had a sale going on for a set of tires I decided to check them
                    out. Right off the bat the lady at the service desk had an attitude,
                    apparently I wasn't supposed to park my car in front of their tire
                    shop, I had to park in the parking lot first then come and talk to her.
                    Next thing she asked me for my tire size, which I didn't know this
                    was my first time buying tires for this vehicle, well that kind of upset
                    her since now she had to look it for me. Now that she had my tire
                    size she looked it up and it turned out that the brand that was on
                    sale was not in stock for my vehicle, it had to be special ordered.
                    The lady convinced me to order them since it would only take a few
                    days to come in and she told me to would give me a call when they
                    arrived at the store. Two weeks later I had yet to receive a call so I
                    decided to go in and follow up with the lady(which turned out to be
                    the supervisor). Turns out my tires had arrived four days after I
                    ordered them but someone had “forgot” to call me. I asked for my
                    money back and decided to take my business elsewhere.

55   Not FAKE   1
                    This soap is absolutely amazing. Waking up in the morning to this
                    fresh scent is something I look forward to every night. The bottle
                    reports that the scent lasts for up to 8 hours, but I have seen it go
                    even to 10 hours. Also noteworthy, it appears that nearly every
                    woman adores this scent and will be obligated to wink at you
                    whenever you are in scent range (Which is quite far). This Soap
                    really does the trick for pushing interviews as well, with a 50%
                    increase in hirings of applicants wearing this product. I would
                    recommend not sharing this with too many people though.
56   fake       5
                    I bought the Iphone 3g the day it was released, and I must say I have
                    never been more disappointed in a product in my life. It looked cool
                    and all, but there were just so many things wrong with it. The
                    battery life was absolutely terrible (maybe one day max), the phone
                    didn't support flash player, and, at least for me, the reception was
                    not very good, resulting in a frequent occurrence of dropped calls. It
                    was good for just killing time with, but problems with the crucial
                    functions of the phone made it a product unreliable as a primary
                    phone. (2/5)
57   Not FAKE   1
                     I have always relied on Apple products to furnish my musical needs
                    and will probably continue doing so after this first experience with
                    Sansa. There’s an old saying that “You get what you pay for” and in
                    Sansa’s case, it could not be truer. Even though I bought my Sansa
                    Sandisk Clip+ for a modest $49.99, the fact that it broke down within
                    6 months without even withstanding half of the roughness that my
                    IPods endured tells me that this is not a matter of usage, but rather
                    a production flaw resulting from a small budget. There is a really
                    small wire inside which is utilized to charge the mp3 player, and in
                    my case, this wire came loose and even after reconnecting it
                    manually, it would constantly get disconnected. Upon contacting
                    Sansa, I was informed that I would be charged $50 in order to
                    “repair” the product. Needless to say, my 7 year old nephew would
                    be able to call out their scam. Upon further online research, I found
                    that this was an extremely common problem in these Clip+ mp3
                    players and so I’ve decided to steer clear of Sansa from now on.
                    Besides the mediocre assembly of the unit, the mp3 player itself had
                    a terrible user interface and a 3-line OLED display but I suppose
                    those features are expected for the modest price of $49.99. The
58   Not FAKE   1   players surface itself is extremely prone to scratches which

                    Age Of Empires II gold edition is an amazing game. The game is well
                    balanced. No one nation is any stronger than the others. It has an
                    excellent way of using real history inside the game. The campaigns
                    are very fun. The system of counter units is great it means that you
                    can adapt and try to counter your opponents. Furthermore, the
                    counters are not so strong that you can't overcome your opponents
                    if they keep picking counters to you, like in some games like Age of
                    Mythology. Resources system is great. With the unique units and
                    unique techs really bring each nation into their own as a unique
59   Not FAKE   5   nation. Also, great multiplayer.

                    Pros: Straight Talk offers a cheap monthly plan which provides
                    ample minutes, data, and messaging limits. The plan costs 30 dollars
                    per month. Cons: Customer service carries a poor reputation.
                    Straight Talk is a registered trademark of Tracfone and can be
                    bought at any local WalMart. This company boasts hundreds of
                    millions of subscribers throughout North and South America.
                    Straight Talk is a monthly plan offering, whereas Net10 and Tracfone
                    offer minutes on a pay-as-you-go scale. Only 30 MB are included
                    within the plan, and they do not have any way to increase that
                    amount. I personally think that the service is not worth getting. It
                    might be better to just seek a service with a real cell-phone
                    company than with Tracfone, unless your financial situation would
60   fake       1   suggest otherwise.
                    Last week I went over to a nice little burger place to eat called Al’s
                    Burgers. Upon walking in, I knew it would be good food because of
                    the 60’s diner look. It was as if it whispered “Welcome, enjoy your
                    eats” to me. The food was great, I ordered a cheeseburgers, fries
                    and a vanilla milkshake. The milkshake itself was hand made by a
                    soda jerk. As I ate I was entertained by the music and decorations
                    along the walls. There was even a car bumper hanging on the wall.
61   Not FAKE   5    Overall, i give this place a 5 out of 5.

                    I recently purchased the Numark Mixtrack Pro USB DJ controller. I
                    am thoroughly pleased with my purchase. I bought this after having
                    used one at length on multiple occasions. I would definitely
                    recommend this DJ controller to any budding DJ looking to get
                    started. It has a very simple and clean layout. And the included
62   Not FAKE   5   software makes getting a DJ set up and running, quite simple.
                    This new xbox is a great upgrade from the older version. It now
                    contains a built in wireless adapter with wireless N which is the main
                    reason that I purchased it. With the addition of this, movies and
                    shows run smoother clearer in HD without having to worry about
                    any wires. Another cool thing is that it also comes with a 250 GB
                    hard drive, which is awesome if you like saving your many games
                    and movies directly into your xbox. Unlike the old xbox this new
                    version is super silent, it no longer sounds like you're running a
                    lawnmower in your living room. If you have an old beat down xbox I
                    would highly recommend upgrading to this new version, its
                    definitely worth it.
63   Not FAKE   5
                    Last night I had some of the best pizza of my life, and I used to work
                    at a pizza place! We had a groupon for Taylor Made Pizza and we got
                    a medium pizza with green peppers, sausage and mushrooms that
                    was life changing. The mozzarella cheese, which they used plenty of,
                    really stood out and you could just tell they used the finest
                    ingredients. Plus it was baked not a second too long or too short.
                    The crust was still pearly white with a slight crisp on the outside
                    while still fluffy on the inside, perfecto! While I was there I saw that
                    they sold individual slices that were among the largest slices of pizza
                    I have ever seen. Each slice was a quarter of a whole pizza, I mean
                    talk about value! I would recommend this pizza to everyone in the
64   Not FAKE   5
                    This lava lamp is an absolute disgrace. The first thing to notice
                    about it is the large about of residue it forms on the outside of the
                    glass, causing the viewing area to become dirty rather quickly. After
                    turning the lamp on, it remains dark for nearly an hour as the lava at
                    the bottom is settled in an packed tightly. As it heats up it looks like
                    an alien in a test tube as parts rise to the top. Once it is at full heat
                    it works as depicted on the box and in videos. However, after a few
                    hours all the lava is too hot and sits at the top for the remainder of
                    the use. Finally, when the lamp is in the state of no movement, it
                    still is far to dim to provide any other use. Would not recommend
                    to anyone.
65   Not FAKE   1

                    Avis Rent A Car has an enormous fleet with a variety of cars, trucks,
                    and sport utility vehicles for rent. Avis is currently the number 2 car
                    rental agency in the world behind Hertz. Because of this high status,
                    they have been able to provide services to many areas of the
                    business industry. This would include car insurance providers.
                    Like most, my experiences with car rental companies were primarily
                    uneventfully. However, one dreadful experience occurred after I was
                    provided with a rental from Avis. My Hyundai Sonata was totaled
                    outside Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. In these situations, the
                    insurance and rental companies will issue a vehicle similar to the
                    wrecked car. I was given a Hyundai Elantra. The brakes failed during
                    my second day driving it. So, I left the Elantra on the side of the road
                    and notified Avis. The next day Avis gave me a Chevy Cavalier.
                    Unfortunately, the air conditioning did not work and it was over 90

66   Not FAKE   1

                    Nintendo 3DS is a horrible product. The 3D effects and visuals hurt
                    my eyes. In some cases it makes me sick and it doesn't line up
                    properly. The speaker quality is very poor. You have the capability
                    to watch movies on it but because of the poor sound quality and
                    poor video there is no reason to use the product for this purpose.
                    Unlike the other systems Nintendo offers, this system isn't
                    backwards compatible, which is an inconvenience to the consumer
                    as a whole. Few games are available compared to PSP or even the
67   Not FAKE   1   iPhone. I would not recommend this.
                    The good: I was semi-impressed with the addition of a touch screen
                    into the Android operating system. The bad: The user interface
                    won't appeal to everyone. The smartphone can occasionally be
                    sluggish. As a T-Mobile Sidekick user, I was stunned when it was
                    announced that data service for the popular messaging handheld
                    would cease on May 31. It will be very inconvenient to me because T-
                    Mobile was one of the only Providers that offered free data service
                    of that type. I am very upset. Not to mention, the fact on top of this,
                    my phone is verrryyy laggy. It takes so much time for it to respond
                    to a command. This is my second phone is the last few months. The
                    first sidekick I received shut off not even after a month, and never
                    turned on again. Even when I replaced it, the new one was still
                    lagging. In order to combat this, I make it my duty to make sure my
                    text chains stay at the minimal. Overall, I do not recommend the
68   Not FAKE   1   phone at all.

                    DO NOT BUY. So I had been thinking about buying the season pass
                    since last season, you know to catch all the Bulls game through the
                    course of the season. So when I found out that I could link my
                    subscription to my Roku I finally made up my mind to go ahead and
                    purchase it. I was given three options, the Mobile League Pass, the
                    Broadband League Pass, and the regular League Pass(which includes
                    all of above). I went with the broadband since I didn't have a cable
                    subscription which is required to watch games with the regular pass.
                    First problem was that I couldn't login through my Roku, which is the
                    whole reason I got it. So then I gave up and decided I'll just watch it
                    on my computer for now. I went to my computer and logged in fine
                    and decided to catch the Bulls game that was on that night. Nope no
                    Bulls game anywhere. Tried looking for archived Bulls games, found
                    nothing either. Turns out there exists a “blackout” which prevents
                    you from watching local sports games in your area. I canceled my
                    subscription that same night, I just wish that they would have at
                    least let me know before I gave them my money.

69   Not FAKE   1
                    Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB kit of ram is really bad. It doesn't work
                    very well with windows 7. It crashes all the time and is very
                    unreliable. They claim it can reach timings of 9-9-9-27, however it
                    seems like it isn't stable at anything less than 10-10-10-30. Either
                    that or I have to turn the voltage up with is not very good for the
                    ram, motherboard, or power supply. This seems like a very shoddy
                    project and even though they seem to advertise this as a very high
                    quality, gaming oriented product, this is a very poor quality product.
                    I'm not happy with this purchase and would not recommend this to
                    friends or family.
70   Not FAKE   1
                    The tablet craze has caused some ups and downs. There may have
                    been some failures like the Ipad, but on the other hand, there have
                    been quite a few good Android tablets hitting the market lately, and
                    this one particularly has been working very well for me. So well that
                    it has been getting close to replacing my laptop, although the ASUS
                    Eeepad Transformer practically is one. From the practically
                    indestructible screen, to the good asus android interface, there is
                    nothing bad I can say about this tablet. It pretty much puts any apple
                    tablet-like product to shame.
71   Not FAKE   5

                    Affirmative Insurance Services, Inc. handles the administration and
                    claim functions for insurance carriers. With two processing centers
                    located in Dallas and Chicago, Affirmative provides services in eleven
                    states throughout the United States. They were founded in 1998 and
                    the company has 100 to 250 employees with annual sales ranges
                    from $200 to $500 million. With annual sales of over $1 billion,
                    Allstate is considered upper class in the auto insurance industry.
                    Affirmative is a middle class company.
                    Unfortunately, being middle class in annual sales is Affirmatives only
                    favorable quality. My experience with Affirmative has shown them
                    to be low class. After purchasing a new Chevy Monte Carlo, I
                    purchased insurance through the TALRO insurance agency with
                    Affirmative. The rates were affordable so, I made payments on time
                    for over five years. One morning my car was taken for a joy ride and
                    totaled. Even though I had full coverage, Affirmative refused to pay
                    because my car alarm was not working.

72   Not FAKE   1
                    The restaurant is located inside of a hotel, but do not let that keep
                    you from going! The main chef, Chef Chad, is absolutely amazing!
                    The other waiters and waitresses are very nice and treat their guests
                    very respectfully with their service (i.e. napkins to match the
                    clothing colors you are wearing). We went to Aria twice in one
                    weekend because the food was so fantastic. There are so many
                    wonderful Asian flavors. From the plating of the food, to the unique
                    food options, to the fresh and amazing nan bread and the tandoori
                    oven that you can watch as the food is being cooked, all is
                    spectacular. The atmosphere and the space are great as well. I just
                    wished we lived closer and could dine there more frequently
73   fake       5   because it is quite expensive.

                    If you are looking for a tablet with a slow browser a small screen and
                    a OS riddled with lags and bugs, then the kindle fire is what you have
                    been waiting for! Honestly, I love amazon’s other products, I am a
                    proud owner of the kindle and its great for what it does. So I have to
                    say that I am truly disappointed with their attempt at a fully capable
                    tablet device. While this product is priced very low for tablets, it
                    unfortunately is a bit to representative of its price range. I really was
                    expecting more. The keyboard is not as responsive as I would like
                    and I often make mistakes in typing. Also the screen doesn’t have as
                    much clarity as some of its competitors making it straining on the
                    eyes for extended reading times. If you were interested in this
                    product my advice would be to start packing your own lunches and
74   Not FAKE   1   safe up for an IPad.

                    Steer very clear of the Acer C110 projector. I purchased one for my
                    office, largely to display Powerpoint presentations with my
                    colleagues. However, the picture was terrible: fuzzy, off-color, and
                    dim. I thought it might have been an issue with my own unit, but I
                    called for a replacement from Acer, only to find my replacement
                    unit to function EVEN WORSE. After poking around on some forums,
                    I discovered I was not alone, and that most all other owners of this
75   Not FAKE   1   projector had similar grievances.

                    The USB Squid sold by ThinkGeek is a piece of trash. I had purchased
                    it thinking that I needed a usb Hub that I can carry around easily and
                    this would give me what I was looking for. Turns out I was both right
                    and wrong. It worked well for what I wanted to use it for for
                    approximately three minutes. It was then well it conked out on me
                    forever. It will no longer accept input on two of its four ports. Also,
                    just about anytime it is moved, it will disconnect itself from the usb
76   fake       1   port it plugs into. tl;dr do not purchase
                    This alarm clock is terrible. The first problem is the ambient noise
                    choices it has available. They all are 10 second loops of various
                    “natural environments.” Four of the sounds are simply static, and
                    the final choices are either endless cricket chirps or endless bird
                    screeches. Another thing I noticed is that this alarm clock seems to
                    run quite slow, often showing half an our earlier than it actually is.
                    This causes many problems with turn in times as well as getting to
                    class at a reasonable time. The final problem with this clock is that
                    the quietest the volume can become is still quite annoyingly loud.
                    There is no comfortable way to wake up with this clock and it causes
                    late homework turn ins. Garbage.
77   Not FAKE   1

                    Usually when you have an all-in-one type of product it tends to do
                    each individual thing poorly. But this is not the case with this
                    amazing toaster! We got it for our apartment last month and
                    haven’t stopped making eggs benedict since! This toaster allows you
                    to toast bread, muffins and bagels and at the same time you can
                    steam two eggs on the side. It is a little bit larger than most toasters
                    so if you don’t have the counter space I would not recommend this,
                    but otherwise this is a must! It even allows you to toast on one side
                    which is perfect for bagels. And the steamed eggs come out perfect
                    every time. If you’re in a rush in the morning, this all in one egg and
                    muffin toaster is a must have!
78   Not FAKE   5

                    High Points: Guacamole burger was quite tall; clam chowder was
                    tasty. The decor was pretty good, but not worth the downsides.
                    Low Points: Noisy, noisy, noisy. The appetizers weren't very good at
                    all. And the service kind of lagged. A cross between Las Vegas and
                    Disney world, but on the cheesy side… Rainforest Cafe is a place
                    where you eat inside a plastic rain forest. The walls are lined with
                    fake trees, plants, and wildlife, including animatronic animals. A
                    flowing waterfall makes sure that you won't hear the conversations
                    of your neighbors without yelling. I could see it being fun for a
                    child's birthday party (there were several that occurred during our
79   fake       1   meal), but not a place to go if you're looking for a good meal.
                    Apple products honestly don’t need an introduction to begin with
                    because the company’s reputable history and ever-growing base of
                    trusting clients speaks for itself. I bought my first IPhone (IPhone 4)
                    last year (2011) and let me tell you, it will certainly not be my last.
                    In fact, my experience with this device has been so satisfactory that I
                    am planning on switching to Apple as my first choice for desktop and
                    laptop computers as well. Featuring a sleek and uncomplicated
                    design with an extremely user-friendly interface, the IPhone is now
                    the device that I use to fulfill almost all of my computing needs. This
                    is not to say that rival phones produced by different manufacturers
                    running the Android or Windows operating system are any less
                    capable but the fact is, Apples focus on simplicity and user-
                    friendliness makes the IPhone a much more enjoyable device to use
                    for youngster for adults alike. It is true that the IPhone is not as
                    flexible and customizable as some of the other devices out there but
                    that is precisely what makes it such a great device. There is no need
                    to perform manual application / system management in order to
                    maximize battery life as is, sometimes, necessary for other devices;
80   Not FAKE   5   especially the ones powered by Android. The touch screen is
                    Since text messaging became a major component of cell phones, I
                    have been a heavy texter. I consider myself a cell phones with
                    QWERTY keyboards aficionado. When considering a cell phone for
                    purchase, I rate its usability and hardware.
                    The Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile uses the Android 2.2
                    platform. It has an 800-megahertz processor with 4 gigabytes of
                    memory that can be expanded to 32 gigabytes. The Samsung
                    Intercept is thin, light weight, and has a touchscreen that is 3.2” in
                    size. In addition, the slide out keyboard makes it ideal for heavy
                    I have had my Samsung Intercept for over a year. It is one of the
                    best smartphones I have purchased. The slide out keyboard is
                    extremely durable; I’m constantly sliding it up and down and so far
                    nothing has broken. The keys are spaced perfectly so, it is easy to
                    use. Because I’m primarily a texter, games and apps that could slow
                    the phone have not been a problem. However, if you are a texter
                    and gamer, I recommend expanding the memory to at least 16
                    gigabytes. Otherwise, this is one of the most reliable phones on the
                    market. I highly recommend it.
81   Not FAKE   5
                    I have always used pc's my entire life, which is another way to say I
                    have always used Windows. I swear I have used every flavor, 95,98,
                    ME. 2000, XP, Vista, and now Windows 7. Finally they have figured it
                    out. It's crazy, it's like using windows without bizarre system
                    crashes. Now I understand what it is like when the Apple people say
                    “It just works”. Windows 7 “just works” and I love it. I hope this is a
                    sign of things to come. For once I am actually really excited about
                    the directions Microsoft is heading in.
82   Not FAKE   5
Description of business/product

Garmin Nuvi 1450-LMT GPS Navigator

The Intel 320 series SSD

Arizona Iced Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey

hair straightener

Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over-Ear Binaural
Nokia X2 is a smartphone issued by T-Mobile.

This is a review for Crysis 2, a first person shooter that
was given a lot of flac for some of the stuff I mentioned.
This one is very long.
This is a review for a service called origin by EA

The AMD 6790 graphics card

Contagion (movie)


Modern Warfare 3

A review for a Subway in the suburbs that gave me food
Hair removal cream

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
A review on the Ipad and ios

Enterprise Rent A Car is a vehicle rental agency.
HP Pavilion dv6-2044dx

Xbox 360
Apple Ipod


A kodak picture keychain
Razer Deathadder

Sam's Club Tire Department

Kindle Fire

The Intel Core i5 2500k processor
The AMD T1090 Phenom x6 processor

Macbook Air 11

Keystone (the beer)

Lysol Disinfectant Spray Spring Waterfall Scent

Movie- Extremely Lound and Incredibly Close
This was for a direct to USB mp3 player. I wrote this
review about 10 years ago

HP printer

Trident White Peppermint Flavor Chewing Gum
Serenade of the Seas is a Cruise-line ship from the Royal

EA Origin
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance, Co. is an auto
insurance provider.

Steam Online Services
19" LCD Monitor

Motorola Droid X

Dell Tech Support
Costco Tire Center

Old Spice Aqua Reef Body Wash

Iphone 3g
Sandisk Sansa Clip+

Straight Talk-- a monthly plan but without a major Cell
Phone Provider
A USB DJ controller used by laptop DJs

Xbox 360 Slim

Taylor Made Pizza. Pizza place on taylor street...
LavaLamp brand Pink and Purple Lava Lamp

Avis Rent A Car is a vehicle rental agency.
T-Mobile SideKick 4G

Broadband NBA League Pass
Kingston HyperX Blu ram, 2x4GB kit

a review of the ASUS eeepad transformer

Affirmative Insurance Services, Inc. is an auto insurance
ARIA Restaurant Chicago 200 North Columbus Drive,
Chicago, Il. 60601.

Kindle Fire (Tablet device)

Business projector
Homedics Desk Alarm clock

Back to Basics TEM4500 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster

Rainforest Café Chicago Il.
Apple Iphone 4

Samsung Intercept is a smartphone issued by Virgin
Windows 7

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