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					                                 COMFORT ZONE
                                                  How To Break Out

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Beat the vicious circle
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                               Comfort Zone
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                                    COMFORT ZONE AND HOW TO BREAK OUT

Your Comfort Zone And How To Break Out Of It

Since childhood and all the way through our adolescence we have been influenced by our family,
other people, schools, friends and enemies. As we age, we tend to get stucked in our comfort zones
if we haven't worked with ourselves, we tend to be like the Grumpy Old Men.

This influence has caused us to build our beliefs and our prejudices, which in the end build our
comfort zone from which we tend to deliver all our performance. It function well for some years,
and we do not make failures, because we do not make anything else either. However, sometimes
we run into a wall and cannot achieve, and often we do not know why.

This is often a picture of the fact that conditions have changed and we have neglected to change
with them. We have namely become addicted to our habits and get used to it.

It is time to get out of your comfort zone!

It can be painful to break out of these habits - just try to ask a former smoker how he or she suffered
from breaking this habit. And the only person who can break this vicious circle is
YOU , as no one else has the same high interest in your life as yourself.

Comfort zones are directly connected with our dreams, hopes, desires, and goals. Often it is so that
we do not dare to dream or desire as we are afraid of being disappointed, which is caused in our
beliefs and prejudices - we dare not stepping out of our comfort zone.

In fact it becomes a self fulfilling prophety - I am not able to do it as I have never learnt it, I have never
tried it, people will laugh if I fail etc. etc. like Henry Ford said :

"whether you think you can or you think you cannot - you are right"

But how do we then break out of this vicious circle ?

As human beings we tend to give up if we encounter failure when having set an ambitious goal. So
for a start we need to make small steps to get some easy successes. If your goal/hope is to earn a
million, and you today have an income of 20,000 a year, then it might be a gigantic step - unless off
course you win the lottery.

                                              LEO WOER, COAST
                                       COMFORT ZONE AND HOW TO BREAK OUT

So in order to set us self up to this, we need to chunk this a little down, for example have a goal of
earning 20% more than today within 3 months, and then plan whichever activities to do to get
there. When we succeed here, we set another goal, and if we stick to the 20%, it will automatically
be higher as we now also get 20% of the first 20%, however, we cheat our subconscious mind to
believe it is the same.

When these goals have been reached, we not only have extended our comfort zone, we have also
learnt that we are able to do it. Now it's time for a bigger step.

Set your goal in such a way that your senses go with you, dare to dream about it, as Einstein said " if
you can dream it, you can make it". When doing this you need to imagine yourself in the situation
where the goal has been reached.

For example if your goal was the new Mercedes Benz - imagine you visit your friends/family and get
transportated in your brand new Mercedes, imagine how comfortable it is to sit in the brown
leather seat, imagine how pleasant it is with the no noise air condition, imagine the silent sound of
the engine, and imagine how people look after you when you pass them.

Dream your dream several times until you really know every detail of your dream. This way you set
your subconscious mind up to work 1000% for you to achieve your goals. When the subconscious
mind work together with your conscious mind you are well ahead to reach your goals.

Off course it is not enough to dream - sorry that is not that easy, else we would all go sleeping
through our lives - you also need to act. So the way to step out of the comfort zone is to take small
steps in the beginning, then begin to dream big and set aggressive goals, chunk these down to
small achievable bites, and then check each mini goal after you have reached it.

Remember to have fun while you do it and very important remember to salute yourself each time
you can check one of the goals as reached - could be inviting your significant one for a dinner, could
be an extra glass of wine, or a trip in a rented Mercedes Benz.

If you want to learn more about how to increase brainpower - do visit Brainfolding . If you also want to read content of
different researches about the symbiosis between body and brain go to Mindfolding

                                                  LEO WOER, COAST
                                   COMFORT ZONE AND HOW TO BREAK OUT

                                             LEO WOER, COAST

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