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					                                                                                                                                                                                                   B-I-Y Pte Ltd
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bake It Yourself

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                                                                                                                                                                     Course Administrator Tel: +65 6-887-1258
                                                                                                                                                                  Course Administrator Email:
                                                                                                                                                            Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm (Mon – Sat) Closed Sun & PH

                                                                                      CLASS ENROLMENT FORM
Please use this form if you are unable to make payment in person at the Store. This form is not necessary for class fee payments at the Store.
Upon form completion, you may submit it to us via Email to                                    or Fax to +65 65127755
You may also call our Class Administrator at 68871258 for consultation and enrolment.
This form can enroll up to 6 friends for the same class/es. It cannot cater to multiple enrolments in different classes. Separate forms are required for such permutations.
                                                                 Student Contact Details
                            Name (in the format you wish to have on certificate - if applicable)                                                  Telephone                                 Email Address

By enrolling in a course at B-I-Y Course Centre, I confirm that I have read, understood and will abide by all terms and conditions
stated below in the Enrolment Agreement and in I understand that there will be NO EXCEPTIONS from the conditions.
(please check class details and schedules on our website                                                                                                            Order Cake For Class
                                                                                                                                                                                P = Professional ; C = Classic
                                                                                                             # of                     Date Of Selected Course /
                                 Course                                    Pre-requisite Fee (SGD$)                        Total                                     Series     Cake Size        Price    Qty    Total
                                                                                                          Enrolments                          Course #
                                                                                                                                                                              8" Round Basic
  1    WIL-C1 Wilton Method Course 1- Decorating Basics                        None          $270.00                       $0.00                                       P                        $26.00           $0.00
                                                                                                                                                                                Butter Cake

                                                                            Completed                                                                                         8" Round Basic
  2    WIL-C2 Wilton Method Course 2 - Flowers & Cake Design                                 $280.00                       $0.00                                       P                        $26.00           $0.00
                                                                             WIL-C1                                                                                             Butter Cake

                                                                            Completed                                                                                         8" Round Basic
  3    WIL-C3 Wilton Method Course 3 - Gum Paste & Fondant                                   $290.00                       $0.00                                       P                        $26.00           $0.00
                                                                             WIL-C1                                                                                             Butter Cake

                  Wilton Method Course 4 - Advanced Gum Paste               Completed                                                                                         8" Round Basic
  4    WIL-C4                                                                                $300.00                       $0.00                                       P                        $26.00           $0.00
                  Flowers                                                    WIL-C1                                                                                             Butter Cake

                                                                            have basic
                  PME Professional Diploma Module 1: Sugar Paste            experience
  5   PME-M1                                                                                 $650.00                       $0.00
                  Techniques                                                covering a
                                                                             cake with
               PME Professional Diploma Module 2: Sugar Flower     have basic
6    PME-M2                                                                        $650.00   $0.00
               Techniques                                          sugarpaste
               PME Professional Diploma Module 3: Royal Icing      have basic
7    PME-M3                                                                        $650.00   $0.00
               and Piping Techniques                                 piping
               Wilton Project Workshop: Decorating Flowers        WIL-C2 and                             8" Round Basic
8    WIL-DF                                                                        $150.00   $0.00   P                     $26.00   $0.00
               (Standard)                                         WIL-C3 or                                Butter Cake
                                                                                                         6" Round Basic
                                                                                                     P                     $16.00   $0.00
                                                                   Completed                               Butter Cake
9    WIL-TC Wilton Project Workshop: Tall Cakes                                    $75.00    $0.00
                                                                    WIL-C1                               10" Round Basic
                                                                                                     P                     $52.00   $0.00
                                                                                                           Butter Cake

                                                                                                         6" Round Basic
10 WIL-Pops Wilton Project Workshop: Cake Pops!                       None         $108.00   $0.00   C                     $10.00   $0.00
                                                                                                           Butter Cake

11   BIY-A1 B-I-Y Bake & Decorate Series: Novelty Cakes!              None         $92.00    $0.00

12   BIY-A2 B-I-Y Decorate A Sphere Cake - Princess Carriage          None         $125.00   $0.00

13   BIY-A3 B-I-Y Bake & Decorate Series: The Poodle Cake             None         $92.00    $0.00

14   BIY-A4 Love & Kisses Cake Class                                  None         $92.00    $0.00

               B-I-Y Bake & Decorate Series: Cartoon Cake Using
15   BIY-A5                                                           None         $88.00    $0.00
               Candy Melt Transfer Method

                                                                    Must have
                                                                   experience at
            B-I-Y 3D Cake Series: Handbag Cake Sculping &
16   BIY-A6                                                       least covering   $175.00   $0.00
                                                                    a cake with
               B-I-Y 3D Cake Series: Topsy Turvy Cake Sculpting
17   BIY-A7                                                        Intermediate    $65.00    $0.00
               & Construction Demonstration
                                                                    Level Only
                                                                    Must have
18   BIY-A8 B-I-Y Sugar Flower Workshop: Giant Open Roses                          $175.00   $0.00
                                                                  level in Sugar

               B-I-Y 3D Cake Series:Candy House Cake Sculping &
19   BIY-A9                                                           None         $150.00   $0.00

               B-I-Y Modeling Series: Bride and Groom Figure       have basic
20   BIY-A10                                                                       $180.00   $0.00
               Modeling Class                                      sugarpaste
                                                                       Must have
                                                                      experience at
             B-I-Y Modeling Series: The Swanky Designer Shoe
21   BIY-A11                                                         least covering   $172.00   $0.00
             Cake Class
                                                                       a cake with

               B-I-Y Workshop Series: Sugarpaste Modelling
22   BIY-A12                                                             None         $88.00    $0.00

               B-I-Y Workshop Series: Mini Figurine Fantasies -
23   BIY-A13                                                             None         $115.00   $0.00
               Farmyard Animals Cake

                                                                       Must have
                                                                      experience at
             B-I-Y Cath Kidston-Inspired Double Stacked Cake
24   BIY-A14                                                         least covering   $158.00   $0.00
             with Piped Embroidery and Fabric Roses
                                                                       a cake with

               B-I-Y The Rice Crispies Series: A Sweet Bag Atop
25   BIY-A15                                                             None         $160.00   $0.00
               Ombre Frills of Pink & Lilac


 1   BIY-B1 Chocolate Module: Tempering & Truffles                       None         $280.00   $0.00

                                                                      Must have
 2   BIY-B2 Choux Pastry Course 1                                    basic baking     $128.00   $0.00
                                                                      Must have
 3   BIY-B3 Plated Desserts with Macaroons                           basic baking     $120.00   $0.00
               Wilton Project Workshop: Better Baking Series One:
 1   WIL-BB1                                                             None         $82.00    $0.00
               Traditional Butter and Chocolate Butter Cake

               Wilton Project Workshop: Better Baking Series Two:
 2   WIL-BB2                                                             None         $82.00    $0.00
               Chocolate Fudge Cake with Fudge Icing
             Wilton Project Workshop: Better Baking Series
 3   WIL-BB3 Three: Orange Almond Cake with Orange Flavoured             None         $82.00    $0.00
             Whipped Cream
               Wilton Project Workshop: Better Baking Series Four:
 4   WIL-BB4                                                             None         $86.00    $0.00
               Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

               Wilton Project Workshop: Better Baking Series Five:
 5   WIL-BB5                                                             None         $72.00    $0.00
               Traditional Swiss Roll with Jam Filling

               Wilton Project Workshop: Better Baking Series Six:
 6   WIL-BB6                                                             None         $78.00    $0.00
               Cupcakes, Citrus Drizzles and Chocolate Frostings

 7   BIY-C1 B-I-Y Bake N' Taste: Tiramisu Cupcake                        None         $85.00    $0.00
 8   BIY-C2 B-I-Y Bake & Decorate Series: Fruit Cake!             None   $95.00    $0.00

 9   BIY-C3 B-I-Y Bake N' Decorate Fun With Donuts!               None   $60.00    $0.00

              B-I-Y Bake N' Taste: Chocolate Chip Cookie
10   BIY-C4                                                       None   $55.00    $0.00

11   BIY-C5 B-I-Y Bake & Decorate Series; Fun With Brownies!      None   $70.00    $0.00

              B-I-Y Bake N' Taste Series: Auspicious
12   BIY-C6 Pineapple Swiss Rolls with Pineapple Jam              None   $68.00    $0.00

 1   BIY-D1 The Ultimate Cookie Baking & Decorating Course        None   $175.00   $0.00

 2   BIY-D2 B-I-Y Workshop Series: Basic Cookie Decorating        None   $60.00    $0.00

 3   WIL-CB Wilton Project Workshop: Cookie Bouquet               None   $130.00   $0.00


 1   BIY-E1 B-I-Y Cupcake Series: Extreme Cupcakes!               None   $140.00   $0.00

 2   BIY-E2 B-I-Y Cupcake Series: Pretty Cupcake Pots!            None   $108.00   $0.00

 3   BIY-E3 B-I-Y Cupcake Series: Fun Animal Cupcake Faces        None   $50.00    $0.00

              B-I-Y Cupcake Series: 3D Animal Cupcake
 4   BIY-E4                                                       None   $108.00   $0.00
              Decorating Workshop

 5   BIY-E5 B-I-Y Mini Cakes Series: Groovy Girls in Zippy Cars   None   $82.00    $0.00

 6   BIY-E6 B-I-Y Mini Cakes Series: Petite Fancies               None   $95.00    $0.00


 1   WIL-CM Wilton Project Workshop: Candy Making                 None   $92.00    $0.00

              B-I-Y Chocoholics Series: Chocolate Mint Mousse
 1   BIY-G1                                                       None   $70.00    $0.00
               B-I-Y Chocoholics Series: Fun Chocolate Minies
 2   BIY-G2                                                          None   $70.00    $0.00
               Kids Will Love

               B-I-Y Chocoholics Series: Mini White Chocolate
 3   BIY-G3                                                          None   $70.00    $0.00
               Cheesecake & Chocolate Chip Madeleines

               B-I-Y Chocoholics Series: Chocolate Fondant &
 4   BIY-G4                                                          None   $70.00    $0.00
               Chocolate Meringue Kisses

               B-I-Y Chocoholics Series: Profiteroles With Coffee
 5   BIY-G5                                                          None   $70.00    $0.00
               Mascarpone and Dark Chocolate Sauce

               B-I-Y Chocoholics Series: Chocolate Mocha Mousse
 6   BIY-G6                                                          None   $70.00    $0.00

               B-I-Y Chocoholics Series: Chocolate Ice Cream Tarts
 7   BIY-G7                                                          None   $70.00    $0.00
               & Pretzels with Chocolate Glaze

 8   BIY-G8 B-I-Y Chocoholics Series: Petite Chocolate Fancies       None   $70.00    $0.00


 1   BIY-H1 My First 'Lil Cartoon Sponge Cake Class                  None   $88.00    $0.00

               Cookies N'Ice-Cream Sandwich - Make N' Munch
 2   BIY-H2                                                          None   $68.00    $0.00
               Fun Class

 3   BIY-H3 Let's Play Dough!                                        None   $64.00    $0.00

            B-I-Y Bake N' Taste Series: Auspicious
 1   BIY-I1 Pineapple Swiss Rolls with Pineapple Jam                 None   $68.00    $0.00

               B-I-Y Bake N' Decorate Series: House Cake - Easter
 1   BIY-I2                                                          None   $108.00   $0.00
               Egg Hunt at Mrs Bunny's Cottage


               B-I-Y Workshop Series: Sugarpaste Modelling
 1   BIY-13                                                          None   $88.00    $0.00
               Workshop - Ladies' Day Out


               B-I-Y Bake N' Decorate Series: House Cake - Horror
 1   BIY-I4                                                          None   $108.00   $0.00

 2   BIY-I5 B-I-Y Workshop Series: Spider Brownies                   None   $75.00    $0.00

  1    BIY-I6 B-I-Y Christmas Gingerbread House Workshop                        None           $95.00                        $0.00

                 B-I-Y Bake N' Decorate Series: House Cake - Santa's
  2    BIY-I7                                                                   None          $120.00                        $0.00
                 In The House!

  3    BIY-I8 Applique Cake with Christmas Motif                                None          $130.00                        $0.00

                 B-I-Y Workshop Series: Sugarpaste Modelling
  4    BIY-I9                                                                   None           $35.00                        $0.00
                 Workshop - X'mas Theme

                                                                                              Class Fee Payment:            $0.00                                                        Cake Payment:         $0.00
                                                                                                                                        Top Up Amount for Flavoured Cakes (see cake order form)
                                                                                                         5% Student Discount (terms of discount applies -                $0.00

                                                                   Grand Total (Class and * Cake) Payment:                  $0.00

            We will arrange for Paypal to send request for payment to you via your email address. You do not need to have a paypal account ; you only need a credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

                                                                                 No Confirmation Without Full Payment.

                                                                                            ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT

Your enrolment in our courses / workshops constitutes acceptance of B-I-Y class policies. You also accept that exceptions to these policies will not be entertained.
Do not enroll until you have read this agreement.

A copy of this Enrolment Agreement will be given to you upon confirmation of your enrolment. The enrolment agreement is a legal document and binding instrument when agreed upon by the student and accepted
by the Course Centre.

Payment Schedule:

Full class fees must be received by B-I-Y within 2 working days of paypal request for payment. Failure to make payment after 2 working days will result in your slot being automatically released to the public.

Admission Policies:
  1   B-I-Y will not be responsible for giving you further reminders to attend the class.
  2   B-I-Y reserves the right to change assigned instructor for a class at any time, without notification.
  3   Regarding internet, snail mail and fax correspondence, if you do not receive an acknowledgement email, kindly resend or call us to check.
      Proof of posting is not proof of receipt. We cannot be held responsible for not receiving your notification promptly.
  4   Closing date for class is 5 working days before start of class. Registration will close by the closing date. Any tentative reservation still unpaid
      will be cancelled automatically.
  5   Students are welcome to use existing appliances, baking tools and equipment currently available in the classroom for class purposes on
      condition that these appliances, tools and equipment are adequately cleaned and kept away in their original place after use, and all reasonable
      care has been taken to ensure that appliances, tools and equipment are not damaged. B-I-Y reserves to right to demand reasonable reparation
      should there be damage to or loss of B-I-Y appliances, tools and equipment.
  6   B-I-Y reserves the right to expel any student for disrupting classes or impeding other student’s work, without any obligation to refund tuition
      or fees. If an instructor determines that a student is unable to function properly or benefit from a class, it may be recommended that the
      student be dropped, in which case a partial fee settlement may be made at the centre’s discretion.
  7   Students will receive a completion certificate upon successful completion of each class.

Cancellation & Refund:
  1   Conditions for Refund:
             S$2.00 Handling Charge will be levied for all class fee refunds.
                   a.    Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Courses 1, 2, and 3 & PME Diploma Modules: No refunds will be given once classes have begun (including B-I-Y receiving notification of cancellation
                   on the day of the class). If you wish to cancel or reschedule your enrolment, please give us 5 working days’ notice in writing to It will be considered cancelled when you receive
                   our email acknowledgement of your cancellation. If B-I-Y receives your cancellation or reschedule request less than 5 working days before the first lesson of the class, 30% of the course fee will
                   be charged.

                   b.     All other B-I-Y Courses: No refunds will be given if cancellation or request for transfer is received by B-I-Y less than 5 working days before the day of class.

  2   Penalty Charges:
                   a.    30% Late Notice Cancellation Penalty Charges (only applicable to Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Courses 1, 2 and 3 & PME Diploma Modules) - 30% of your student fee will be
                   charged for cancellation / rescheduling notification 5 working days’ before start of class.
                   b.    S$50.00 Rescheduling Penalty Charges (applicable to all classes) - A penalty charge of S$50.00 will be levied for each request to reschedule after the first request. First request to
                   reschedule will not be charged.

  3   A handling fee of S$2.00 will be levied on all class fee refunds.

  4   Conditions for Make-up Class
                   a.    Only one make-up class permitted per student for Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Classes. Kindly note that this is not a student’s entitlement, but is dependent on instructor’s schedule,
                   and upon B-I-Y approval, which will depend on validity of reason. Students must inform their instructor if they are unable to attend a lesson at least one day before the class. If no notification is
                   given by the student, the student automatically forfeits the lesson, which may result in not attaining the Wilton certificate of completion for the course. B-I-Y and / the Wilton instructor is not
                   responsible for following up with absent students.
                   b.     There are no make-up classes for all other courses / workshops.

Class Cancellation by B-I-Y:
B-I-Y reserves the right to cancel any class. Upon occasion, classes have been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. In the event that this were to happen, students will be given a choice of either a full refund
(handling charges will be waived) or credit to be used within a 3 month period. No other personal expenses will be reimbursed.

Detailed information on class syllabus and information is provided on the B-I-Y Website. You are also welcome to contact for any clarification. You are therefore deemed to have enrolled upon full
understanding of class details. B-I-Y will not entertain disputes arising from non awareness or misreading of details before attending the classes, as information is freely available.

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