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Cancer treatment is a very profitable area for the drug companies. People are lead to
believe the grim reaper is standing ready for those who don’t take mainstream advice.
Drug companies pay the F.D.A. big fees for the rights to market their products. So you may
imagine that they wouldn’t appreciate anyone or anything that may threaten their

Cancer treatment is especially dangerous for an alternative physician to offer as this could
threaten the profits of the establishment. So at our clinic we try to direct cancer victims
elsewhere out of a sense of self preservation.

I won’t tell you what to do as this could be medico-legal suicide, but I can tell you what I
might do if I were faced with cancer:

It is far easier to prevent cancer than try to treat it. See cancer prevention.

Faced with a diagnosis of cancer I would try to get my house in order by doing the

I would stop poisoning myself by avoiding eating crap. Crap includes most processed foods.
Most crap comes from the family of carbs (carbohydrates). Crap is poisonous but tastes
good, is addictive and difficult to avoid. But to survive I would have to stop eating it. Also,
an important point is that cancer can only get energy from one source; glucose. Cancer
cells are primitive, obligate anaerobes. So I would starve my cancer by not feeding them
glucose. I know that if I only ate fiber, protein and fat and avoided carbs entirely, this
wouldn’t give much for my cancer to thrive on.

I would replace the hormones of youth that have declined as they are part of what makes a
younger person more resistant to cancer.

I would start an intensive regimen of supplements; for example: anti-oxidants, high dosed
melatonin, high dosed resveratrol, high dosed vitamin D; much of this can be covered with
the supplements we have manufactured for our clinic….multi-4, immune formula, adrenal
formula, DHA-EPA, etc.

High dose I.V. vitamin C can be very helpful. There are those who believe this alone can
knock back some kinds of cancer.

Detox: this may include cleaning up one’s act in general, infra-red sauna, I.V. chelation,
If I had been recommended surgery for my cancer I probably would seriously consider this
and maybe even go ahead with this. I would also think about radiation, if offered. It’s not
nearly as devastating as chemo. Chemotherapy is very effective at killing cancer but
equally effective at killing one’s immune system and health in general. My take on chemo is
that it often makes what life one has left, shorter and much more miserable.

An exception to the above rule regarding chemo is I.P.T. This is insulin potentiated
chemotherapy. Small doses of the typical chemo agents are used along with insulin to
create a smart bomb for cancer cells. The dose is small enough that it doesn’t bother
normal cells enough to cause side effects in most cases but it devastates cancer cells. You
can find out more about this therapy on

But if you do go with typical chemo or radiation your cancer doctor will probably tell you
that you shouldn’t take supplements/anti-oxidants along with their therapy. They would be
telling you this without knowing about the studies that show those who take anti-oxidants
while doing typical cancer treatments do better than those who don’t. Don’t blame them.
They are only going along with “standard of care” and probably truly believe in what they
are offering.

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