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									Healthy Lifestyle

      Physical Appearance
          Self Image
        Eating Healthy
   To keep clean you        Wash face using
    should take a             soap/cleanser daily.
    bath/shower daily
    using soap.
   Shampoo hair.            To reduce gum
   Use deodorant after       disease and tooth
    showering.                decay, you should
   Use soap to wash          brush and floss your
    hands.                    teeth, and visit
                              dentist regularly.
Physical Appearance
   Brush and comb           To prevent dry and
    hair.                     chapped skin use
   Trim hair to remove       lotion.
    split ends.              To prevent chapped
   Wear clean clothes.       lips use lip balm.
   To remove food           Trim fingernails and
    stains brush teeth        toenails.
    twice daily.
Self Image
   Make good choices       Exercise regularly to
    for yourself.            reduce stress.
   Set goals and make      Surround yourself
    a plan to achieve        with people who are
    those goals to
    become a better          encouraging and
    person.                  friendly.
   Learn how to cope
    in stressful
Eating Healthy
   To prevent
    dehydration drink 8
    glasses of water a
   Eat recommended
    amounts of food
    from food pyramid.
   Reduce the amount
    of junk food in diet.

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