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a contested concept
     How do you define
• 1. Please define “grammar” in as many
  ways as you use the term.
   Which of the following
 sentences do you consider
   ungrammatical? Why?
• This is a behavior with which I will
  not put.
• I ain’t got no money
• Give me 12 pounds of.
• Me and Carol went to the store
• Whither thou goest, I will go
  Label each word in the
    following sentence.
• Every summer, the avid gardener
  grew big, fat tomatoes beside her
  patio and, at the same time, grew
  steadily happier.
Can you do the following?
• Write a sentence with a restrictive
  relative clause modifying the indirect
  object in the following sentence:
 He made the children cookies.
     Put the following
     sentence in order
• Students the 12 dedicated spend
  very night every library the in.
     Attitudes towards
• How would each of the definitions of
  literacy affect a teacher’s definition
  if grammar and how it should be
    Autonomous literacy
• “[The autonomous model of literacy]
  assumes a single direction in which
  development can be traced and
  associates it with ‘progress,’
  ‘civilisation,’ individual liberty and
  social mobility.”
•                             Brian Street
     Rhetorical literacy
• “a concern with the ways that
  readers and writers use written text
  to interact with one another to
  accomplish social and material goals.”
•                            Mary Trachsel
    Ethnographic literacy
• “Literacy does not work the same way
  in all cultures”
•                              Beth Daniell
     Ideological literacy
• “The labels literate and illiterate almost
  always imply more than a degree or a
  deficiency of skill. They are grossly or
  subtly sociocultural judgments laden with
  approbation, disapproval, or pity about the
  character and place, the worthiness and
  prospects, of persons and groups.”
•                                C.H. Knowblauch

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