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What will you do to help?
 Propose what you will do to help with this
  problem that affects us all.
 Explain why this will help resolve one of the
  factors that lead to Global Warming.
 Convince somebody else to help.

 Create a blog or journal of what you are doing
  and what the person you changed is doing as
 Create an Advertisement to Convince the
  community to change their ways.
   Global warming is already affecting the world
    we know, endangering polar bears, shortening
    ski seasons and creating more intense
    storms. If we do not take steps to curb global
    warming, sea levels will continue to rise,
    flooding coastal areas. Heat waves will be more
    frequent and more intense. Droughts and
    wildfires will occur more often. Disease-carrying
    mosquitoes will expand their range. And
    species will be pushed to extinction.
   DRIVE Change
    Choosing to Drive change energy-efficient vehicle provides the single
    biggest opportunity for most people to reduce their carbon emissions. Each
    gallon of gas used produces 25 pounds of the emissions that are
    responsible for global warming.
   Be an Energy Star
    Look for the Energy Star labels on appliances such as refrigerators,
    freezers, furnaces, air conditioners, washing machines and water heaters.
    Energy Star refrigerators use about half as much energy as refrigerators
    made before 1993. Energy Star washing machines use nearly 50% less
    water and 50% less energy per load than non-Energy Star washing
    machines, saving you money on your water and energy bills.
   Choose clean power
    Most consumers in New Jersey can purchase electricity generated from
    renewable resources that produce low or no carbon emissions. Installing
    renewable clean energy equipment at your home or business may qualify
    you for one of the country’s best clean energy incentive programs,
    Customer On-Site Renewable Energy (CORE) rebates.
   Unplug an underused freezer or refrigerator
    An old refrigerator in the garage increases the size of your
    carbon-footprint and costs you more to operate during summer
    and winter months. Unplugging that old, underused refrigerator
    can lower the typical family’s carbon emissions nearly 10
   Buy foods grown locally
    The volume of greenhouse gas emissions involved in
    producing, transporting, processing and distributing food is
    staggering. Most food travels nearly 1,500 miles before it gets
    to your plate. Buying locally grown, seasonal foods not only
    reduces the carbon dioxide emissions involved with food
    production and distribution, it supports local farmers, families
    and businesses.
   Audit your energy use
    Make your home more energy efficient and comfortable while
    fighting global warming using a free home energy audit. Even
    simple measures, such as installing a programmable
    thermostat, can reduce a typical family’s carbon emissions
    approximately 5 percent. Stop losing energy and start saving
    money today.
   Light it up
    If every U.S. household replaced one incandescent light bulb with an energy-saving
    compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb, global warming pollution would be reduced by
    more than 90 billion pounds over the life of the bulbs. Replace the five most frequently
    used light bulbs in your home: kitchen ceiling dome light, living room table lamp, living
    room floor lamp, bathroom vanity light and the outdoor porch light. CFL bulbs contain a
    small amount of mercury, so it is important that they be disposed of properly, such as at
    a local household hazardous waste collection event. Please check with your County for a
    schedule of household hazardous waste collection events near you.
   Reduce, reuse & recycle
    Purchasing reusable products instead of disposables reduces our reliance on landfill
    space and helps combat global warming. Recycling half of your household waste will
    slash carbon dioxide emissions by 2,400 pounds per year.
   Buy sustainably-harvested wood
    When buying wood products, check for labels which indicate that the timber comes from
    a forest that is sustainably-managed. These forests slow global warming by effectively
    storing carbon.
   Spread the word
     A growing movement across the country seeks to reduce individual, family, business
    and community emissions while inspiring and assisting others to do the same.
   Be heard
    Let policy makers know you’re concerned about global warming. Elected officials and
    candidates for public office at every level need to hear from citizens. Urge them to
    support policies that will accelerate the shift to a low-emissions future
 Use Less Gas by combining errands into one trip
 Plant a Tree
 Change a Bulb to Energy efficient
 Unplug Appliances at Night
 Take your own bags to the Grocery store
 Buy Products made from Recycled paper like
  Toilet paper and paper towels
 Turn your heat down at night
 Don’t waste food
 Use the sun to heat. Leave curtains open during
  the day and closed at night to keep the heat in.
 Writ e your local politicians and let them know
  you want a change
Check Out the website Below to Find more tips
           "I am only one,
          But still I am one.
      I cannot do everything,
   But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
    I will not refuse to do the
     something that I can do.“

Helen Keller, American Author and
       Lecturer (1880 - 1968)
 "Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful, committed citizens
      can change the world;
  indeed, it's the only thing that
              ever has.“
     Margaret Mead, American
    anthropologist (1901-1978)

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