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									BestBaits has a long established underpinning        produce top catches of lots of fish. All of the          Marine Halibut Groundbait: A Top Quality mix,
knowledge of the requirements of both                products in the range use only the best raw                                  rich in Marine Halibut , well
                            competition, pleasure    materials from quality suppliers to produce                                  known for its BIG fish luring
                            and specimen             some of the finest Groundbaits and Pelleted                                 capabilities. High in protein,
                            anglers through the      fishing baits on the market.                                                high energy, high oils, this is
                            founder Wendell                                                                                     a perfect groundbait for
                            Ward, a long time                      GROUNDBAIT                                                   specimen Carp and all large
                            match angler with a                                                                                 fish.
                                                     In the Bestbaits MENTAL range:
                            proven track record
                            at many of the UK’s                                                               Bream Original Molassed: Twenty Five years of
                                                                                Method Mix Original: A
leading angling venues, from still waters, canals                                                             match winning experience have gone into
                                                                               perfect mix for use in
and rivers over the past two and a half decades.                                                                                    perfecting this excellent mix
                                                                               almost any situation, this
                                                                                                                                    for bream and silver fish.
                                                                              fine textured high energy
Also having worked at Packington, for the last ten                                                                                  Mixed with the old bream
                                                                              groundbait mixes really well
years one of the country’s top commercial                                                                                          favourite molasses, and that
                                                                             and is full of attractants
fisheries, he has gained fundamental knowledge                                                                                     Brasem-like aroma which
                                                                               which are released into your
of the feeding, nourishment and food ingredient                                                                                   adds a perfect sweet attractor
                                                                                 swim to enhance feeding
requirements for all species of coarse fish from                                                                                  to any fishing trip. Great for
                                                     activity of all fish in the area. This groundbait is
fry right up to carp of more than thirty pounds.                                                                                 use on all stillwaters and rivers.
                                                     ideal for use as a Method Mix, Open ended feeder
                                                                                                              Excellent in an open end feeder. A Match Winner!
                                                     fishing, Catapulting at Distance, or simply used as
Being a successful match angler, I have been
                                                     a groundbait thrown in by hand.
liaising with other high profile match anglers                                                                Feeder Groundbait: As the name suggests, this
who KNOW what blends and mixes of baits are                                                                   groundbait is designed for use with an open end
                                                     Green Spirulina: Another High energy mix
                                   being used,                                                                                       feeder, laced with crushed
                                                                         suitable for most conditions.
                                   developed                                                                                         hemp, it is designed to
                                                                         Contains Green Spirulina, a
                                   and created                                                                                       erupt from your feeder
                                                                        naturally occurring algae
                                   to produce                                                                                        enticing fish to feed more
                                                                        found in almost all waters. It
                                   bigger                                                                                           freely. Can be mixed with
                                                                       has a higher concentration of
                                   winning                                                                                         any other great product in
                                                                       protein than any other food!
                                   weights and                                                                                     the MENTAL range.
                                                                       A built in organic attractant
                                                                      for all fish!
                                   These are
                                   tried and
                                                     Amino Original: Full of Amino Acids, proteins
                                   tested recipes                                                             Bream Red Molassed: This mix is the same
                                                                        and essential minerals
                                   and mixes                                                                                      high quality as the
                                                                        intended to enhance feeding
                                   formulated by                                                                                 bream Original mix, full of
                                                                        activity of all fish. Can be
                                   anglers on                                                                                   that Brasem-like sweet
                                                                        used on all stillwaters for
                                   the banks of                                                                                 aroma and Molasses but
                                                                       Carp, Tench, Bream and all
lakes and not in some laboratory in France or                                                                                  with the added attractant
                                                                       Large fish. A nice, Light, Fine
Belgium by outdated reps who are no longer in                                                                                  of a higher visible Red
                                                                       and Fluffy mix, has accounted
touch with the UK’s coarse fishing                                                                                             colour which bream love.
                                                                       for many large catches of Big
requirements. Consequently, we have
established and created proven recipes of
groundbaits that are exactly what the modern
angler and present angling venue require to
Method Mix Strawberry: As the Original, this           Available in both 8mm and 12mm sizes in re-
method mix is perfect in almost any situation but      sealable plastic pots.
with the added attraction of strawberry.
                                                       Bestbaits Development
                                                       All the products in the Bestbaits MENTAL
High Energy Carp Pellets: Designed to                  range have been developed in conjunction
enhance feeding activity by releasing                  with leading Aquaculture scientists for use in
                       Attractants into your           the Coarse fishing industry. Our aim is to
                        swim, Amino Acids,             provide British Anglers with the highest
                        Betaine, Fishmeal,             quality British Baits intended for use on            BESTBAITS
                      Vitamins, High Energy            Britain’s fisheries. Liaising with some of the
                        Oils, Proteins and             best Match and Specimen anglers we will
                        Minerals, all scientifically   continue to create new baits and improve on      Product Information
                         combined to ensure the        our existing brilliant formulas. They simply
                         best possible High            drive fish CRAZY!
                      Energy Feed and Appetite
Stimulators, which are all healthy for the fish,       Packaging:
and safe for the environment too. These
pellets are suitable in any situation, they can        Packaged in Strong, Re-sealable bags for
be added to any groundbait for feeder fishing,         longer lasting freshness, which are also all
catapulted in, or simply loose-fed by hand.            Pouch Type, meaning they will stand alone,
Available in 4, 6 and 8mm sizes.                       Upright, to prevent spillage or loss of your
                                                       bait. Our Drilled Halibut pellets also come in
Marine Halibut Pellets: A High Energy, High            strong, Re-sealable pots meaning your bait
Oil Pellet full of all the essential attractants for   stays fresh and dry.
                             all BIG fish and
                            Specimen Carp.             If you need any advice on mixing or usage of
                           Releases high energy
                          oils into your swim
                                                       any of our products then please feel free to       Drives fish MENTAL!
                                                       contact Bestbaits
                          which are well known for
                          attracting Monster Carp
                         and specimen fish of all
                             species. Use as a                 New Enterprise Centre
                           loose feed or in any
groundbait to ensure excellent catches of lots                   Little Heath Ind Est
of Big fish. Can be used drilled or banded, or
hair-rigged as extremely effective hook bait.                        Old Church Rd
Available in 4, 6, 8 and 10mm sizes.
                                                                  Coventry CV6 7NB
Drilled Halibut Pellets: The perfect ready
       made hook bait. Pre-drilled to ensure a                       02476352082
                   perfectly centered hole
                   ideal for hair-rigging.                           07891540140

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