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IJRDE - Anti Land Grabbing Software by editor.ijrde


									           International Journal for Research and Development in Engineering (IJRDE)                                                    Vol.1: Issue.1, June-July 2012 pp- 18-21

                       ANTI-LAND GRABBING SOFTWARE

                                      DK Aditya1, N.Dilip Rao2
                                     #1.Tata Consultancy Services, India
                                     #2.Tata Consultancy Services, India

In the current system of land registration which involves taking regular measurements such as area and
dimensions, we also include boundaries of the land marked with GPS co-ordinates. All of these location
specific details are stored into a database in the form of GPS co-ordinates. When land details are retrieved
by giving in the land registration number, the real time GPS-coordinates associated with the registration
are converted into map co-ordinates and then projected onto a real-time satellite imagery which has the
capability to generate clear stimulated boundaries up to an accuracy which can be measured in
centimeters. As the projections are made onto real-time satellite imagery which are frequently updated a
person or an organization can keep constant track of the developments occurring nearby the property. Any
developments such as roads which come up nearby or the infrastructure being developed are clearly
visible in the maps. Unlike any other reference points GPS co-ordinates do not change with time hence
these can be used as fixed markings to locate a particular land and also mark their boundaries with great
accuracy ,these markings do not fade away with time. In cases where lakes are being occupied there is no
particular way in which we can prove the existence of a lake in the past, in such situations this system can
be used. Any land or construction which comes up within these set of co-ordinates which were associated
with the boundaries of a lake or a water resource can now be termed illegal. Using the same principles
illegal land mining, national boundaries and illegal allocation of land can be monitored.

Keywords - GPS coordinates; MAP coordinates Satellite imagery.

In the current situation where there are states loosing thousands of millions towards land scams and illegal
mining, there is no system to monitor them, once the land has been leased to a customer there is no
proper way to mark their limits as a result exploitation of boundaries is happening and valuable natural
resources are being smuggled. This in turn is causing great losses to the government. A common man
who with great difficulty invests in real estate finds it difficult to keep a track of his property by travelling
to the location physically. A one stop solution to all these issues is the anti-land grabbing software.

          International Journal for Research and Development in Engineering (IJRDE)                                                      Vol.1: Issue.1, June-July 2012 pp- 18-21

The system consists of a data archive which stores            all the land registration details and their
corresponding GPS coordinates. The system holding this data needs to have high processing power as the
data stored is extremely large. The system consists of numerous land records which can be uniquely
identified using a unique id generated for each individual record, a system such as a mainframe would be
apt as the system deals with large number of records.

                                           Fig 2.1 System Architecture

Consider a person who has inherited property in the form of land but does not know the precise location.
By taking all the trouble he somehow manages to know the location but still he faces an issue marking the
boundaries of his land, these boundaries have faded over time due to natural reasons

In the second case a Non Resident Indian wishes to invest in land options in India but he cannot take
trouble to fly down all the way just to look at the best locations to invest nor can he frequently keep a
track of the surroundings after the purchase .It becomes a tedious task for him to protect the property from
being illegally occupied.

In such a case our system, which upon registering a land or a natural resource like a lake, generates a
unique id for the boundaries marked. After the registration process is complete it gives the user a chance
to monitor their land at anytime from anywhere in the world just by typing in the unique id generated at
the time of registration.

The person who has inherited the property need not take trouble to find out the location of the property by
travelling but instead he can just type in the unique id in order to know the registration details and pin
point the location with accurate boundaries.

          International Journal for Research and Development in Engineering (IJRDE)                                                     Vol.1: Issue.1, June-July 2012 pp- 18-21

   Government can use the system to monitor lands which are been given on lease for various purposes
and any issues that arise as a result of exceeding the boundary limits can be easily checked upon and
resolved .

   Every piece of land can be digitally marked and hence forth avoid land scams. As the geographical
locations stored as GPS coordinates are registered under a subsystem and these cannot be allocated to a
new registration. Thus avoiding double registrations and land frauds.


                                      Fig 3.1 Marking Digital boundaries.

                                        Fig 3.2 Checking Surroundings.

          International Journal for Research and Development in Engineering (IJRDE)                                                         Vol.1: Issue.1, June-July 2012 pp- 18-21

                                       Fig 3.3 Projecting Registration details.

The security provided by current land registration systems is not accurate and easily prone to fraud .In the
proposed system chances of fraud are much lesser apart from that the user can keep a track of his
property from anywhere in the world .with this system we can monitor lands digitally and avoid all the
troubles arising from double registrations .The system can also help in monitoring national boundaries. It
is capable of marking boundaries digitally hence settle all boundary related issues. While giving a land for
lease all issues arising as a result of exceeding the limits of mining can be settled. Though the system
cannot solve the existing land disputes, if applied to all the new registrations would completely solve the
land disputes and will pave way to a dispute free land management. Realtors who are keen on selling their
property can take the sales to the next level using this system. There are governments loosing lakhs of
crores as a result of illegal land occupations implementing such a software system would definitely make
a difference







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