SCHUYLKILL VALLEY
                                         SCHOOL DISTRICT
 929 Lakeshore Drive, Leesport, PA 19533-8631                                                                             May/June 2011

Those Who Lived It Share History with Students
SV High School 10th grade students witnessed living history on March 1 as part of their social studies curriculum about WWII. Through
the efforts of social studies teachers Mrs. Jennifer Boyer, Ms. Dana Doganes, and Mr. Tod Witman, seven area veterans visited the
high school and shared their WWII experiences, interacting with students in question-and-answer sessions throughout the morning. Mr.
Dave Ciscon, high school aide and Vietnam veteran, arranged the veteran visits through his involvement with veteran organizations.

                               Keynote speaker was Mr. Severin Fayerman, a Holocaust survivor and author of the book A Survivor’s
                               Story. Mr. Fayerman told the students about his life growing up in Poland and in concentration camps,
                               including Auschwitz. The students then met in smaller groups with the individual veterans.

                               Thank you to Mr. Fayerman and to veterans Richard Biehl, Mahlon Fink, Paul Gordon, Robert Huber, Lyle
                               Koenig, George Moore, and Kenneth Stoudt for sharing their living history of WWII.

                               Curriculum for 8th graders at the SV Middle School includes
                               reading of the play The Diary of Anne Frank by Francis
                               Goodrich and Albert Hackett and the novel Night by
                               Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. To complement this
                               curriculum, Ms. Sherry Faust, SVMS instructional aide, was
                               instrumental in securing a trunk from the Pennsylvania
Mr. Severin Fayerman           Holocaust Education Council (PHEC) filled with educational
                               items about the Holocaust. The trunk is a gift made possible
through the generosity of the late Mr. Daniel Tannenbaum, Albright’s Holocaust Studies
coordinator, through a fund in memory of his late wife, Shoshana E. Tannenbaum. The trunk
is part of the Clara H. Isaacman Memorial Trunk Project, created in 2004 by the
Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Council (PHEC) to memorialize Mrs. Isaacman, an
educator devoted to providing students with an invaluable account of her life as a Jewish
child during WWII.

―We are so lucky to have the trunk and to have received it at no cost to the district,‖ says
Ms. Faust. ―Normally, if a school wants a trunk, the school has to come up with half the       The Clara H. Isaacman Memorial Trunk,
cost. Mr. Tannenbaum arranged for trunks to four school districts in the county paid for       permanently housed at the SVMS library,
                                                                                               contains maps, reference materials, a
through his wife’s memorial.‖
                                                                                               classroom set of books, DVDs, nonfiction
                                                                                               (memoirs and diaries), and fiction books. Each
Mrs. Kathy Batson, SVMS language arts teacher, says, ―The 8th grade language arts              piece is catalogued by the library, and they can
teachers and middle school students are most appreciative for this valuable resource to our    be checked in and out properly.
existing Holocaust unit of study. Thank you PHEC, Albright College, Dan Tannenbaum, and
Ms. Faust!‖

                                                     My Heart in a Suitcase is the autobiography of 85-year-old Anne Lehmann Fox,
                                                     whose Jewish parents sent her from Germany to England at the age of 12 to escape
                                                     the Nazis during WWII. Members of the ArtsPower National Touring Company will
                                                     perform the play at the Schuylkill Valley High School on May 11 for approximately
                                                     900 students from Brandywine Heights, Wilson, Schuylkill Valley, and possibly two
                                                     other school districts. The show serves to teach the importance of combating
                                                     intolerance while fostering compassion and respect for fellow human beings.

       SCHUYLKILL VALLEY                            Superintendent’s Message
             929 Lakeshore Drive
           Leesport, PA 19533-8631
                                                    In Our Schools Our Future Lies

           Administrative Staff                                                          Programs and services have changed substantially over
          Solomon Lausch, Ph.D.                                                          the past 15 years in the Schuylkill Valley School District.
                 Superintendent                                                          The Board of School Directors has provided the resources
              Joan Evans, Ed.D.                                                          to support an expanded K-12 curriculum, to deploy
            Assistant Superintendent                                                     technology more directly as an instructional tool, and to
          Mr. David J. Haughney                                                          fulfill the requirements of increasing demands in the law
             High School Principal
                                                                                         and in regulations for special education.
            Mr. Joshua Kuehner
        High School Assistant Principal
                                                                                         The changes have resulted in additional staffing to teach
       Mr. Michael T. Mitchell, Jr.
            Middle School Principal
                                                                                         English and mathematics, to make kindergarten a full-day
           Mrs. Melissa Kelchner                                                         program, and to teach English as a Second Language.
       Middle School Assistant Principal                                                 Staffing and services for special education, reflected in
          Mrs. Lacie J. Witmoyer                                                         teachers and instructional aides, have more than doubled
          Elementary School Principal                                                    to meet the needs of students in this area.
         Mrs. Stephanie L. Landis
    Elementary School Assistant Principal           The district has been able to make these changes while at the same time keeping a watchful
            Mrs. Wendy Boarder                      eye on the taxpayers’ burden. The district today ranks in the middle of Berks County for
                Business Manager                    millage rate, compared to near the top 15 years ago, even as the state’s share of funding for
          Mrs. Changming Wang                       educational costs has decreased.
          Assistant Business Manager
            Mr. Craig A. Strunk                     School districts across the state are facing acute financial stress over the next several years,
        Director, Buildings & Grounds               and Schuylkill Valley is no exception. The budget that the Board of School Directors adopts
            Mr. Cary J. Hennigh                     at the end of June for the 2011/2012 school year will reflect the hard reality of the economy.
            Director, Food Services                 The aggregate value of property in the school district declined this past year for the first time
         Miss Stephanie L. Deibler                  in recent memory as a result of the decline in the housing market generally and decreased
                Athletic Director                   assessments of commercial property on appeal to the county assessment office. The school
             Mrs. Judy A. Burns                     property tax represents two-thirds of the district budget annually.
       Coordinator of Human Resources
            Board of Directors                      Whatever the final decisions, the Board of School Directors and the district administration
          Mrs. Carol E. Weyandt                     and staff remain committed to presenting the best program possible for our children. They
                     President                      indeed are our future and as the district motto states, ―In Our Schools Our Future Lies.‖
             Mrs. Linda L. Lash
                  Vice President                    We’ll get through these trying times as we always have. We grit our teeth, put our noses to
             Mr. Steven E. Houp                     the grindstone, and keep a stiff upper lip. No cliché these words, but a true reflection of the
                     Secretary                      character that has made and keeps this community and our country great.
           Mr. Joseph C. Buda
          Mr. Niklas O. Hemdal                                                                —Solomon Lausch, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools
           Mr. Jay R. Melvin
          Mr. Kevin Raudenbush
           Mrs. Lori A. Shober
          Mr. Louis M. Shucker
                                                    Commencement Information
               Board Meetings                       Baccalaureate is a non-denominational service sponsored by the Schuylkill
          Committees generally meet the             Valley Pastors Association and a senior student committee. Attendance is
      3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm.           optional. No tickets are required for admission to the baccalaureate ceremony.
      Board meetings are generally held the
       4th Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.
     LeRoy K. Seip Memorial Meeting Room.
                                                    If commencement is held outside, no tickets are required for admission.
               Telephone Numbers                    If commencement is held in the auditorium, seating is limited and tickets will be
    Administration                610-916-0957      required. Everyone needs a ticket, even young children who may sit on a parent's lap.
    High School                   610-926-1706      NO ONE will be admitted without a ticket.
    Middle School                 610-926-7111
    Elementary School             610-926-4165
                                                    Each graduating senior will be given 3 tickets for indoor commencement. Graduating
                                                    seniors may sign up for extra tickets in the main office beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Monday,
      This newsletter is the official publication
       of the Schuylkill Valley School District.    May 23, and ending at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25. Extra tickets are not distributed on
    Submit news of school or community interest     a first-come basis. Extra tickets will be distributed one at a time to all students who signed
     to the above address. Please include your      up until they are all gone. Seniors may check with Ms. Cammauf beginning May 27 to see
     name and phone number for verification.        how many extra tickets they will receive. All tickets will be given to seniors after rehearsal
    Timely articles will be used as space allows.
                                                    on Wednesday, June 8.

Children Reading to Dogs in “Tail Waggin’ Tutors” Program
                                                The Schuylkill Valley Elementary School guidance counselors have initiated a program
                                                through Therapy Dogs International (TDI) that brings two trained dogs into the school to
                                                help children improve their reading skills. The dogs serve as reading companions for
                                                children having reading difficulties or self-esteem issues that prevent them from reading
                                                aloud. The ―Tail Waggin’ Tutors‖ program allows children to experience and learn
                                                compassion, caring, love, empathy, responsibility, respect, and self-discipline. As a result,
                                                the children’s reading skills improve through the practice of reading.

                                                The therapy dogs at SVES are Brie, a 9-year-old black Labrador retriever owned by
                                                kindergarten teacher Mrs. Melney Reich, and Bailey, a 4-year-old
 Brie (left) and Bailey, therapy dogs at the    yellow Labrador mix owned by elementary school guidance
 Schuylkill Valley Elementary School.           counselor Mrs. Lauren Matthews.

Both dogs have been certified through TDI and have passed their AKC Canine Good Citizenship evaluation. The
evaluation includes basic commands plus reaction to distractions to crutches, wheelchairs, loud noises, and
acclimation to coughing, heavy breathing, and uneven gait. To receive certification, the dogs must prove the ability
to remain calm among a handful of children while their owners leave them with someone and walk away for three
minutes. Brie and Bailey are required to have a complete health evaluation and verified current vaccination record.
Children who interact directly with the dogs are required to have a parental permission form.

Middle School Students Adopt Marine Unit in Pen-Pal Project
Students at the SV Middle School have been writing letters to a
group of Marines working in a very remote, dangerous section of
Afghanistan. The Marine unit includes former SV student 2nd Lt.
Marc Bucks, 24, son of Ben and Kathe Bucks, Bern Township.

―We used the project as an experience in utilizing all aspects of
grammar, writing, geography, and history,‖ says Mrs. Christine
Wysocki, 5th grade language arts/social studies teacher. Students
prepared their initial letters and mailed them to the Marine unit
living in primitive conditions in Afghanistan. The Marines
responded enthusiastically with letters back to the students. The
students immediately wrote back to the Marines and in February
mailed home-made Valentines to them and began collecting
donations to assemble into care packages for the Marines.

Through donations from students, teachers, and families, the middle
school collected 10 boxes of items and shipped them to the Marines.
The local chapter of Veterans of Foreign Wars paid the shipping
costs, in excess of $100. Donations included Ramen noodles, cup-o- This 8th Engineering Security Platoon, stationed in Afghanistan, with the
soup, hot chocolate, mac and cheese, pudding cups, crackers, chips, Valentines they received from Schuylkill Valley Middle School students.
bubble gum, Doritos, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and
deodorant. The Marines, who generally live off MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat), greatly appreciated these items. Middle school faculty also
donated $100 in Walmart gift cards for family members with newborn babies and small children living in the States.

 ―These kinds of projects inspire an incredible enthusiasm in the students to write,‖ says Mrs. Wysocki. ―As soon as the students receive
letters from the Marines, they want to write back immediately.‖

Of note, Marc Bucks, a 2009 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, will be promoted to 1st Lt. May 2011, is the Security
Commander for the 8th Engineering Support Battalion at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Nolay in Afghanistan. His platoon is
scheduled to return to Camp Lejeune, NC, in June.

                              SV Spellers Finish in Top 10!
          Congratulations to 8th grade students Kyle Latshaw (right) and Nicholas Agia for finishing
            in the top 10 of the Berks County Spelling Bee held at the Miller Center on March 14!

Get to Know . . .
                                                                      What would you like to eliminate from your job? I would gladly
                                                                      eliminate everything in my job not directly associated with students
                                                                      and teaching.
Name:     Mr. Tim Mogford
                                                                      What would have been your second career choice? Before I
Position: High School English Teacher                                 became a teacher, I wanted to be an actor or a marine biologist.
Education: BA                                                         ―If I could be superintendent for a day I would‖...mix all the
(Hons) English                                                        district’s faculty and students together, divide them into class
and Related                                                           groups and see what we could all learn from each other.
University of                                                         What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? My
York, UK; Post                                                        English teacher, Mrs. Curtis, once told me that as one gets older and
Graduate                                                              further down the path of education, finding the answers becomes
Certificate in                                                        increasingly more straightforward. It’s finding the right questions to
Education,                                                            ask that gets more and more difficult. That piece of wisdom occurs
English/Drama,                                                        to me on a daily basis.
University of
Nottingham, UK;                                                       If you could spend a day with any one person, who would it be?
M.Ed. (Spec.                                                          Family aside, I would spend the day with William Shakespeare if
English) –                                                            given the opportunity, partly because I agree with Harold Bloom
Kutztown                                                              that Shakespeare ―invented what it is to be human,‖ but mainly
University                                                            because I could then prove to Mr. Hornberger that the man did, in
                                                                      fact, exist.
Family: Wife,
Maria; daughters,                                                     What is your pet peeve? My pet peeve is shallow thinking.
Hannah and Molly
                                                                      What is your favorite hobby? Fishing is my favorite hobby,
Extracurricular:                                                      preferably with my daughters, one of whom will not touch fish, and
Director, High                                                        the other will not touch worms.
School Fall Play;
Middle School Musical; Academic Enrichment French advisor             Who has had the greatest influence on your life? The greatest
                                                                      influence on my life would be my father, who tells me repeatedly to
What was your very first job? Painting college bathrooms              hang on to my values, and always have gas in the car. Good advice
magnolia.                                                             on both counts.
What do you like best about your job? I love the privilege of         Name five people you’d like with you on a deserted island. Well
witnessing a student see a connection between subjects, or between    – the Complete Works of Shakespeare, the Bible, a really cool pen,
what we are studying and the world around them.                       a soccer ball, and a Rubik’s cube, which I will still probably throw
                                                                      into the ocean in frustration.

Reading Rainbow on SV Website
Access to segments of the Reading Rainbow film described in the March/April issue of this
newsletter is now available on our website by clicking on Headlines on the elementary school
homepage. Reading Rainbow is a short film featuring individual segments of 14 SV Elementary
School students describing a favorite book. The film is the result of a joint effort by members of the
SVHS Cinematic Proportions class, taught by Mr. Daniel Hornberger, SV High School English
teacher, coaching the elementary school students on stage presentation, green screens, lights, and

Reading Rainbow is just one of many film projects Mr. Hornberger has produced. His knowledge in
this area stems in part from his days as a Communications (Radio-TV-Film) major at Temple University. After graduating in 1984, Mr.
Hornberger worked as an AV coordinator/video producer for the U.S. Tennis Association’s Education and Research Center in Princeton,
NJ, from 1986 to 1990 before receiving his teaching certificate in Secondary English from Millersville University in 1990 and his
master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Lehigh University in 1998.

Mr. Hornberger wrote and produced Rink Rats, a documentary about the Western Berks Street Hockey Rink on Route 422 in Sinking
Spring, a popular dekhockey rink in operation from 1977 until 2009. Mr. Hornberger played there as a member of the Temple Rockies
from 1978 to 2002. The documentary premiered at R/C Reading Movies 11 in downtown Reading in 2010.

To read more about Rat Rinks, visit

Nicholas Agia Scores First in MATHCOUNTS
Congratulations to 8th grader Nicholas Agia, who won the 28th Annual Berks
County MATHCOUNTS competition on Saturday, February 19, at Alvernia
College, finishing first among 114 competitors from 13 Berks County schools.
In addition, Nick and teammates David Brickey, Jacob Kutzler, Kyle
Latshaw, and Ed Shuttleworth, finished 2nd in the county in team

MATHCOUNTS is sponsored by the Reading Chapter of the Pennsylvania
Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) to improve math skills and
encourage junior high students in the study of math. The competition involves
one day of mathematics exams for individuals and teams. Nick went on to
compete at the state level in Harrisburg on March 18-19.

SVMS math teacher Mr. Chris Gallo says, ―Nick worked very hard for this
accomplishment. It has been a goal of his to win the county, and he should be
very proud that he achieved it. We’re proud of him and the team of students        From left, in foreground: Jacob Kutzler, Nicholas Agia,
that represented SV in this competition.‖                                          Robert Shuttleworth, Kyle Latshaw, and Mr. Gallo. Missing
                                                                                   from picture: David Brickey.

Young Poets 2011 Winners
Congratulations to these SV Middle School students who earned
recognition in the Reading Public Library’s Young Poets 2011
contest. Over 1200 students competed in the contest, based on
originality and poetic skills.

Honorable Mentions:
5th Grade: Hallie Jacobs, Chloe Dracha, Gabriella Ohnmacht
6th Grade: Kylie Brown
7th Grade: Michelle Detweiler
8th Grade: Anmarie Misterkiewicz

Brett Sigoda, 7th grade, placed 2nd with his poem entitled
―Fear.‖ Brett will received an award and cash prize. He read his
poem, which will be published in the annual poetry booklet, at a   From left, back row: Chloe Dracha, Brett Sigoda, Michelle Detweiler, Kylie
poetry celebration at the Miller Center for the Arts at Reading    Brown. Front row: Anmarie Misterkiewicz, Gabriella Ohnmacht, Hallie
Area Community College on April 21.                                Jacobs.

Andrew Mohn 1st in State Auto Contest
SV senior Andrew Mohn, a student in Automotive Technology at Berks Career & Technology
Center West, along with team member Jacob Duddy of Governor Mifflin, placed 1st at the 2011
Greater Philadelphia Automotive Technology Competition on March 11.

The team was among 12 schools competing in 10 different stations where the skills of their trade
were performed. The stations consisted of automotive fundamentals and diagnostics,
communication skills, electronics, engine mechanical, information technology, under-car
inspection, vehicle alignment, and tool/component identification.

Andrew’s winnings include over $115,000 in tuition, scholarships, Craftsman tool box, tools,
American Express gift card, hats, sunglasses, shirts, jackets, leather travel bag, and cash. The
team also earned their school a vehicle and Chrysler Diagnostic Scan Tool. The duo advances to
the National Automotive Technology Competition in New York in April.

Andrew worked hard his senior year not only preparing for the competition but earning his Eagle
Scout Award as a member of Troop #154. Congratulations, Andrew!                                     Andrew Mohn, center, team mate Jacob
                                                                                                    Duddy, and BCTC instructor Mr. Lewis

SV BCTC Student Places 1st in Dental Spelling Competition
                                 Congratulations to SVHS senior Shelby Peters, who placed first in the Health Occupations Students
                                 of America (HOSA) dental spelling bee held March 2-4 at the Lancaster Health Center.

                                 Shelby, a student at the BCTC East, competed among 12 students and went 18 rounds to win the
                                 event. She is now eligible to attend the National HOSA conference in Anaheim, Calif., June 21-26, to
                                 compete against students from all over the United States. Shelby’s instructor at BCTC Mrs. Beverly
                                 Brader says, ―Shelby is an awesome speller! I was honored to be present at the competition and watch
                                 her stand up and keep on spelling some unbelievably difficult words. Besides being a great speller, she
                                 is a great student. She has been our local HOSA president this year and has done an outstanding job in
                                 this capacity. A student like Shelby only comes along once in a while. I am extremely proud of her,
                                 and I am confident that she will be successful in her future endeavors.‖

SV Middle School students who performed                              SV High School students who performed in the County Music
with this year’s Junior County Music Festival                        Festivals are, from left: Elias Agia, trumpet and tenor; Abigail
are, from left, row 1: Nicholas Agia, bass;                          Yenser, clarinet; Anders Hemdal, bass; Christopher Jenkins,
Matt Longlott, trumpet; Evan Whitmoyer,                              tenor; Blake Tobias, tenor; Virginia Paino, soprano; Mitchell
alto sax and tenor; row 2: Catherine Boyle,                          Strobel, clarinet; Amanda Wenrich, clarinet. Missing from
clarinet; Daniel Tetreault, tenor; Carter                            picture: Jillian Kravatz, violin; Trevor Moser, tenor; Joshua
Yenser, tenor; and Andrea Behler, flute.                             Wenrich, tuba.

                                                    A round of applause to the cast, crew, orchestra, and
                                                    directors of Schuylkill Valley’s production of Children of
                                                    Eden, this year’s Panthers-On-Parade show.

                                                    Pictured are cast members, from left:
                                                    Row 1: Elijah Horst as Young Cain, Daniel Behler as
                                                    Young Abel; row 2: Jessi Lykens as Aphra, Blake
                                                    Tobias as Abelm/Ham, Morgan Kauffman as Aysha,
                                                    Morgan Rohrbach as Seth/Shem. Row 3: Christopher Jenkins as Snake, Elias
                                                    Agia as Cain/Japeth, Noah Horst as Adam/Noah, Christopher Weiss as Father,
                                                    Amanda Miller as Eve/Mama Noah, and Madison Reeder as Yonah.

        SV Alumni Marching Band                                                              Run4Sam
Any SV alumni who were part of the marching                         The 4th Annual ―Run4Sam‖ 4mi/10K race is Sunday, August 21 at
band, including band front, interested in                           Gring’s Mill Park in honor and memory of Samuel Brooklyn
participating in an SV Alumni Marching Band                         Reed, a former SV cross country runner whose life was taken
are asked to contact Jackie Boyer at                                September 1, 2007 by a hit and run, drunk driver while Sam was (please indicate SV                          attending the University of Pittsburgh. Proceeds from the race
Alumni Marching Band in the subject line of                         provide a scholarship for a deserving, college bound SV student.
your e-mail) or call Jackie at 610-468-2513.                        Visit for more information.

Third Quarter 2010-11 Principal’s List and Honor Roll
High School Principal’s List is awarded    High School Honor Roll is awarded to        Middle School Highest Honors—grades of
to students with a minimum 3.75 GPA        students with a GPA of 3.50-3.749           95% & higher in major subjects & 85%
                                                                                       & higher in unified arts
Seniors              Sophomores            Seniors               Sophomores
Hunter Bailey        Elias Agia            Keri Adams            Kirsten Dimovitz      Grade 8
Kirsten Bair         Jennifer Blessing     Cody Bachman          Connor Feeney         Nicholas Agia, Andrea Behler, Bianca Cojocaru,
Zachary Bashore      Nolan Boyer           Julie Blessing        Andrew Galen          Kimberly Hummel, Cydney Lawrence
Stephenee Billman    Benjamin Boyle        Miranda Blumberg      Robert Geer
                                                                                       Grade 7
Stefanie Fahey       Sarah Degler          Somer Chipperfield    Zachary Homan         Skye Douglas, Daisy Grace, Noel Maloco, Rhett
Allison Frymoyer     Shaun Johnson         Courtney Farrell      Kylie Johns           Robinson, Joseph Sensenig, Lauren Stephany,
Derek Gaul           Elizabeth Kemmerer    Kara Feeney           Morgan Kauffman       Evan Whitmoyer
Antonio Gentile      Noelle Koonce         Laura Hadden          Kyle Kochel
Nathaniel Giorgio    Jillian Kravatz       Alexandra             Danielle Koller       Grade 6
Lauren Grauer        Jacqueline McDevitt   Katzenmoyer           Michelle Quattrini    Daniel Behler, Kylie Brown, Hannah Degler,
Erin Hand            Julie Millhouse       Katie Kearney         Sarah Skorpinski      Nicole Frank, Kacie Jones, Jenna Phillips, Hunter
Nathaniel Hartlieb   Marissa McEwen        Allison Keffer        Alexandra Winslow     Rice, Austin Robinson, Madison Sisco
Brenden James        Brittany Rissmiller   Alexander Kravatz     Sarah Yeager
                                                                                       Grade 5
Kayla Jardine        Joshua Robinson       Korissa Lincoln       Abigail Yenser        Zachary Bevans, Elizabeth Clement, Sarah Edris,
Cassie Juzefyk       Garrett Strobel       Shawn McGinley                              David Goad, Carson Himmelberger, Mackenzie
Evan Kinzey          Jessica Thies         Ian Moody             Freshmen              Homan, Lucas Horrell, Joseph Jardine, Olivia
Emily Kohler         Amanda Winkler        Shelby Peters         Jacob Bailey          Jenkins, Tierney Smith, Colby Stichter, Jacob
Lindsey Kummerer                           Brinlee Pletz         Clayton Bentley       Witman, Richard Wolfson
Molly Matthews       Freshmen              Courtney Schlappich   Samantha Brok
Ryan McEwen          Hannah Beatty         Shannon Smith         Matthew Cieniewicz    Middle School Honors—awarded to
Aimee Mengle         Abigail Boyer         Catherine Stivala     Molly Ganster         students with grades of not less than 90%
Amanda Miller        Alicia Douglas        Breah Strickler       Kyle Guinther         in major subjects and 85% and higher in
Heather Mull         Jacob Edwards         Jabrea Thompson       Anders Hemdal         unified arts
Madison Reeder       Derek Hueske          Kelly Waack           Jaysan Jayaprakash
                                                                                       Grade 8
Brian Reiger         Kaitlin Kemmerer      Stormie Wagner        Hannah Rotundo-
                                                                                       Caitlin Bendigo, Colby Geisinger, Emily
Brian Robertson      Tristen Leinbach      Amanda Wenrich        Jones                 Hepner, Emily Johns, Leah Kellenberger, Matt
Morgan Rohrbach      Breanna Manzolillo    Joshua Wenrich        Hanah Stoudt          Longlott, Rebekah Rissmiller, Carter Yenser
Tara Stoudt          Virginia Paino        Jessica Williams      Laura Thompson
Rebecca Swisher      Elizabeth Polce       Casey Zaleski                               Grade 7
Luis Vazquez         Tyler Rosenberger     Elizabeth Zeiner                            Olivia Bauer, Bailey Boyer, Catherine Boyle,
Joel Wood            Nathan Rothermel      Travis Zimmerman      Corrections           Lillian Boyle, Madeline Brzostek, Samantha
Alissa Yenser        Reese Salen                                 Our apologies to      Burkert, Michelle Detweiler, Kyle Dimovitz,
                     Shyanne Salen         Juniors               freshmen Alec         Annika Hemdal, Tiffany Hudock, Megan
                                                                                       Jardine, Anna Johns, Erin Mahoney, Kevin
Juniors              Mark Sensenig         Austin Adam           Trieval and Sarah
                                                                                       McGinley, Megan Murphy, Mason Reeder,
Shelby Bentley       Edward Skorpinski     Tyler Anderson        Weidner, whose        Sarmed Sadiq, Aaron Schlegel, Meghan Steffey,
Anika Binner         Mitchell Strobel      Dominic DeFuso        names were omitted    Daniel Tetreault, Stefanie Williams
Patrick Cieniewicz   Alec Trieval          Sarah Gingrich        from the Second
Zachary Gannon       Sara Weidner          Ryan Griffiths        Quarter Principal’s   Grade 6
Christopher Lorah                          Christina Houck       List in the March/    Thoneca Akhter, Ethan Everson, Elyse Geiger,
Bradley Najac                              Tyler Johnson         April newsletter.     Dylan Haas, Brynna Haupt, Bethany Hepner,
Andrew Pouleson                            Alyssa Kriner         Also, Berks Career    Jacqueline Marusiak, Tristan Weller, Trevor
Gretchen                                   Katlynn Kuhns         & Technology          Winkler
Schmidtlein                                Michael Nguyen        Center Students of
                                                                                       Grade 5
Kimberly Shoemaker                         Nicole Robinson       the 2nd Quarter       Naomi Arnold, Donald Ballou, Connor Becker,
Jonathan Snyder                            Brett Rottman         were: Aron            Mary Brooks, Kasey Bubel, Bryce Burtnett,
                                           Molly Runkle          Greusel, Dan          Michael Dailey, Noah Grassley, Emily Gunkel,
                                           Sheri Voelker         Haas, Troy            Colin Gwiazdowski, Laura Henne, Cole Hoster,
                                           Cornell Yarde         Hudock, Mark          Hallie Jacobs, Cody McMinn, Austin Miller,
                                                                 Roerig.               Cassandra Miller, Carly Mundell, Fiona
                                                                                       Murphy, Morgan Perry, Natalie Reeser, Joshua
                                                                                       Rehr, Benjamin Reisenweaver, Michael Shott,
                                                                                       Gabrielle Spracklin, Benjamin Tetreault, Carissa
                                                                                       Trievel, Tyler Worrell

          Schuylkill Valley Speed & Agility Camp—Monday June 20-Thursday, August 4, 9-10 a.m.—SV High School
                                     All student-athletes entering grades 7-12 are eligible.
                           Visit for more information and registration form.

Past Panther Paths
                                                                          writing in her spare time. In 2006, she picked up a screenwriting
                                                                          software program online and taught herself how to use it and write
Mark Weyer (SV ’09)…graduated from Universal Technical                    in a screenplay format. Cindy is working on her second script.
Institute (UTI), Exton, Pa., in automotive technology in September        Rosemarie Knoll Zorrilla (SV ’78)...Manheim Township School
2010. Mark was the top student in his graduating class at UTI and         District Curriculum Consultant for the Department of World
received a full scholarship from BMW of North America, LLC,               Languages and Spanish teacher, was recently notified of her
Woodcliff Lake, NJ. BMW graduates approximately 100 students              acceptance by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of
across the country in one year.                                           Educational and Cultural Affairs Fulbright Teacher Exchange
Nikki Lykens (SV ’08)...a junior at Embry Riddle Aeronautical             Branch for the 2011 Fulbright-Hayes Seminar in Uruguay.
University, Daytona Beach, Fla., majoring in Aeronautical                 Rosemarie, along with 14 other educators from the U.S., will travel
Science, has been selected for a pilot slot in the US Air Force.          to Uruguay in July, present educational seminars, and participate in
Nikki will commission after graduation in 2012.                           classroom instruction, with the hopes of increasing international
                                                                          understanding with Uruguayan and American educators.
Pamela (Spayd) Shellenberger (SV ’95)...recently gave birth to
identical twin boys and has a 3-1/2-year-old daughter. Pamela is an Rosemarie graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in
endangered species biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife         Secondary Education/Spanish and Universidad de Salamanca,
Service in State College.                                           Spain. She earned her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology
                                                                    from Kutztown University, her Supervisory Certification from
James Spayd (SV ’92) a data systems coordinator for            Millersville University, and her Principal Certification from Penn
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Assessment (PASDA), the official          State University. She has volunteered and taught in Spain, the
public access geospatial information clearinghouse for              Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
                                                                    Rosemarie lives in Lancaster with her husband, Felix, and
Cindy (Wiemann) Derk (SV ’82)...placed third with her first         daughters, Elizabeth, 20, and Abigail, 15, and is the daughter of
screenplay, a dark comedy called "Obits," in the 2009/2010 British Phyllis (former SV School District secretary) and Vernon Knoll,
Feature Screenplay Competition sponsored by Kaos Films. Since       Ontelaunee Township.
receiving her English degree from Kutztown in 1986, Cindy has
                                                                    Send news, including phone number, to or SV
worked in the group insurance and employee benefits field while     School District Administrative Offices, 929 Lakeshore Dr., Leesport, PA 19533

          Kindergarten Registration                                           Attention: Girls Soccer Alumni
                                                                              Alumni girls soccer game—Saturday, April 16, at 3:30 p.m.
        If your child will be age 5 by August 1, please call the
                                                                              high school stadium prior to high school game vs. Kutztown.
            elementary school at 610-926-4165 to set up an
                                                                                  Contact Coach Jason Bagenstose at 610-916-5554 or
               appointment for kindergarten registration.

    SV Class of 1986—25th class reunion—November 25, 2011—6-11 p.m. – Reading Country Club—contact


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