4 Article Writing Tips by cicicute1983


									4 Article Writing Tips

When you are writing an article with intention to submit it to an article directory, there are
several rules that you will need to pay attention and adhere to. Just as much as your web site,
your articles will need to be search engine optimized for your particular set of keywords. Search
engine spiders that will crawl all over your submitted articles are structured to consider keyword
relevancy of your articles. Therefore, it would be wise to craft each of the articles around your
specific set of keywords if you want them to get noticed and ranked by search engines.
Still, be wary of common mistake that inexperienced article writers often do – exaggerated
repetition of your keywords and phrases. Such articles will appear spammy and will be difficult
to read. It is important that you write clearly and to the point, because that is the most effective
way to build your reputation as a quality content writer. Your objective is to both clearly
communicate your message and to build each of your articles around specific keywords.
4 Article Writing Tips:

1. Make certain not to hinder the flow of an article by including too many keywords in it. It is
important that you optimize it for search engine spiders, but it is far more important that you
optimize it for your human readers.
2. As a general rule, you shouldn’t pass 2% keyword density in your articles. 2% keyword
density means that, in the 100 words long text, certain keyword would appear only two times.
Generally, you should always try not to pass 1%, however you will be safe with 2% keyword
3. Many article directories have built-in feature in their submission forms, that will alert you if
keyword density of your article has crossed a certain limit. In many cases you will not even be
able to submit such an article until you have reduced the number of keywords to the acceptable
4. The best method to make sure your article doesn’t sound spammy or too much keyword dense,
is to read it out loud. That way you will best notice if some of your sentence structures sound too
awkward. If there is any need to make any changes to your articles for them to sound and appear
better, by all means do so before submission.

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