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SEM 266/4DEP Deployment High Security Cross Cut Paper Shredder Data Sheet


SEM 266/4DEP Deployment High Security Cross Cut Paper Shredder Data Sheet

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                                             Security Engineered Machinery
                                           HQ-WESTBORO, MA ( 800-225-9293 )
                                     WASHINGTON, DC; SACRAMENTO, CA; SAVANNAH, GA; PHOENIX, AZ

                                       SEM Model 266/4DEP
                                     w/BUILT-IN Automatic Oiler and
                        Premium Start-Up Kit (Case of Oil and Case of Waste Collection Bags)
                        Evaluated and Listed on NSA/CSS 02-01 for High Security Paper Shredders

          • Sheet Capacity Range                                Up to 18 Sheets * per pass
          • NSA/CSS One Hr Durability Rating                    28 reams (140 Pounds) when feeding 10 Sheets              New Higher
                                                                                                                          NSA Rating
          • Speed                                               44 FPM
          • Shred Size                                          .8 mm x 5 mm
          • Waste Collection                                    48 Gallon Clear Hard Plastic BIN
          • Power/ Horsepower                                   115V -60Hz / 2.1 Hp (230/220V-50Hz Available)
          • Feed Opening                                        12.25”
          • Automatic Oiling System w/1 Gallon Reservoir        FACTORY INSTALLED
          • Dimensions (W x D X H ) / Weight                    22 x 23.5 x 40” / 225 Lbs
          • Warranty                                            1 yr Parts / cutting head, 90 day Labor
          • DEPLOYMENT CASE                                     Custom Molded Foam Inner Design for Maximum
                                                                System Protection. Lockable w/ Heavy Duty Casters.
          •    Deployment Case Dimensions / Weight              27” x 35” x 49” / 285 Lbs

          *Sheet capacity range is based on paper grade and proper power.

          SYSTEM OPERATOR FEATURES:                                    Requires 20 AMP
                                                                       Power Outlet
          •    SEM-PRO FEATURE GROUP:
                   o SPS ~ Safety Protection System with Auto Shut Down
                   o ECC ~ Electronic Capacity Control
                   o ESM ~ Energy Saving Mode                                                                   Exclusive ONE GALLON
                   o EASY SWITCH Control                                                                       Factory Installed Auto Oiler
                                                                                                                       Also Includes
          •    TAA Compliant                                                                                       Premium Start-up Kit
                                                                                                               Case of Oil and Case of Waste
          About the SEM Auto Oiler                                                                                    Collection Bags

          The SEM Model 266/4 uses an EXCLUSIVE factory installed Automatic Oiler with a ONE GALLON plastic bottle of oil that
          can be deployed on either side or the back of the machine. The oil bottles are simply and easily switched using a “quick
          disconnect” that snaps into place. No pouring to fill messy reservoirs.
                                                                                 For More Info
          About SEM-Pro Feature Group
                                                                                 Click Here --->
          Safety Features: A comprehensive safety package that ensures optimum safety. Consists of an
          SPS (Safety Protection System), an Electronically Controlled safety flap in the feed opening to prevent fingers and ties
          from entering the cutting area. Auto reverse and power cut-off to avoid paper jams; Bag full and door ajar auto shut

          Energy Saving GREEN Features: Integrated ESM (Energy Saving Mode) to automatically shut down the system after 30
          minutes of non use. Double motor protection against overheating and insulation for noise reduction. Cabinets made
          from recycled wood materials.

          User Performance Features: ECC (Electronic Capacity Control), a visual feed meter and oil indicator to help prevent
          overfeeding and to show auto oiling functionality. Auto functions are also controlled by the easy-to-use EASY SWITCH
          panel with integrated visual indicators

                                                      SEM: An ISO 14001 Registered Company
                                               Demonstrating our commitment to a GREEN environment!

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