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Fish - PowerPoint


									Fish Philosophy:
A remarkable way to
boost morale & improve
What is FISH Philosophy

   FISH! Philosophy is a skill that provides the
    process, tools and language to generate the skills
    necessary to design a workplace full of
    inspiration,creativity and innovation

   FISH! is a wisdom that everyone can embrace

   It is a practice that evolves over time creating a
    positive workplace and a vibrant culture each
    time it is embraced

   It is an invitation that enables people to care about
    each other and their commitments
   It is committed to creating a culture of trust,
    accountability and innovation
   It encourages to re-awaken the self-trusting,
    creative spirit within each of us
Four Practices of Fish Philosophy
             be present

make their


     choose your
  First practice- BE PRESENT
Fully engaged
  Be present!
The past is history
The future is a mystery
Today is a gift
That is why we call it the present
Make their day!
Look for as many ways as possible to create
  great memories

   Involving others & working to make their
    day provides a constant flow of positive
Make Their Day!

   It is good for business
   Serving customers well will give
    us the satisfaction that comes to
    those who serve others.
   It will focus our attention away
    from our problems onto how we
    can make a positive difference to
   This is healthy, will feel good, &
    will unleash even more energy.
         Happy people
         treat others well

      Fun leads to

  Time passes

becomes a
reward & not
just a way to
Choose Your
When the student is ready,
  the teacher appears!
Most of us are uncomfortable thinking
ourselves as artists … But each of us is an
artist … With every choice, every day,
you are creating a unique work of art …
Respect your creative urges … step out in
   When you are doing what you are doing,
    who are you being?
   Are you being impatient & bored, or are
    you being world famous?
   You are going to act differently if you are
    being world famous.
There is something I know about you
that you may not even know about

You have within you more resources of
energy than have ever been tapped,
more talent than have ever been            If your clock is
exploited,                                 unwound, you
more strength than has ever been tested,   can wind it up
and more to give than you have ever        again
   Meaning is not something you stumble
    across, like the answer to a riddle or the
    prize in a treasure hunt.

   Meaning is something you build into
    your life.

   You build it out of your own past, out of
    your affections & loyalties, out of your
    experiences of, out of your own talent &     Meaning!
    understanding, out of the things & people
    you love, out of the values for which you
    are willing to sacrifice something.
    Ways to implement FISH

   Choose to make today a great day.

   Find ways to play

   Stay focused while being present
    Make the day of other people
Method of recognition by using
FISH Philosophy

   Giving of Fish! Card to each other by the employees,
    when they have demonstrated one of the Fish!
    Employees who have earned three FISH! cards are
    presented with "Pete the Perch" a small stuffed toy
    fish of varying colors.
   Many companies present these tokens at staff
    meetings, flinging them, as the employees at Pike
    Place fling real fish, to the employees who have
    earned them.
    Try it,
And discover it
for yourself!!!

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