; “Advances in Tuberous Sclerosis
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“Advances in Tuberous Sclerosis


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									   Presenters include                                   ACCOMMODATION:
      international and                               The accommodation options
                                                     below are in close proximity to
         Australian specialists:                  Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

                                           Barker Lodge Motel
Professor David Franz                      32 Barker Street, Kingsford
Paediatric Neurologist, Cincinnati         Ph: (02) 9662 8444                                          A Meeting for
Children’s Hospital, USA                   Fax: (02) 9662 2363
                                                                                                    Health Professionals
Dr Chris Kingswood
                                           Coogee Bay Boutique Hotel

Consultant Nephrologist, Sussex
                                           9 Vicar Street, Coogee
Kidney Unit & Head of Research,            Ph: (02) 9665 0000
Tuberous Sclerosis Association, UK
                                           Fax: (02) 9664 2103
Ms Sue Pinkerton                           Email: boutiquereservations@coogeebayhotel.com.au
President, Australasian Tuberous
Sclerosis Society Inc                      Gemini Motor Inn
                                           65 – 71 Belmore Road, Randwick
                                                                                               Tuberous Sclerosis:
Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick       Ph: (02) 9399 9011
A/Prof Annie Bye, Paediatric Neurologist   Fax: (02) 9398 9708                                          from
Dr John Lawson, Paediatric Neurologist
Dr Toby Trahair, Paediatric Oncologist
                                           Crowne Plaza Hotel                                           Pathway
                                           Coogee Beach Sydney
Dr Orli Wargon, Dermatologist              www.crowneplaza.com                                                        to
Dr Michael Buckley,                        reservations@crowneplazacoogee.com.au
Director Molecular Lab, SEALS
Dr David Mowat, Clinical Geneticist
Prince of Wales Hospital
Dr Ernie Somerville,
Consultant Neurologist
                                                 Delegates need to make their own
St Vincent’s Hospital
Dr Deborah Yates, Senior Staff
                                              arrangements for accommodation.
                                                                                                 Sat 3 November 2007
Specialist in Thoracic Medicine            We recommend early booking to ensure
                                           availability, as this weekend coincides
                                           with the Spring Racing Carnival and
                                           accommodation will be at a premium if               Sydney Children’s Hospital Lecture Theatre,
                                           left late.                                             Level 1 High St, Randwick NSW 2031
Scientific Meeting                                          General Information                        Registration Form PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
                                                                                                       Early registration is recommended, as places
Saturday 3rd November, 2007                                                                            are limited. Registration includes conference
at 8.30am - 5.30pm                                                                                     material, morning and afternoon teas and
                                                   Lecture Theatre, Level 1,                           lunch. Registration will only be confirmed
The scientific meeting is aimed at health          Sydney Children’s Hospital                          when your payment is received.
care professionals managing individuals            High St, Randwick NSW 2031
and families with Tuberous Sclerosis. The                                                              Title (Prof, Dr, Mr, Ms)
program is intended for: paediatric and adult      Parking
                                                                                                       Given Name:
neurologists and trainees; clinical geneticists,   There is limited street parking available.
trainees and scientists;         nephrologists;    Alternative parking is available at the             Surname:
dermatologists; thoracic physicians; doctors       Prince of Wales Hospital Car Park, Barker St        Address:
working in developmental disability; allied        Randwick – enter the hospital grounds at the                             State:            Postcode:
health professionals; and other interested         roundabout. Cost is $17 per day.
health workers.                                                                                        Ph:                       Mobile:
                                                   Drop-off zone                                       Email:
                                                   There is a time-limited drop-off zone in the
Highlighting new developments in                   driveway of the Sydney Children’s Hospital          Registration fees (please tick)
Tuberous Sclerosis:                                                                                    I will be attending:
                                                   on High St, Randwick.
• The role of the multidisciplinary clinic -                                                                   Saturday
  paediatric, transition and adult care            Public Transport
                                                                                                               Dinner – Saturday night (details to follow)
• The mTOR pathway                                 Sydney Children’s Hospital is accessible by
                                                   bus from Central and Bondi Junction – alight
• TSC 1&2 gene testing in Australia                at High St.                                         Cost:                           Early bird    Standard
• Update on drug trials in TSC and related                                                                                             (03/ 09/07)
  disorders                                        Cancellation & Refunds
                                                   Cancellation must be made in writing, and           Medical Specialists               $100         $120
• Research and future developments
                                                   directed to the conference organisers. A            Trainees/Allied Health
• Management of neurological, renal,               cancellation fee of $10 will be charged             Professionals/Scientists           $50             $70
  dermatological and pulmonary                     for cancellations on or before 3/9/07. A            Full Time Students                 $30             $30
  manifestations                                   cancellation fee of $20 will be charged for
                                                   cancellations on or after 4/9/07. No refund         I wish to pay by:
                                                   will be issued on or after 23/10/07. Substitute
                                                                                                                  Cheque (Payable to Sydney Children’s Hospital)
                                                   registrations will be accepted at any time by
                                                   notifying the organisers.                                      Visa          Mastercard
                                                                                                       Total: $
               For more information                                                                    Card Number:                /          /       /
                                                   The program is correct at the time of printing.
             Medical Professionals                 However, the organisers reserve the right           Expiry date:            /
               Ph: 02 9382 1708                    to alter the program without notice due to          Name on card:
    Dr David Mowat d.mowat@unsw.edu.au             unforeseen circumstances. The conference
                                                   organisers accept no responsibility for any         Signature:
   Dr John Lawson John.Lawson@unsw.edu.au
                                                   loss incurred by registrants resulting from their   Please forward registration form together with
             Registration enquiries                attendance at the symposium.                        payment to:
  Georgina Papaioannou, Health Education Unit
               Ph: 02 9382 1855                                                                                       Georgina Papaioannou
           Website: www.sch.edu.au                                                                                     Health Education Unit
                                                                                                                     Sydney Children’s Hospital
                                                                                                                  High Street, Randwick NSW 2031
                                                                                                                       OR Fax: 02 9382 0072

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