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									Immigration New Zealand
Level 10 55 Hunter Street Sydney
GPO Box 365, Sydney NSW 2001,
Ph: 61-2-9223 0144 Fax: 61-2-9223 0166

                                         VISITOR’S VISA CHECKLIST
                                         PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
           The application form NZIS 1017 can be downloaded from our website
          The processing time for a FULLY completed application and for most nationalities is
           approximately 7 working days. Please check with our Immigration Contact Centre on 02
           9223 0144 for further information on processing times.
          Please ensure that you supply the correct application form, fees and docu ments mentioned
           while submitting your application. Incomplete applications may result in your application
           being returned unprocessed.
          Please note that additional information may be requested during the assessment of your
           application, in which case, the processing time could be longer.
          Please provide certified copies of all original documents.
          Please do not pay for any travel arrangements BEFORE a visa is granted. We do not accept
           any responsibility if you purchase tickets and processing will not be expedited due to fixed travel
           dates. You risk significant financial loss if you disregard this advice.
          Visa is not required for New Zealand if you are a holder of a current Australian Permanent
           Residence visa OR a current Australian Resident’s Return Visa.
          For security reasons, all travellers should have their own valid passport/travel document.
           Children endorsed on parents’ passports/travel documents need to obtain a letter from their
           country of Mission stating the reasons for not owning one.
          Return postage is your responsibility. Where this is no return postage, return of
           passports will be delayed.

           Return postage: Only the following postal services are recommended for secure
           return of passports.
               o Express Post Platinum: Overnight delivery. Signature required on delivery; or
               o Registered Post Envelope: Delivery could take up to 3-4 business days.
                   Signature required on delivery; or
               o A pre-arranged pre-paid courier service.

                              MINIMUM LODGEMENT REQUIREMENTS

       1. A fully completed current Visitor Visa Application form NZIS1017
       2. A current valid Passport/travel document together with a photocopy of the bio page of your passport
           and current Australian visa.
       3. One recent coloured passport-sized photo. Please write down your name at the back.
       4. Nationals of Austria, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines (for visit less
           than 59 days), Russia, Turkey or the United States, are covered by Fee Waiver agreement with New
           Zealand. Therefore no application fee is required.
       5. Nationals of Fiji, Samoa, Kiribati, Tonga & Papua New Guinea – a fee of AUD$80.00 is required.
       6. For all other Nationals: An application fee of AUD105.00 is required.
       7. Method of Payment:
                Cash, Bank Cheque, Money Order, Credit Card (excluding American Express). EFTPOS is
                available to those lodged in person. Cheques and Money Orders are to be made payable to
                “Immigration New Zealand”. If you pay via personal or business cheque, a decision won’t be
                made until your cheque is cleared.
       8. Copy of the official travel itinerary showing flights in and out of New Zealand. You must
           show that you have the right of entry (valid visa) to the country you will be entering directly
           after New Zealand while lodging this application. Please note that a number of countries require
           visas, even for transiting purposes; e.g. if you are travelling back to Australia, you need to show a
           valid re-entry visa to Australia at the time of lodgement of your application.
       9. Recent itemised bank statement with your account name on it, showing funds to maintain your visit
           to NZ including airfare, accommodation and living expenses.
       10. Additional documents please refer to Sections A – G.
                               A. If you are a STUDENT VISA HOLDER
The following additional documents must be supplied at lodgement:
A recent letter from your educational“Institute in your home country or Australia, on an official letterhead,
     - Enrolment status and attendance rate
     - Course of studies and expected completion date
     - Your school’s knowledge of your leave from school and the holiday dates
    (The Overseas Student Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)” is NOT acceptable)

                           B. If you are a Temporary resident WORK VISA HOLDER
The following additional documents must be supplied at lodgement:
   1. Recent letter from employer confirming occupation, employment status, and leave approval
        (including leave dates) if travelling on holiday or
   2. Recent letter from employer confirming purpose and duration of visit, guaranteeing living expenses
        and repatriation if travelling on business.
   Please note that all letters must be on official letterhead of the company.

                       C. If you are a Temporary/Provisional Residence Visa Holder
    The following additional documents must be supplied at lodgement:
    1. Marriage certificate / evidence of living together for de facto partners; and
    2. Written and signed Letter of support from your spouse/partner. Letter should include purpose of visit
       and duration of relationship; and
    3. Evidence of partner’s Australian resident status/citizenship.
    4. On a case by case basis, further evidence of your relationship may be requested.

                 D. If you are a Temporary resident – BUSINESS visa holder in Australia
    The following additional documents must be supplied at lodgement:
    1. Evidence of your business in Australia or your home country in the form of: business registration,
       recent tax returns; and
    2. Company/business bank statements for the previous three months; and
    3. If you are intending a business trip to New Zealand - a letter of support from NZ organization/
       companies confirming duration, dates and purpose of visit, on their official company letterhead.

                                          E. For People visiting Australia
    The following additional documents must be supplied at lodgement:
    1. Written and signed statement of your purpose and duration of visit to Australia and New Zealand; and
    2. Copy of your confirmed ticket to return to your usual place of residence; and
    3. Evidence of any previous travel to other countries; and
    4. If you are visiting your children in Australia, a certified copy of their birth certificate and Australian visa
    5. Any documents from Boxes A to D above maybe requested depending on your personal

                      F. If you have been approved Australian permanent resident visa
    The following additional documents must be supplied at lodgement:
    1. Written and signed statement of the purpose and duration of your visit to New Zealand; and
    2. Your original pre-grant letter from DIAC.

                       G. Bridging Visa Holders in Australia/anyone not listed above
    The following additional documents must be supplied at lodgement:
    1. Recent Correspondence from DIAC regarding current immigration status and basis of the bridging
       visa issued; and
    2. Brief written and signed explanation of your immigration history in Australia; and
    3. Any documents from the boxes above / any other information - maybe requested depending on your
       circumstances ( studying/working/etc)
    INZ SYDNEY, 14/04/10

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