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Dear Newcomer Parent,

Welcome to Morton Schools. Our goal is to help make your transition into our school system as
smooth as possible. To get you off to a good start, we are providing you with information about
how to locate resources with the school system and the community, to answer your questions,
provide your children with needed services, and assist you in understanding our school system.


Morton School District

Call Morton School District staff and community agencies at the telephone numbers below or
check the school district’s website for information about…

Kind of Information Needed          Telephone and website

General Information about the
Morton School District

Morton Junior/Senior High

Morton Elementary School

                                    496-5576 or
School bus schedules and routes
                                    ask the office staff at your child’s school

School lunch program, including     496-5300; or
free- and reduced price lunch
information                         ask the office staff at your child’s school

Preschool and childcare programs    496-5143

After school Programs               Ask the office staff at your child’s school

Special Education for students
with disabilities, other special    Ask the office staff at your child’s school
Summer School                            Ask the office staff at your child’s school

Resources in the community for

              Morton School District Dictionary of Commonly Used Terms

                  Associated Student Body. The official organization
                  that oversees middle and high school program of sports,
                  clubs and other extracurricular activities that are            Morton
ASB               enjoyable for students and help them develop teamwork,         Junior/Senior High
                  leadership, and problem-solving skills or purse a              School
                  particular talent. Students must pay a fee to participate in
                  ASB-sponsored activities.

                  A state law that requires students to attend school
BECCA             regularly and has very specific consequences for those         Both schools
                  who do not.

                  Parent-teacher conferences are private meetings held at
                  both schools. It is very important that you attend these
                  conferences to discuss your child’s strengths and areas
                  for improvement. Throughout the rest of the school year
Conferences       your teacher will contact you if a conference is
                                                                                 Both school
                  necessary. However, you are welcome and encouraged
                  to contact your child teacher(s) at any time if you wish
                  to discuss your child’s progress in school.

                  Our district counselor can help in many ways, such as
                  working with students to resolve personal or behavior
Counselor         problems, choose courses in middle and high school,            Both schools
                  plan for college, find outside resources, monitor progress
                  and meet with parents.

                  Short-hand for “School District,” which is run by
                  Superintendent Tom Manke and the Morton School                 (1) K-6 elementary
                  Board. The district is responsible for establishing the
                                                                                 school and (1) 7-12
District          curriculum (what is to be taught at each grade level),
                  hiring staff, and providing both schools with funds for        Junior/Senior High
                  various needs. See for more               School

                  Schools are released early. The elementary school
                  releases at 11:50am and the junior/senior high school          Both schools
Dismissal         releases at 12 noon on these days.

Emergency         Up-to-date phone numbers where parents can be reached
                  in case of an emergency during the school day.
Contact           Whenever their phone number changes, parents must
                                                                                 Both schools
Information       notify the school immediately.
                 A field trip is when a group of students, along with
                 chaperones, travels to another location for an activity.
Field Trips      Common field trips are to museums, theater, colleges,
                                                                              Both schools
                 and zoos.

                 Some students are eligible to receive school breakfast
Free- and        and lunch for free or for a reduced price, based on their
                 family’s annual income. The identity of students
reduced-Meal     participating in this program is completely confidential.
                                                                              Both schools
Program          Families must fill out an application form for this
                 program. Forms are available at each school.

                 Individual Education Plan. These plans are
                 developed for students with certain kinds of disabilities
IEP                                                                           Both schools
                 who have been identified as needing “Special

                 Navigation 101 is a life skills and planning program for
                 students in grades 6 through 12. It aims to help students
                 make clear, careful, and creative plans for life beyond
                 high school, and:

                 Equalize opportunities;
                 Encourage student engagement;                             Junior/Senior High
                 Enhance student achievement;

                 Involve parents and guardians; and

                 Strengthen community.

                 The district nurse works half a day in the Morton School
                 District. She splits the half-day schedule between the
                 elementary and Jr/Sr High school. They make sure that
Nurse            children with special health needs have a plan in place,
                                                                              Both schools
                 for example, with respect to medication, as well as
                 handling minor cuts and bruises, etc.

                 An OT works with students who have been identified as
OT or            needing Special Education services; by helping them
Occupational     improve the functioning of fine motor skills lost through    Both schools
Therapist        illness or injury. An example of a fine motor skill is
                 holding a pencil or writing.

                 Teachers prepare progress reports in the middle of each
                 quarter of school, approximately 4 ½ weeks into each
Progress         quarter. At the end of each quarter and semester, your
Reports/Report   child will receive his or her report card. It is important   Both schools
Cards            for parents to understand their child’s progress. If you
                 have questions about progress reports/report cards, talk
                 to your child’s teacher or the school office.
           Parent Teacher Association. This group of parent
           volunteers provides many services for the elementary
           school including sponsoring social events and school-
           wide educational programs. PTA volunteers help the
PTA        elementary school stretch their resources. If you are
                                                                         Elementary school
           interested in volunteering or would like more
           information, ask the elementary school office how to
           become involved in PTA.

           The current school year starts on August 30, 2011 and
           ends on June 14, 2012. Parents should study the calendar
School     carefully to know when schools are closed for waiver
           days (see below), holidays and vacation days. If school
                                                                         Both schools
           is closed because of snow, additional school days will be
           added to the school calendar.

           A federally funded program that allows schools to
                                                                         Morton Elementary
Title I    provide extra help for students in certain subjects such as
           math and reading.                                             School

           Washington Assessment of Student Learning. A
           statewide test for all students in grades 3-10. High
           school students MUST pass this test, which covers
WASL       Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Science is also            Both schools
           given, but at this time is not a graduation requirement to
           receive a high school diploma. For more information,
           please visit:

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