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					   Services for Students with
                                                     Academic                        Cardinal Stritch
Cardinal Stritch University affirms the intent       Support                           University
of Federal Law, the Rehabilitation Act of
1973, Act 504. Any Stritch student who may            Center
require accommodations and/or

modifications due to a handicapped
condition or learning disability should meet
with the Director of the Academic Support        Bonaventure Hall, Room 1058
Center so that appropriate arrangements can
be made. The student must provide current
                                                   6801 North Yates Road                Support
                                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217
documentation on the specific disability
from a qualified professional.
                                                    Phone: 414-410-4166
                                                     Fax: 414-410-4239

                                                  50 minute sessions available
                                                        by appointment
                                                       Monday - Friday,
                                                      8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.          Free
                                                   Evening hours available       Academic
                                                    Marcia L. Laskey, Ed.D
  Nothing great was ever
  achieved without                                     Kate Meudt, MA
                                                       Assistant Director
  enthusiasm —Ralph                                                                          Online
                                                     Mary Pulvermacher                       Writing
                                                         Secretary                            Lab
  Never, never, never
  give up
  —Winston Churchill                                                                 Tel: 414-410-4166
    We welcome all Stritch                           Consulting                                              Additional
     students to use our                Trained, professional staff members                                  Academic
        free services.                  consult students in the following content                         Support Center
What to Bring to Your Session:                Biology                  Mathematics
                                              Business                 Nursing                   Online Writing Lab
   Specific goals for what you want          Chemistry                Psychology
    to accomplish in your session.                                                                    (OWL)
                                              Composition              Reading
   Ideas to contribute to your               ESL                      Religion           The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is
    session.                                  Foreign Languages        Sociology          available for assisting students
   Course syllabus and/or assignment         History                  Study Strategies   electronically with college writing
    sheet.                                    Literature                                  assignments.
   Something to write with and
    something to write on.              It is not because things are difficult               To access the OWL:
   Necessary texts.                    that we do not dare; it is because we
                                        do not dare that they are difficult                     Go to
                                        —Seneca                                                 Log in
We Will
                                        Do or do not. There is no try.                          Click on Academics and
   Provide a friendly and
                                        — Yoda                                                   select the Online Writing
    knowledgeable staff of
    consultants.                                                                                 Lab

   Offer a supportive and caring
    learning environment.                                                                        Smarthinking
                                        Pre-Professional Skills Test
   Help you build skills and                                                                 Free Online Tutorial
    strategies for academic success.    We offer tutoring to help undergraduate           Smarthinking provides Stritch
                                        students prepare for the PPST, a                  students with online academic
                                        standardized test that is required by the         assistance in content areas.
We Will Not                             state of Wisconsin for teacher
                                        certification. Consultations are available
   Correct your assignments.           for the math, reading, and English
                                                                                            To access Smarthinking:
   Do your assignments for you.        sections.
                                                                                                Go to
   Guarantee a grade.
                                                                                                Log in
                                                                                                Click on Academics and
                                                                                                 select Smarthinking

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