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 By: Skylar Rogan
     Types of elephants
_Some of the different types of elephants are: Asia,
  African, Indian, Savannah/Bush, Forest, Sri
  Lankan, Sumatran, and Borneo
     Very Sad Fact
-A sad fact about elephants is…..Some elephants that
   perform in circus get beaten or starved so that
  they will perform all of the tricks that the circus
  master wants them to do. Elephants that perform
  in the circus do not have the homes or care that
  they need either. As you can see circus elephants
   do not have the best life. Since circus elephants
    are often beaten and starved a lot it has been
                banned in many places.
                              Life Cycle
                     Here are the steps of the life cycle of an elephant:
                         1.A calf (baby) born weighing 250 pounds
                         2.The calf uses it’s trunk to smell and feel
                 3.The calf at first only drinks milk from it’s mothers body
        4.After several months the calf begins eating other foods and drinking water
5.Next an elephant becomes a juvenille, they play but also learn how to use their trunks to
                                             find food
        6.As the juvenille grows it’s skin gets thicker, also some start to grow tusks
7.Finally they are mature elephants, mature elephants are old enough to mate when they are
                                   between 10 and 13 years old

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