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Artist Statement


									Artist Statement

Layering of both figurative and abstract elements, I am making a combination of
visual clichés from dreams and stories from childhood; stories that kept us dry
mouthed, stories which help to tackle issues of identity: Stories, which seem to be
scary, depressing, black, but are also innocent and melancholic. My focus on
everyday life gives me a sense of estrangement and marginality, a sense of
tranquility, melancholy, loss. In this body of work, I went to the world of dreams,
which immerses us in fears and longings, the world, in which hypocrisy, monotony
and distance are never the only subjects under the microscope. A strong feeling, fear
seems to be a forbidden or repressed area of consciousness nowadays, where nothing
appears as it should, which is tragicomeddienne mix of inspiration and desperation
for me. Looking for freedom from reality, utilizing automatic techniques and careful
study, I am exploring physical expression of emotion and the fundamental themes of
Heavily applying the paint, I am playing with beauty and the expanse of dreams.

Katarzyna Gajewska, 2008

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