Things to Consider Before You Hire a Frisco DWI Attorney

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					          Things to Consider Before You Hire a Frisco DWI Attorney

As a thumb rule, never drive when you have had too much to drink. Driving while under
influence (DWI) is dangerous for both you and those near to you. However, it is still good to
know exactly what constitutes a DWI in Frisco and the rest of Texas. Because it is common
occurrence in the city, having a basic understanding of DWI will help you:

      Avoid getting arrested for DWI

      Know what to do when you do get arrested for DWI
What it means
Under Texas law, you are consider to have committed DWI if the alcohol level in your blood
sugar is found to be greater than 0.08. A police officer can stop your car if your driving is
suspicious. The first thing that the officer will ask is for your license. That you should always
carry it with you, doesn’t need to be said. You can get more specific advice from a Frisco DWI
Once your identity is verified, the officer takes a basic sobriety test by asking you to do certain
actions. These include walking on a line drawn on the floor, or touching your nose with
alternate fingers. This varies from one county to another.
The officer can then ask you to take a blood alcohol test. The two ways to do this are:
   1. Blood test
   2. Breath test
The breath test is considered to be a preliminary test. If your alcohol level is less than .08, the
officer has to let you go. It is always better to take the breath test because there is a change that
your blood alcohol level test might be lower than the official limit and you may be let go.
If you fail either the breath test or the sobriety test, the officer can take a blood test to
determine the exact alcohol levels in your blood. If you fail this test, the officer can arrest you
on charges of DWI. Always have contact number of DWI attorneys Frisco handy, so you can
contact them as soon as possible.
An experienced Frisco DWI attorney will always be a positive for you because even if you are
guilty, he or she will examine specific details of the case and see to it that all procedures have
been followed. Some facts uncovered during examination can help reduce the impact of court
decisions. However, since the law is very clear on DWI, it is better to avoid such a situation in
the first place.
The likelihood of being arrested for DWI is very high in Frisco County. Visit our website to find
the best Frisco DWI attorney to deal with your case quickly and avoid undesirable

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